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Author of the Forde Yard Dash, Pat Forde, is here. He’s no longer with ESPN, jumping ship to Yahoo sports, but I’ll be keeping up with him periodically because I enjoy his work.  He is our 2013-14 Season Champion with a record of 301-95 (76.01%) on picks.  Congratulations to Pat Forde.

Pat Forde: 2013 Champion, Cole's Gameday Blog
Pat Forde: 2013 Champion, Cole’s Gameday Blog

Pat Forde’s latest picks:

2023/01/09Georgia -12.5 vs TCU
2023/01/02Utah -2.5 vs Penn State
2023/01/02Tulane + 2 vs Southern Cal
2023/01/02Purdue + 14.5 vs LSU
2023/01/02Illinois -1 vs Mississippi State
2022/12/31Georgia -6.5 vs Ohio State
2022/12/31Michigan -7.5 vs TCU
2022/12/31Alabama -6 vs Kansas State
2022/12/31Iowa -2.5 vs Kentucky
2022/12/30Tennessee + 5.5 vs Clemson
2022/12/30Ohio -1 vs Wyoming
2022/12/30South Carolina + 2 vs Notre Dame
2022/12/30UCLA -4 vs Pittsburgh
2022/12/30NC State 0 vs Maryland
2022/12/29Washington + 4 vs Texas
2022/12/29Florida State -9 vs Oklahoma
2022/12/29Syracuse + 10 vs Minnesota
2022/12/28Ole Miss -3.5 vs Texas Tech
2022/12/28Oregon -14.5 vs North Carolina
2022/12/28Arkansas -3 vs Kansas
2022/12/28Duke -3 vs UCF
2022/12/27Wisconsin -3.5 vs Oklahoma State
2022/12/27East Carolina -7.5 vs Coastal Carolina
2022/12/27Utah State + 7.5 vs Memphis
2022/12/27Georgia Southern -3.5 vs Buffalo
2022/12/26New Mexico State + 3.5 vs Bowling Green
2022/12/24San Diego State -7 vs MTSU
2022/12/23Wake Forest -1 vs Missouri
2022/12/23Houston -7 vs Louisiana
2022/12/22Baylor -5.5 vs Air Force
2022/12/21South Alabama -4.5 vs Western Kentucky
2022/12/20Toledo -5 vs Liberty
2022/12/20San Jose State -3.5 vs Eastern Michigan
2022/12/19Connecticut + 10 vs Marshall
2022/12/17Boise State -10.5 vs North Texas
2022/12/17Oregon State -10 vs Florida
2022/12/17Southern Miss -6 vs Rice
2022/12/17Fresno State -3.5 vs Washington State
2022/12/17SMU -3.5 vs BYU
2022/12/17Cincinnati + 2 vs Louisville
2022/12/16Troy -1.5 vs UTSA
2022/12/16UAB -11 vs Miami (OH)

Pat Forde’s ATS Record:


Pat Forde’s Straight Up Record:


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  • Can you help me here with the bookie on my pics I’m in north Carolina I’m not a big timer I’m small timer but want my bankroll to grown

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