My name is Cole. This is my blog for all the millions (or dozens) of my fans around the world.

It started out as my Las Vegas poker blog in 2008 for everyone back home when I spent a few months in Sin City with my friend Rusty. I told the tales of what I was doing day to day, how things were going, and how thick the bankroll was at the end of the day. Then it became my blog about all kinds of gambling shenanigans involving live poker, online poker, prop bets and sports betting. Then it became my college football gambling blog where I tracked my bets, my wins, and my losses. Then it became just a blog about life. Much more boring. In 2009 I started tracking Lee Corso’s predictions when I heard Lee Corso make some ridiculous pick on game. I started writing down College Gameday picks on a legal pad and grading them. Then I used a text file on my computer before moving to Excel. An associate of mine introduced me to R, and I have managed all of the picks and predictions in R since 2018. We are now exploring R Shiny starting in 2020 to bring you the best experience yet.

In addition, I also have an amazing wife named Jennifer (@GamedayJen) who started making picks every week against the Gameday crew in 2011.  She does quite well compared to some of the people making the big bucks on ESPN, and its amazing that she puts up with this whole blog.