Todd McShay

NFL Draft guru and master of the upset special, Todd McShay is proud of his picks.  Here they are.

Week/Date Pick
9/22/07 Michigan over PennSt RIGHT
9/28/07 USF over WVU RIGHT
10/6/07 Wisconsin over Illinois WRONG
VaTech over Clemson RIGHT
10/27/07 Cal over ArizSt WRONG
11/3/07 Rutgers over Uconn WRONG
10/31/09 Texas over Okla St RIGHT
USC over Oregon WRONG
2009-2010 Bowl Season Bama over Texas RIGHT
Week 8 (10/23/2010) NW over MichSt WRONG
Week 9 (10/30/2010) Iowa over MichSt RIGHT
Nebraska over Mizzou RIGHT
Week 11 (11/13/2010) Georgia over Auburn WRONG
11/27/10 Bama over Auburn WRONG
Oregon over Arizona RIGHT
Boise St over Nevada WRONG
OU over Okla St RIGHT
LSU over Arkansas WRONG
2010-2011 Bowl Season Troy over Ohio RIGHT
NIU over FresnoSt RIGHT
Lville over S.Miss RIGHT
SDSU over Navy RIGHT
BoiseSt over Utah RIGHT
FIU over Toledo RIGHT
Hawaii over Tulsa WRONG
AF over GaTech RIGHT
Baylor over Illinois WRONG
Maryland over ECU RIGHT
Nebraska over Washington WRONG
FSU over S.Car RIGHT
UNC over Tennessee RIGHT
Clemson over USF WRONG
Georgia over UCF WRONG
Arizona over OkSt WRONG
SMU over Army WRONG
OU over Uconn RIGHT
VaTech over Stanford WRONG
Florida over PEnnSt RIGHT
Bama over MichSt RIGHT
Nevada over BC RIGHT
Arkansas over OhioSt WRONG
TCU over Wisconsin RIGHT
Pitt over Kentucky RIGHT
Miami Fl over ND WRONG
Auburn over Oregon RIGHT
Week 1 (9/3/2011) ND over USF WRONG
Georgia over Boise St WRONG
Fresno St over Cal WRONG
Baylor over TCU RIGHT
Week 2 (9/10/2011) Texas over BYU RIGHT
Miss St over Auburn WRONG
S.Carolina over Georgia RIGHT
ND over Michigan WRONG
Bama over Penn St RIGHT
Week 3 (9/17/2011) Stanford over Arizona RIGHT
Boise St over Toledo RIGHT
Texas over UCLA RIGHT
Miami over Ohio St RIGHT
OU over Florida RIGHT
Week 4 (9/24/2011) LSU over WVU RIGHT
FSU over Clemson WRONG
Week 5 (10/1/2011) Bama over Florida RIGHT
Wisconsin over Nebraska RIGHT
Week 6 (10/8/2011) Ariz St over Utah RIGHT
Miami over VaTech WRONG
Week 7 (10/15/2011) Miss St over S.Carolina WRONG
LSU over Tennessee RIGHT
Mich St over Michigan RIGHT
Bama over Ole Miss RIGHT
Week 8 (10/22/2011) GaTech over Miami WRONG
LSU over Auburn RIGHT
Stanford over Washington RIGHT
Week 9 (10/29/2011) Clemson over GaTech WRONG
Nebraska over Mich St RIGHT
Wisconsin over Ohio St WRONG
OU over Kstate RIGHT
Week 10 (11/5/2011) LSU over Bama RIGHT
Week 13 (11/26/2011) Louisville over USF RIGHT
Bama over Auburn RIGHT
Stanford over ND RIGHT
Week 14 (12/3/2011) Oregon over UCLA RIGHT
VaTech over Clemson WRONG
OU over Okla St WRONG
2011-12 Bowl Season Ohio St over Florida WRONG
Illinois over UCLA RIGHT
Penn St over Houston WRONG
Auburn over UVA RIGHT
Mizzou over UNC RIGHT
OU over Iowa RIGHT
NCSt over Lville RIGHT
GaTech over Utah WRONG
Temple over Wyoming RIGHT
FIU over Marshall WRONG
W.Mich over Purdue WRONG
Georgia over Mich St WRONG
BYU over Tulsa RIGHT
Baylor over Washington RIGHT
Ohio over Utah St RIGHT
Okla St over Stanford WRONG
VaTech over Michigan WRONG
S.Carolina over Nebraska RIGHT
Miss St over Wake Forest RIGHT
Rutgers over Iowa St RIGHT
Vanderbilt over Cinci WRONG
Texas over Cal RIGHT
S.Miss over Nevada RIGHT
Oregon over Stanford RIGHT
AF over Toledo WRONG
SDSU over Lafayette WRONG
Clemson over WVU WRONG
TCU over LaTech RIGHT
Boise St over Ariz St RIGHT
Arkansas over Kstate RIGHT
LSU over Bama WRONG
Pitt over SMU WRONG
NIU over Ark St RIGHT
Week 1 (9/1/2012) Mich St over Boise St RIGHT
Week 2 (9/8/2012) Florida over TAMU RIGHT
Week 3 (9/15/2012) Mich St over Notre Dame WRONG
Tennessee over Florida WRONG
Week 4 (9/22/2012) FSU over Clemson RIGHT
Week 5 (9/29/2012) Ohio St over Mich St RIGHT
Week 6 (10/6/2012) Oregon over Washington RIGHT
LSU over Florida WRONG
Texas over WVU WRONG
Georgia over S.Carolina WRONG
Nebraska over Ohio St WRONG
Week 7 (10/13/2012) OU over Texas RIGHT
S.Carolina over LSU WRONG
ND over Stanford RIGHT
BYU over Oregon St WRONG
Wisconsin over Purdue (upset special) RIGHT
Week 8 (10/20/2012) WVU over Kstate WRONG
Florida over S.Carolina RIGHT
Penn St over Iowa (upset special) RIGHT
Week 9 (10/27/2012) Bama over Miss St RIGHT
Kstate over TTU RIGHT
Michigan over Nebraska WRONG
Georgia over Florida (upset special) RIGHT
Week 10 (11/3/2012) Miss St over TAMU WRONG
KSTate over Okla St RIGHT
Oregon over USC RIGHT
Bama over LSU RIGHT
Arizona over UCLA (upset special) WRONG
Ariz St over Oregon St (upset special) WRONG
Week 11 (11/10/2012) Kstate over TCU RIGHT
Stanford over Oregon St RIGHT
LSU over Miss St RIGHT
Bama over TAMU WRONG
Penn St over Nebraska (upset special) WRONG
Week 12 (11/17/2012) Oregon over Stanford WRONG
Notre Dame over Wake Forest RIGHT
Ohio St over Wisconsin RIGHT
Baylor over Kstate (upset special) RIGHT
Week 13 (11/24/2012) ND over USC RIGHT
FSU over Florida WRONG
Oregon over Oregon St RIGHT
Bama over Auburn RIGHT
Okla St over OU (upset special) WRONG
Week 14 (12/1/2012) KState over Texas RIGHT
UCF over Tulsa WRONG
FSU over GaTech RIGHT
Bama over Georgia RIGHT
Wisconsin over Nebraska (upset special) RIGHT
UConn over Cinci (upset special) WRONG
2012-13 Bowl Season 35. Okla St over Purdue RIGHT
34. TTU over Minnesota RIGHT
33. Utah St over Toledo RIGHT
32. Oregon over KState RIGHT
31. Fresno St over SMU WRONG
Wisconsin over Stanford RIGHT
29. S.Carolina over Michigan RIGHT
28. Vanderbilt over NC St RIGHT
27. Florida over Louisville WRONG
26. FSU over NIU RIGHT
25. Ark St over Kent St RIGHT
23. Arizona over Nevada RIGHT
22. Bama over Notre Dame RIGHT
21. Lafayette over ECU RIGHT
20. WVU over Syracuse WRONG
19. TAMU over OU RIGHT
18. Georgia over Nebraska RIGHT
17. Ole Miss over Pitt RIGHT
16. USC over GaTech WRONG
15. Ariz St over Navy RIGHT
14. LaMonroe over Ohio WRONG
13. Rice over AF RIGHT
12. Boise St over Washington RIGHT
11. LSU over Clemson WRONG
10. Baylor over UCLA RIGHT
9. Ball St over UCF WRONG
8. WKU over C.Michigan WRONG
6. TCU over Mich St WRONG
5. Iowa St over Tulsa WRONG
4. Oregon St over Texas WRONG
3. Rutgers over VaTech WRONG
2. Duke over Cinci WRONG
1. NW over Miss St RIGHT
Week 1 (8/31/2013) Syracuse over Penn St (upset special) WRONG
Week 2 (9/7/2013) Michigan over Notre Dame RIGHT
S.Carolina over Georgia WRONG
Florida over Miami Fl WRONG
Oklahoma over WVU RIGHT
WKU over Tennessee (upset special) WRONG
Week 3 (9/14/2013) Bama over TAMU RIGHT
UCLA over Nebraska (upset special) RIGHT
Week 4 (9/21/2013) Miami over Savannah St RIGHT
Ohio St over FAMU RIGHT
Bama over CSU RIGHT
Stanford over Ariz St RIGHT
Week 5 (9/28/2013) Bama over Ole Miss RIGHT
LSU over Georgia WRONG
Ohio St over Wisconsin RIGHT
OU over Notre Dame RIGHT
USC over Ariz St (upset special) WRONG
Week 6 (10/5/2013) Ohio St over NW RIGHT
Stanford over Washington RIGHT
FSU over Maryland RIGHT
Notre Dame over Ariz St (upset special) RIGHT
Week 7 (10/12/2013) Georgia over Mizzou 31-30 WRONG
LSU over Florida 28-20 RIGHT
TAMU over Ole Miss 38-37 RIGHT
Oregon over Washington 36-27 RIGHT
Arkansas over S.Carolina 27-23 (upset special) WRONG
Week 8 (10/19/2013) FSU over Clemson RIGHT
TAMU over Auburn WRONG
Mizzou over Florida RIGHT
Stanford over UCLA RIGHT
WVU over TTU (upset special) WRONG
Utah over Arizona (upset special #2) WRONG
Week 9 (10/26/2013) Bama over Tennessee RIGHT
Oregon over UCLA RIGHT
Mizzou over S.Carolina over WRONG
Stanford over Oregon St RIGHT
Houston over Rutgers (upset special) RIGHT
Texas over TCU (upset special #2) RIGHT
Week 10 (11/2/2013) FSU over Miami FL RIGHT
Okla St over TTU RIGHT
Mich St over Michigan RIGHT
Florida over Georgia (Upset special) WRONG
Week 11 (11/9/2013) Bama over LSU RIGHT
Tennessee over Auburn WRONG
Miami Fl over VaTech WRONG
Arizona over UCLA WRONG
KState over TTU (upset special) RIGHT
Oregon over Stanford WRONG
Baylor over OU RIGHT
Week 12 (11/16/2013) Okla St over Texas RIGHT
S.Carolina over Florida RIGHT
Stanford over USC WRONG
Georgia over Auburn WRONG
Baylor over TTU RIGHT
Michigan over NW (upset special) RIGHT
Cal over Colorado (upset special #2) WRONG
Week 13 (11/23/2013) Baylor over Okla St WRONG
Ariz St over UCLA RIGHT
Mizzou over Ole Miss RIGHT
Vandy over Tennessee (upset special) RIGHT
Kansas over Iowa St (upset special #2) WRONG
Week 14 (11/30/2013) Mizzou over TAMU RIGHT
Clemson over S.Carolina WRONG
Stanford over ND RIGHT
Bama over Auburn WRONG
Duke over UNC (upset special) RIGHT
Week 15 (12/7/2013) Okla St over OU WRONG
FSU over Duke RIGHT
Ohio St over Mich St WRONG
Mizzou over Auburn (upset special) WRONG
2013-14 Bowl Season Baylor over UCF (35) WRONG
TAMU over Duke (34) RIGHT
ND over Rutgers (33) RIGHT
ECU over Ohio (32) RIGHT
Oregon over Texas (31) RIGHT
Bama over OU (30) WRONG
Navy over MTSU (29) RIGHT
BGSU over Pitt (28) WRONG
Ariz St over TTU (27) WRONG
Minnesota over Syracuse (26) WRONG
LSU over Iowa (25) RIGHT
Ball St over Ark St (24) WRONG
UNT over UNLV (23) RIGHT
UCLA over VaTech (22) RIGHT
FSU over Auburn (21) RIGHT
Arizona over BC (20) RIGHT
Georgia over Nebraska (19) WRONG
Stanford over Mich St (18) WRONG
Wisconsin over S.Carolina (17) WRONG
Oregon St over Boise St (16) RIGHT
Marshall over Maryland (15) RIGHT
SDSU over Buffalo (14) RIGHT
Wash St over CSU (13) WRONG
BYU over Washington (12) WRONG
KState over Michigan (11) RIGHT
Vanderbilt over Houston (10) RIGHT
Ohio St over Clemson (9) WRONG
Tulane over UL-Lafayette (8) WRONG
Utah St over NIU (7) RIGHT
Rice over Miss St (6) WRONG
Fresno St over USC (5) WRONG
Ole Miss over GaTech (4) RIGHT
UNC over Cinci (3) RIGHT
Louisville over Miami Fl (2) RIGHT
Okla St over Mizzou (1) WRONG
Week 1 (8/30/2014) S.Carolina over TAMU WRONG
Georgia over Clemson RIGHT
Week 2 (9/6/2014) Oregon over Mich St RIGHT
Stanford over USC WRONG
Michigan over ND (upset special) WRONG
Texas over BYU WRONG
Ohio St over VaTech WRONG
Week 3 (9/13/2014) Georgia ver S.Carolina WRONG
OU over Tennessee RIGHT
UCLA over Texas RIGHT
Week 7 (10/11/2014) Oregon over UCLA 38-31 RIGHT
Baylor over TCU 34-31 RIGHT
Ole Miss over TAMU 33-30 RIGHT
Auburn over Miss St 30-24 WRONG
Georgia over Mizzou 30-27 RIGHT
Week 8 (10/18/2014) FSU over ND RIGHT
OU over KState WRONG
Alabama over TAMU RIGHT
Georgia over Arkansas RIGHT
Week 9 (10/25/2014) Ole Miss over LSU WRONG
Miss St over Kentucky RIGHT
Week 10 (11/1/2014) TCU over WVU RIGHT
Auburn over Ole Miss RIGHT
Oregon over Stanford RIGHT
Georgia over Florida WRONG
Week 11 (11/8/2014) TCU over KState RIGHT
Ohio St over Mich St RIGHT
Alabama over LSU RIGHT
Week 12 (11/15/2014) Alabama over Miss St RIGHT
Ohio St over Minnesota RIGHT
Miami Fl over FSU WRONG
Week 13 (11/22/2014) USC over UCLA WRONG
Minnesota over Nebraska RIGHT
Stanford over Cal RIGHT
Week 15 (12/6/2014) Wisconsin over Ohio St WRONG
KState over Baylor WRONG
Oregon over Arizona RIGHT
2014-15 Bowl Season Stanford over Maryland (38) RIGHT
Utah St over UTEP (37) RIGHT
Marshall over NIU (36) RIGHT
Alabama over Ohio St (35) WRONG
LSU over ND (34) WRONG
Utah over CSU (33) RIGHT
Oregon over FSU (32) RIGHT
USC over Nebraska (31) RIGHT
Georgia over Louisville (30) RIGHT
TCU over Ole Miss (29) RIGHT
S.Alabama over BGSU (28) WRONG
SDSU over Navy (27) WRONG
Mich St over Baylor (26) RIGHT
Florida over ECU (25) RIGHT
Tennessee over Iowa (24) RIGHT
Auburn over Wisconsin (23) WRONG
Clemson over OU (22) RIGHT
Illinois over LaTech (21) WRONG
BYU over Memphis (20) WRONG
Washington over Okla St (19) WRONG
WKU over C.Michigan (18) RIGHT
BC over Penn St (17) WRONG
KState over UCLA (16) WRONG
UCF over NC St (15) WRONG
Nevada over UL-Lafayette (14) WRONG
Cinci over VaTech (13) WRONG
AF over W.Michigan (12) RIGHT
Ariz St over Duke (11) RIGHT
Boise St over Arizona (10) RIGHT
Toledo over Ark St (9) RIGHT
Miss St over GaTech (8) WRONG
Texas over Arkansas (6) WRONG
Minnesota over Mizzou (5) WRONG
Miami Fl over S.Carolina (4) WRONG
Fresno St over Rice (3) WRONG
UNC over Rutgers (2) WRONG
Houston over Pitt (1) RIGHT
Ohio St over Oregon RIGHT
Week 1 (9/5/2015) Ohio St over VT RIGHT
Ohio St-15 vs VT RIGHT
Temple over Penn St RIGHT
Week 5 (10/3/2015) Alabama over Georgia RIGHT
Notre Dame over Clemson WRONG
Week 10 (11/7/2015) Alabama over LSU RIGHT
TCU over Okla St WRONG
2015-16 Bowl Season Alcorn St over NC A&T (1) WRONG
Ark St over LaTech (3) WRONG
CSU over Nevada (4) WRONG
Baylor over UNC (5) RIGHT
Houston over FSU (6) RIGHT
SJSU over Georgia St (7) RIGHT
Akron over Utah St (8) RIGHT
Cal over AF (9) RIGHT
Indiana over Duke (10) WRONG
W.Michigan over MTSU (11) RIGHT
Cinci over SDSU (12) WRONG
WKU over USF (13) RIGHT
Wash St over Miami FL (14) RIGHT
Temple over Toledo (15) WRONG
Connecticut over Marshall (16) WRONG
TAMU over Louisville (17) RIGHT
Georgia over Penn St (18) RIGHT
Okla St over Ole Miss (19) WRONG
Boise St over NIU (20) RIGHT
OU over Clemson (21) WRONG
UCLA over Nebraska (22) WRONG
BYU over Utah (23) WRONG
Navy over Pitt (24) RIGHT
Arizona over New Mexico (25) RIGHT
App St over Ohio (26) RIGHT
Ohio St over ND (27) RIGHT
USC over Wisconsin (28) WRONG
Oregon over TCU (29) WRONG
LSU over TTU (30) RIGHT
Minnesota over C.Michigan (31) RIGHT
Michigan over Florida (32) RIGHT
Memphis over Auburn (33) WRONG
BGSU over Georgia Southern (34) WRONG
WVU over Ariz St (35) RIGHT
Miss St over NC St (36) RIGHT
Washington over S.Miss (37) RIGHT
Stanford over Iowa (38) RIGHT
Tennessee over NW (39) RIGHT
Arkansas over KState (40) RIGHT
Alabama over Mich St (41) RIGHT
VaTech over Tulsa  (42) (Bowl Mania preview 12/13) RIGHT
Alabama over Clemson 28-20 RIGHT
Week 1 (9/4/2016) Texas over Notre Dame RIGHT
2016-17 Bowl Season 1. UTSA over UNM WRONG
2. Idaho ove CSU RIGHT
3. BYU over Wyoming RIGHT
4. App St over Toledo RIGHT
5. S.Alabama over AF WRONG
6. Miami FL over WVU RIGHT
7. Grambling St over UNC Central RIGHT
8. SDSU over Houston RIGHT
9. Ohio over Troy WRONG
10. Maryland over BC WRONG
11. Baylor over Boise St RIGHT
12. Indiana over Utah WRONG
13. Kentucky over GT WRONG
14. MTSU over Hawaii WRONG
15. Michigan over FSU WRONG
16. Vanderbilt over NC St WRONG
17. Miss St over Miami OH RIGHT
18. UNC over Stanford WRONG
19. Arkansas over VT WRONG
20. Georgia over TCU RIGHT
21. Wisconsin over W.Michigan RIGHT
22. Army over UNT RIGHT
23. Old Dom over E.Michigan RIGHT
24. USC over Penn St RIGHT
25. Navy over LT WRONG
26. TAMU over Kstate WRONG
27. USF over S.Carolina RIGHT
28. LSU over Louisville RIGHT
29. Alabama over Clemson WRONG
30. Iowa over Florida WRONG
31. S.Miss over UL-Lafayette WRONG
32. Clemson over Ohio St RIGHT
33. UCF over Ark St WRONG
34. Pitt over NW WRONG
35. WKU over Memphis RIGHT
36. Ok St over Colorado RIGHT
37. Wash St over Minnesota WRONG
38. Tennessee over Nebraska RIGHT
39. Tulsa over C.Michgian RIGHT
40. Temple over Wake Forest WRONG
41. OU over Auburn RIGHT
42. Alabama over Washington RIGHT
Week 6 2017 Ohio St over Maryland RIGHT
Stanford over Utah RIGHT
Week 10 2017 VT over Miami FL WRONG

6 responses

  1. Cats may very well be looking past Baylor, but I’m pretty sure it’s not to a meeting with Texas “in one week”. C’mon McShay, I expect better from you.

  2. Is there a website aside from ESPN to find all of Todd McShay’s picks? He also picked OKla State last week against Oklahoma and was pretty damn close. Picked Alabama to slam Auburn(no suprise) but betting that -35 was scarey..Also ND to roll USC.
    Interested in what he has to say about these bowl games

    1. Yep. It is all on this page. I just hadn’t updated in a couple weeks, but now things are up to date.

  3. what are McShay’s picks for today?

    1. His picks for today are in this post, just scroll down a little bit.

  4. No McShay updates for the last few weeks? If it helps you, he was 4-1 this past week and also 4-1 with his over/unders. I can give you the picks if you need them. Your blog is vital to me when I miss his picks. I hope you will get back to McShay.

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