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Everyone’s favorite loveable, huggable bear, Chris Fallica, is well known for being the College Gameday top researcher, master of statistics, television superstar, and gambling enthusiast.  He appears each week on College Gameday with his “Bear’s Bank” picks against the spread, as well as ESPN’s Behind the Bet’s podcast each week during football season.  Here’s is the official “Bear’s Bank” record according to GamedayCole.

Week 8 Bear’s Bank:

Date Chris.Fallica.ATS
10/20/18 Temple-3 vs Cincinnati
10/20/18 Clemson-17.5 vs North Carolina State
10/20/18 Purdue+12.5 vs Ohio State

All Time Chris Fallica ATS Record:All Time Bear’s Bank Record:

percent.correct.ats n.correct n.wrong n.tie
Chris.Fallica.ATS.Grade 55.03% 81 66 2

All Time Chris Fallica ATS Record:

percent.correct.ats n.correct n.wrong n.tie
Chris.Fallica.ATS.Grade 51.58% 240 225 9

Bear’s Bank Picks:

Date Pick Result
10/6/18 Arizona State+2.5 vs Colorado LOSS
10/6/18 Michigan State-10 vs Northwestern LOSS
10/6/18 Massachusetts+15 vs South Florida LOSS
9/29/18 Washington-17 vs BYU WIN
9/29/18 Connecticut+17.5 vs Cincinnati LOSS
9/29/18 California+2.5 vs Oregon LOSS
9/22/18 Eastern Michigan+13 vs San Diego State WIN
9/22/18 SMU+6.5 vs Navy WIN
9/22/18 Louisiana-Monroe+5 vs Troy LOSS
9/15/18 Army-6.5 vs Hawaii WIN
9/15/18 Louisiana-Monroe+27.5 vs Texas A&M LOSS
9/15/18 Miami (OH)+13 vs Minnesota LOSS
9/8/18 Arkansas State+37 vs Alabama LOSS
9/8/18 Duke+3 vs Northwestern WIN
9/8/18 Kansas+4 vs Central Michigan WIN
9/1/18 Coastal Carolina+30 vs South Carolina LOSS
9/1/18 UNLV+26.5 vs Southern California WIN
9/1/18 Wyoming+2.5 vs Washington State LOSS
1/8/18 Georgia+4 vs Alabama WIN
1/1/18 Notre Dame+3.5 vs LSU WIN
12/30/17 Washington+3 vs Penn State WIN
12/28/17 Michigan State+3 vs Washington State WIN
12/28/17 Stanford+2.5 vs TCU WIN
12/16/17 Oregon-7.5 vs Boise State LOSS
12/2/17 South Alabama+10.5 vs New Mexico State WIN
12/2/17 Ohio State-4.5 vs Wisconsin WIN
12/2/17 TCU+7 vs Oklahoma LOSS
11/25/17 UTSA+2 vs Louisiana Tech LOSS
11/25/17 Rutgers+14 Michigan State LOSS
11/25/17 Rice+12 vs North Texas LOSS
11/18/17 Oregon State+7 vs Arizona State LOSS
11/18/17 Duke+7 vs Georgia Tech WIN
11/18/17 Baylor+9 vs Iowa State LOSS
11/11/17 Georgia Tech+3 vs Virginia Tech WIN
11/11/17 Miami (FL)+3.5 vs Notre Dame WIN
11/11/17 Purdue+4 vs Northwestern LOSS
11/4/17 Michigan State+10 vs Penn State WIN
11/4/17 Massachusetts+33 vs Mississippi State WIN
11/4/17 Indiana+12 vs Wisconsin LOSS
10/28/17 Northwestern+2.5 vs Michigan State WIN
10/28/17 Oklahoma State-7.5 vs West Virginina WIN
10/28/17 Wake Forest+2.5 vs Louisville WIN
10/21/17 Mississippi+7 vs LSU LOSS
10/21/17 Indiana+6.5 vs Michigan State LOSS
10/21/17 Baylor+9.5 vs West Virginia WIN
10/15/17 Akron+14 vs Western Michigan WIN
10/14/17 FIU+13 vs Tulane WIN
10/14/17 Indiana+7.5 vs Michigan WIN
10/7/17 Arizona+7 vs Colorado WIN
10/7/17 Cincinnati+17 vs Central Florida LOSS
10/7/17 Ohio State-30.5 vs Maryland WIN
9/30/17 Vanderbilt+9 vs Florida LOSS
9/30/17 New Mexico-2.5 vs Air Force WIN
9/30/17 Miami (OH)+21 vs Notre Dame LOSS
9/23/17 Georgia-3.5 vs Mississippi State WIN
9/23/17 Appalachian State+6 vs Wake Forest WIN
9/23/17 Kansas+23.5 vs West Virginia WIN
9/16/17 Wyoming+15 vs Oregon LOSS
9/16/17 Louisiana-Monroe+6.5 vs Southern Miss LOSS
9/16/17 New Mexico State+7.5 vs Troy WIN
9/9/17 Fresno State+43.5 vs Alabama WIN
9/9/17 Iowa State+3 vs Iowa TIE
9/9/17 Stanford+6 vs Southern California LOSS
9/2/17 Troy+10 vs Boise State LOSS
9/2/17 California+12.5 vs North Carolina WIN
9/2/17 Iowa-12 vs Wyoming WIN
12/30/16 Florida State+7 vs Michigan WIN
12/28/16 Kansas State+2 vs Texas A&M WIN
12/17/16 UTSA+7 vs New Mexico WIN
12/3/16 Louisiana-Monroe+6.5 vs UL Lafayette LOSS
12/3/16 Temple+3 vs Navy WIN
12/3/16 Penn State+3 vs Wisconsin WIN
11/26/16 FIU+14 vs Old Dominion TIE
11/26/16 Mississippi-8.5 vs Mississippi State LOSS
11/26/16 Michigan vs Ohio State under 45 LOSS
11/26/16 Florida State-7.5 vs Florida WIN
11/26/16 New Mexico+3 vs Wyoming WIN
11/19/16 UL Lafayette+23 vs Georgia WIN
11/19/16 UTSA+27.5 vs Texas A&M WIN
11/19/16 Washington State+6 vs Colorado LOSS
11/19/16 Vanderbilt+9.5 vs Mississippi WIN
11/12/16 Indiana+7 vs Penn State LOSS
11/12/16 Oregon+3 vs Stanford LOSS
11/12/16 Hawaii+18 vs Boise State LOSS
11/5/16 Northwestern+6.5 vs Wisconsin LOSS
11/5/16 Mississippi State+11.5 vs Texas A&M WIN
11/5/16 Arkansas+4 vs Florida WIN
10/29/16 Texas+3.5 vs Baylor WIN
10/29/16 FIU+18 vs MTSAU WIN
10/29/16 Miami (OH)+7 vs Eastern Michigan WIN
10/22/16 East Carolina+2.5 vs Cincinnati LOSS
10/22/16 TCU+6 vs West Virginia LOSS
10/22/16 Auburn-10.5 vs Arkansas WIN
10/15/16 Syracuse+20 vs Virginia Tech WIN
10/15/16 Northwestern+6.5 vs Michigan State WIN
10/15/16 New Mexico+14 vs Air Force WIN
10/8/16 FIU+6 vs UTEP WIN
10/8/16 Washington State+7 vs Stanford WIN
10/8/16 Ball State+12.5 vs Central Michigan WIN
10/1/16 Louisville-1.5 vs Clemson LOSS
10/1/16 Indiana+6.5 vs Michigan State WIN
10/1/16 Washington State+1.5 vs Oregon WIN
9/24/16 Northwestern+7.5 vs Nebraska LOSS
9/24/16 Kent State+44 vs Alabama LOSS
9/24/16 UCLA+3 vs Stanford LOSS
9/17/16 Missouri+6.5 vs Georgia Tech WIN
9/17/16 Vanderbilt+6.5 vs Georgia Tech LOSS
9/17/16 San Jose State+13.5 vs Utah LOSS
9/10/16 Illinois+7.5 vs North Carolina LOSS
9/10/16 Wake Forest+6.5 vs Duke WIN
9/10/16 Western Kentucky+28.5 vs Alabama WIN
9/3/16 Texas State+21 vs Ohio WIN
9/3/16 UCLA+3 vs Texas A&M LOSS
9/3/16 North Carolina+3 vs Georgia LOSS
12/31/15 Clemson+3.5 vs Oklahoma WIN
12/31/15 Florida State-7 vs Houston LOSS
12/31/15 Alabama-10 vs Michigan State WIN
12/26/15 Nebraska+6.5 vs UCLA WIN
12/26/15 Duke+2 vs Indiana WIN
12/19/15 BYU+2.5 vs Utah LOSS
12/5/15 Temple+6 vs Houston LOSS
12/5/15 Baylor-21 vs Texas LOSS
12/5/15 Clemson-5 vs North Carolina WIN
11/28/15 Illinois+1.5 vs Northwestern LOSS
11/28/15 Purdue+7 vs Indiana LOSS
11/28/15 Florida+2.5 vs Florida State LOSS
11/21/15 Virginia Tech+4 vs North Carolina WIN
11/21/15 Vanderbilt+6.5 vs Texas A&M LOSS
11/21/15 Georgia Southern+13.5 vs Georgia WIN
11/14/15 Rutgers+8 vs Nebraska LOSS
11/14/15 Arizona+6 vs Utah WIN
11/14/15 South Florida+3 vs Temple WIN
11/7/15 Idaho+9 vs South Alabama WIN
11/7/15 Indiana+7 vs Iowa LOSS
11/7/15 MTSU-2.5 vs Marshall LOSS
10/31/15 Tulane+31.5 vs Memphis WIN
10/31/15 Texas Tech+2.5 vs Oklahoma State LOSS
10/24/15 Miami (FL)+7 vs Clemson LOSS
10/24/15 Vanderbilt+2.5 vs Missouri WIN
10/24/15 Southern California-6.5 vs Utah WIN
10/17/15 Texas A&M+4 vs Alabama LOSS
10/17/15 Southern California+4.5 vs Notre Dame LOSS
10/17/15 Miami (FL)-3.5 vs Virginia Tech WIN
10/10/15 Tennessee+3 vs Georgia WIN
10/10/15 Iowa State+13 vs Texas Tech LOSS
10/10/15 Massachusetts+13.5 vs Bowling Green State LOSS
10/3/15 Central Michigan+3 vs Northern Illinois WIN
10/3/15 Mississippi-7 vs Florida LOSS
10/3/15 Illinois+6.5 vs Nebraska WIN

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