Stanford Steve Coughlin

Week 14 picks:
Auburn-2.5 vs Georgia
Miami FL+9.5 vs Clemson
USC-3.5 vs Stanford
TCU+7 vs OU (TCU wins outright)
Ohio St-6.5 vs Wisconsin (if he had to pick it)
UCF vs Memphis over 83ish (the winning team puts up at least 50!)

He is the producer of Sportscenter with Scott Van Pelt, and the go-to guy for all gambling junkies out there.  He is Stanford Steve Coughlin and here are his picks against the spread.

Week 1 2014 Okla St+19 vs FSU RIGHT
LSU vs Wisconsin under 50 WRONG
Penn St+1 vs UCF RIGHT
BYU vs UConn under 50.5 RIGHT
WVU+26 vs Alabama RIGHT
Week 2 2014 Mich St+12 vs Oregon WRONG
USC+2.5 vs Stanford RIGHT
Notre Dame-4.5 vs Michigan RIGHT
Arizona vs UTSA Over 56 WRONG
Auburn vs SJSU Over 64 RIGHT
Week 3 2014 S.Carolina+5.5 vs Georgia RIGHT
OU-20.5 vs Tennessee RIGHT
UCLA-7.5 vs Texas WRONG
AF-11 vs Georgia St WRONG
Penn St-3 vs Rutgers PUSH
Week 4 2014 Maryland over Syracse 30-20 (PK) RIGHT
Clemson+20 vs FSU RIGHT
Florida+14.5 vs Alabama WRONG
Miss St+10 vs LSU RIGHT
Week 5 2014 FSU vs NC St over 58 RIGHT
Washington+8 vs Stanford RIGHT
Arkansas+8.5 vs TAMU RIGHT
Maryland+4.5 vs Indiana RIGHT
Temple-5 vs UConn RIGHT
Week 6 2014 Notre Dame+2 vs Stanford RIGHT
Alabama-6 vs Ole Miss WRONG
Auburn-8 vs LSU RIGHT
Mich St-7.5 vs Nebraska WRONG
Tennessee-2.5 vs Florida WRONG
Week 7 2014 Baylor vs TCU Under 68 WRONG
Miss St+3 vs Auburn RIGHT
TAMU-1.5 vs Ole Miss WRONG
Lsu VS Florida Under 46.5 WRONG
Wash St+18 vs Stanford RIGHT
Week 8 2014 Notre Dame+10 vs FSU RIGHT
Alabama-11.5 vs TAMU RIGHT
TCU-8.5 vs Okla St RIGHT
Arkansas+3.5 vs Georgia WRONG
Mich St-15 vs Indiana RIGHT
Week 9 2014 Ole Miss-3.5 vs LSU WRONG
Penn St+13.5 vs Ohio St RIGHT
Utah+1 vs USC RIGHT
Ariz St+3.5 vs Washington RIGHT
TCU vs TTU Over 70.5 RIGHT
Week 10 2014 Oregon-7.5 vs Stanford RIGHT
Auburn+2.5 vs Ole Miss RIGHT
FSU/Louisville Over 50.5 RIGHT
Kstate-14 vs Okla St RIGHT
Week 11 2014 Oregon-8.5 vs Utah RIGHT
TCU-6 vs Kstate RIGHT
Mich St-3.5 vs Ohio St WRONG
Notre Dame+2.5 vs Ariz St WRONG
Auburn/TAMU Over 66 RIGHT
Week 12 2014 FSU-1.5 vs Miami FL RIGHT
Alabama/Miss St Over52 WRONG
Auburn+2.5 vs Georgia WRONG
Arkansas+1.5 vs LSU RIGHT
Ohio St/Minnesota Over 59 WRONG
Week 13 2014 Ole Miss-3.5 vs Arkansas WRONG
Cal+5.5 vs Stanford WRONG
Notre Dame-4 vs Louisville WRONG
Cinci vs Connecticut Under 55.5 RIGHT
Week 14 2014 Auburn+9.5 vs Alabama WRONG
Ole Miss+2 vs Miss St RIGHT
Wisconsin-14 vs Minnesota WRONG
Texas+6.5 vs TCU WRONG
Baylor vs TTU Over 79 RIGHT
Week 14 2014 Alabama-14.5 vs Mizzou RIGHT
FSU vs GaTech Over 60.5 RIGHT
Temple-3.5 vs Tulane RIGHT
2014-15 Bowl Season Ohio St+6 vs Oregon RIGHT
Utah-3 vs CSU RIGHT
Memphis-1 vs BYU RIGHT
NIU+10 vs marshall WRONG
USC vs Nebraska over 61.5 RIGHT
OU-3 vs Clemson WRONG
Notre Dame+7 vs LSU RIGHT
GaTech+7 vs Miss St RIGHT
Auburn vs Wisconsin Over 62.5 RIGHT
Mich St+3 vs Baylor RIGHT
Alabama-9 vs Ohio St WRONG
Week 1 2015 PSU/Temple Over 40 WRONG
Alabama/Wisconsin under 51 WRONG
TAMU-3 vs Ariz St RIGHT
Auburn/Louisville over 55
NW+12.5 vs Stanford RIGHT
Week 2 2015 OU/Tennessee over 61.5 WRONG
Miss St+4.5 vs LSU RIGHT
Louisville/Houston Over 53.5 RIGHT
Mich St-3.5 vs Oregon WRONG
GaTech-28 vs Tulane RIGHT
Week 3 2015 Auburn+7.5 vs LSU WRONG
USC-10 vs Stanford WRONG
Alabama-6.5 vs Ole Miss WRONG
Notre Dame+2.5 vs GaTech RIGHT
Arkansas-10.5 vs TTU WRONG
Week 4 2015 Auburn-2 vs Miss St WRONG
UVA+3.5 vs Boise St WRONG
Utah+14 vs Oregon RIGHT
TCU vs TTU Over 80.5 RIGHT
Tennessee-2 vs Florida WRONG
Week 5 2015 SMU vs ECU Over 67 RIGHT
Ole Miss-7.5 vs Florida WRONG
Ohio St vs Indiana Over 61
Notre Dame+1 vs Clemson WRONG
Alabama+2.5 vs Georgia RIGHT
Houston-7 vs Tulsa RIGHT
Week 6 2015 UConn+2.5 vs UCF RIGHT
Michigan vs NW over 35 RIGHT
Cal vs Utah over 61 WRONG
Miami Fl+9.5 vs FSU RIGHT
Week 7 2015 Louisville+7 vs FSU WRONG
TAMU+4.5 vs Alabama WRONG
Florida+9.5 vs LSU RIGHT
Mich St+7 vs Michigan RIGHT
GaTech-3 vs Pitt WRONG
Week 8 2015 GaTech+6.5 vs FSU RIGHT
Temple+3 vs ECU RIGHT
TAMU+5.5 vs Ole Miss WRONG
USC-3.5 vs Utah RIGHT
Georgia Southern+5.5 vs App St WRONG
UCLA vs Cal over 68 WRONG
Cinci-13 vs UConn RIGHT
Week 9 2015 AF-7 vs Hawaii RIGHT
Florida-2.5 vs Georgia RIGHT
Washington St+12 vs Stanford RIGHT
Notre Dame-10 vs Temple WRONG
Penn St-5.5 vs Illinois RIGHT
Week 10 2015 Cincinnati+9 vs Houston RIGHT
Arkansas+11 vs Ole Miss RIGHT
TCU-5 vs Okla St WRONG
Clemson-12 vs FSU WRONG
Alabama-6 vs LSU RIGHT
Indiana+6.5 vs Iowa WRONG
Week 11 2015 Baylor-3 vs Oklahoma WRONG
Alabama vs Miss St under 52 RIGHT
Arkansas+8 vs LSU RIGHT
USC vs Colorado over 60 WRONG
Week 12 2015 Ohio St vs Michigan Over 51 WRONG
Okla St vs Baylor Over 80 PUSH
Utah-2 vs UCLA WRONG
Ole Miss-4 vs LSU RIGHT
Week 13 2015 Ohio St+1.5 vs Michigan RIGHT
Notre Dame+4 vs Stanford RIGHT
Okla St+6.5 vs OU WRONG
Florida+2 vs FSU WRONG
Week 14 2015 Clemson vs UNC Over 67 RIGHT
Florida+17.5 vs Alabama RIGHT
Mich St-3.5 vs Iowa WRONG
USC+4.5 vs Stanford WRONG
Air Force+5.5 vs SDSU RIGHT
2015-16 Bowl Season Notre Dame+6.5 vs Ohio St (Behind the Bets 12/21) WRONG
New Mexico+9 vs Arizona WRONG
Temple-1.5 vs Toledo WRONG
Cincinnati-1 vs SDSU WRONG
Connecticut+4.5 vs Marshall WRONG
Houston+7 vs FSU RIGHT
Clemson+3.5 vs OU (Behind the Bets podcast 12/21) RIGHT
Indiana-2 vs Duke (Behind the Bets podcast 12/21) WRONG
Tennessee-7.5 vs NW (Behind the Bets 12/21) RIGHT
Stanford vs Iowa Under 53 (Behind the Bets 12/21) WRONG
Alabama-7 vs Clemson WRONG
Alabama vs Clemson under 50.5 (if he had to bet it) WRONG
Week 1 (9/4/2016) OU vs Houston over 68 WRONG
Notre Dame vs Texas under 60 WRONG
Fordham+26.5 vs Navy WRONG
LSU vs Wisconsin over 44.5 WRONG
OU-11.5 vs Houston WRONG
Week 2 (9/10/2016) TTU+3 vs Ariz St WRONG
TCU vs Arkansas over 58.5 RIGHT
VT+11 vs Tennessee WRONG
Utah-3.5 vs BYU WRONG
UConn+4 vs Navy
Penn St+6 vs Pitt RIGHT
Iowa-15 vs Iowa St RIGHT
VT+11.5 vs Tennessee (Insider) WRONG
Utah-3 vs BYU (Insider) WRONG
Week 3 (9/17/2016) Louisville+2 vs FSU RIGHT
Ohio St-2 vs OU RIGHT
Nebraska-3 vs Oregon
Cal vs Texas over 68.5 RIGHT
USC+8.5 vs Stanford WRONG
ND-7.5 Vs Mich St WRONG
Ohio St-1.5 vs OU RIGHT
Texas vs Cal over 81 RIGHT
USC+8 vs Stanford WRONG
Week 4 (9/24/2016) UCLA+3 vs Stanford WRONG
UCLA+3.5 vs Stanford WRONG
Tennessee vs Florida under 45.5 WRONG
Utah-3 vs USC RIGHT
Arkansas+5.5 vs TAMU WRONG
Arkansas+6.5 vs TAMU WRONG
Mich St vs Wisconsin under 45.5 RIGHT
Okla St+8.5 vs Baylor WRONG
Okla St+9 vs Baylor WRONG
Week 5 (10/1/2016) Clemson+2 vs Louisville RIGHT
Wisconsin+10.5 vs Michigan RIGHT
ECU vs UCF over 56.5 RIGHT
Penn St-3 vs Minnesota TIE
Ole Miss vs Memphis over 67 RIGHT
Washington-3.5 vs Stanford RIGHT
ECU vs UCF over 61 RIGHT
Washington-2 vs Stanford RIGHT
Week 6 (10/8/2016) TAMU-6.5 vs Tennessee RIGHT
FSU+3 vs Miami FL RIGHT
Notre Dame+2.5 vs NC St WRONG
Auburn-2 vs Miss St RIGHT
UNC vs VT over 58 WRONG
Arkansas+14 vs Alabama WRONG
Week 7 (10/15/2016) Ohio St-10 vs Wisconsin (if he had to pick a side) WRONG
Ohio St vs Wisconsin over 44 RIGHT
Arkansas+8 vs Ole Miss RIGHT
UNC+9 vs Miami FL RIGHT
KState+11 vs OU WRONG
KState+13.5 vs OU WRONG
Indiana vs Nebraska over 55 WRONG
ND-3 vs Stanford WRONG
ND-2.5 vs Stanford WRONG
Iowa-11 vs Purdue RIGHT
OU vs KState over 61.5 WRONG
Indiana vs Nebraska over 55.5 WRONG
Week 8 (10/22/2016) Alabama vs TAMU over 58.5 WRONG
TAMU+19 vs Alabama (if he HAD to take a side)
Arkansas+10 vs Auburn WRONG
Boise St-7 vs BYU WRONG
Ohio St vs Penn St over 58.5 WRONG
Syracuse+4 vs BC RIGHT
Mich St-3 vs Maryland WRONG
Wisconsin-3 vs Iowa RIGHT
Week 9 (10/29/2016) Clemson-4 vs FSU WRONG
Washington-10 vs Utah WRONG
Houston-9 vs UCF WRONG
OK St+3.5 vs WVU RIGHT
Indiana-5 vs Maryland RIGHT
Week 10 (11/5/2016) Alabama vs LSU over 45.5 WRONG
Cal+16.5 vs Washington WRONG
Ohio St vs Nebraska over 52.5 RIGHT
Georgia So+28 vs Ole Miss RIGHT
Penn St-7.5 vs Iowa RIGHT
Week 11 (11/12/2016) USC+9 vs Washington RIGHT
Houston-23 vs Tulane WRONG
OU-15.5 vs Baylor RIGHT
Oregon+3.5 vs Stanford WRONG
Penn St-7 vs Indiana RIGHT
Week 12 (11/19/2016) WVU+3 vs OU WRONG
UCF+2 vs Tulsa WRONG
BC-7 vs UConn RIGHT
Nebraska-13 vs Maryland RIGHT
Utah-14 vs Oregon WRONG
Wash St+4.5 vs Colorado WRONG
Week 13 (11/26/2016) Washington-6 vs Wash St RIGHT
Michigan+6.5 vs Ohio St RIGHT
Tulane vs UConn under 38.5 WRONG
Miss St+7.5 vs Ole Miss RIGHT
NC St+11.5 vs UNC RIGHT
Week 14 (12/3/2016) Temple+3 vs Navy RIGHT
Penn St+2.5 vs Wisconsin RIGHT
Penn St+3 vs Wisconsin RIGHT
Washington-7 vs Colorado RIGHT
Alabama vs Florida Over 40.5 RIGHT
Clemson vs VT over 58 RIGHT
2016-17 Bowl Season Clemson+6.5 vs Alabama RIGHT
Clemson+3 vs Ohio St RIGHT
Washington+15 vs Alabama WRONG
Houston-3.5 vs SDSU WRONG
Memphis+5 vs WKU WRONG
Miss St-12 vs Miami OH WRONG
Boise St-7.5 vs Baylor WRONG
WVU+3 vs Miami FL WRONG
S.Carolina+12 vs USF RIGHT
KState+2.5 vs TAMU RIGHT
Arkansas+7 vs VT WRONG
Arkansas vs VT over 61.5 WRONG
Washington+16 vs Alabama WRONG
Houston-4 vs SDSU (ESPN Chalk) WRONG
Memphis+4.5 vs WKU (Chalk) WRONG
Miss St-13 vs Miami OH (Chalk) WRONG
AF-13.5 vs S.Alabama RIGHT
FSU+3 vs Michigan RIGHT
Louisville+3 vs LSU WRONG
Washington+15 vs Alabama WRONG
Clemson+3 vs Ohio St RIGHT
Penn St+6.5 vs USC RIGHT
Week 1 2017 Alabama-7 vs FSU RIGHT
Florida+3.5 vs Michigan WRONG
USC vs W.Michigan over 57.5 RIGHT
Texas vs Maryland over 56 RIGHT
Week 2 2017 USC-6.5 vs Stanford RIGHT
OU+7 vs Ohio St RIGHT
NW-3 vs Duke WRONG
TCU-3 vs Arkansas RIGHT
ND-4.5 vs Georgia WRONG
Week 3 2017 Louisville+3 vs Clemson WRONG
Florida-4.5 vs Tennessee RIGHT
Cinci+4.5 vs Miami OH RIGHT
Tulane+34 vs Oklahoma WRONG
KState-4 vs Vanderbilt WRONG
Week 4 2017 TCU+13 vs Okla St RIGHT
Georgia vs Miss St under 48.5 RIGHT
UCF vs Maryland over 62 WRONG
VT vs Old Dominion over 58.5 WRONG
SDSU-3.5ish vs AF (didn’t give a spread) RIGHT
Arkansas-2.5ish vs TAMU (didn’t give a spread) WRONG
Ariz St+15.5 vs Oregon RIGHT
Duke vs UNC over 66 WRONG
Stanford vs UCLA under 62.5 WRONG
TCU+13.5 vs Okla St RIGHT
UCF vs Maryland over 59.5 WRONG
NC St+12.5 vs FSU RIGHT
VT vs Old Dominion over 52 WRONG
Week 5 2017 VT+7.5 vs Clemson WRONG
USC-3.5 vs Wash St WRONG
Colorado+7 vs UCLA RIGHT
NW+15.5 vs Wisconsin RIGHT
Okla St-9.5 vs TTU WRONG
Week 6 2017 Miami FL-3 vs FSU RIGHT
Alabama vs TAMU over 54 WRONG
Utah+5.5 vs Stanford RIGHT
BYU+9 vs Boise St WRONG
Purdue-4 vs Minnesota RIGHT
Alabama vs TAMU over 53.5 WRONG
Week 7 2017 KState vs TCU under 52 54/55 (whatever the total is when he writes his Chalk column) RIGHT
FSU-7 vs Duke PUSH
UConn+10 vs Temple RIGHT
Ariz St+17 vs Washington RIGHT
Ariz St+18 vs Washington RIGHT
UConn+9 vs Temple RIGHT
Week 8 2017 Penn St-9.5 vs Michigan RIGHT
Notre Dame-3.5 vs USC RIGHT
Cal+3 vs Arizona (Cal to win outright) RIGHT
Rutgers vs Purdue over 46.5 WRONG
Rutgers vs Purdue over 47 WRONG
Week 9 2017 Penn St+6.5 vs Ohio St (Penn State wins outright) RIGHT
Notre Dame-7 vs NC St RIGHT
Washington-17 vs UCLA (Wash wins 48-17) RIGHT
Arkansas+3.5 vs Ole Miss RIGHT
Baylor+7.5 vs Texas WRONG
ND-7.5 vs NC St RIGHT
Wash-18 vs UCLA RIGHT
Baylor+8 vs Texas WRONG
Week 10 2017 OU+2.5 vs Okla St RIGHT
NC St+8 vs Clemson RIGHT
Wash St-2 vs Stanford RIGHT
Miami FL+2.5 vs VT RIGHT
USC-7 vs Arizona RIGHT
NC St+7.5 vs Clemson RIGHT
Wash St+1.5 vs Stanford RIGHT
Vanderbilt-9.5 vs WKU RIGHT
Week 11 2017 UGA-2.5 vs Auburn WRONG
ND-3 vs Miami FL WRONG
Temple-3 vs Cinci RIGHT
Utah+1 vs Wash St WRONG
ND-3.5 vs Miami FL WRONG
Temple-2.5 vs Cinci RIGHT
Week 12 2017 Michigan+7.5 vs Wisconsin WRONG
Cal+16 vs Stanford RIGHT
UVA+19.5 vs Miami FL RIGHT
NC St+1.5 vs Wake Forest WRONG
Week 13 2017 Alabama-4.5 vs Auburn WRONG
Navy+4.5 vs Houston WRONG
ND-2.5 vs Stanford WRONG
FAU-21.5 vs Charlotte WRONG
Week 14 2017 Auburn-2.5 vs Georgia WRONG
Miami FL+9.5 vs Clemson WRONG
USC-3.5 vs Stanford WRONG
TCU+7 vs OU (TCU wins outright) WRONG
Ohio St-6.5 vs Wisconsin (if he had to pick it) WRONG
UCF vs Memphis over 83ish (the winning team puts up at least 50!) RIGHT
Total 52.97% 200-177

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