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Famous for his yearly college football preview, Phil Steele is a man who is involved in many aspects of covering the game.  He is a master of computer-based score projections (in case you may have an interest on the spread) as well a man who claims to put in an hour each week per FBS team.  Yes, as in 128+ hours per week breaking down the week’s games.  He does bowl projections.  He ranks mascots.  He picks bowl games.  He has a legendary mustache.  Some of us think he may be a college football robot sent from the future.

Since he sells his full slate of picks each week on ESPN Insider and, I will try my best to avoid getting sued.  All of the picks I track and post of his on this blog are picks which he releases to the public each week on ESPN podcasts (Behind the Bets, Campus Conversation, etc), Twitter and any previews he releases.  If you are in desperate need of his full slate of picks each week then I suggest you pay the man his money.

Phil Steele ATS Picks

Phil Steele: 2015-16 Champion
Phil Steele: 2015-16 Champion

6 thoughts on “Phil Steele

  • I also follow various “experts” to see how they do. My records for 2016 covering Phil Steele through the end of week 13 is the following: Games 704 Wins…320 45%…Losses 366 52%…Push 18 3%
    His best bets were 74 Games wins 39 53% Losses 34 46% Push 1 1%

    In 2017 through week 16 he was way worse on best bets (43%) but moved his overall win % up to 48%
    He is not very good

  • My thoughts…

    Phil Steele should be ALLOWED to
    make predictions…past week 1–3.
    These teams were even blown out.
    He constantly loses games every week.
    Not just 1 but several…..



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