Todd McShay

NFL Draft guru and master of the upset special, Todd McShay is proud of his picks.  Here they are.

Todd McShay Grade

Todd McShay Record

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  • Is there a website aside from ESPN to find all of Todd McShay’s picks? He also picked OKla State last week against Oklahoma and was pretty damn close. Picked Alabama to slam Auburn(no suprise) but betting that -35 was scarey..Also ND to roll USC.
    Interested in what he has to say about these bowl games

  • No McShay updates for the last few weeks? If it helps you, he was 4-1 this past week and also 4-1 with his over/unders. I can give you the picks if you need them. Your blog is vital to me when I miss his picks. I hope you will get back to McShay.

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