Corso’s Headgear Gallery

Below you will find the UNOFFICIAL archive of Lee Corso’s headgear picks.  If you have any full episodes of College Gameday please contact me because I collect them.  I want to thank the following sources:

Jay from TideOnTop, Good Ole Mac, Andy from WeAreSC, Dr. Sap on Youtube, LASooner, Volnation, Garnet & Great, daviskb

*2000-08-27: Virginia Tech/Georgia Tech game was cancelled due to severe weather

*2011-01-01 Wisconsin over TCU: According to an article on ESPN Front Row from 10/22/2011, Lee Corso was 2-1 picking Wisconsin at that time. He had already picked Wisconsin in 2003 (wrong), 2004 (right) and 2010 (right). There was no mention of this Wisconsin over TCU pick at the 2011 Rose Bowl (which he got wrong), so it appears this pick is left out of the official record for an unknown reason.

*2013-01-01 Stanford over Wisconsin: According to articles on ESPN Press Room from 9/20/2018, 10/11/2016, and 9/12/2019, I have one extra pick FOR Stanford and one extra pick AGAINST Wisconsin. If this pick is dropped from the record, all records align properly so this is likely not an official pick for some reason.