All Time Analyst Records

Hall of champions
The Hall of Champions

Alltime Analyst Grades

Brett McMurphy: 2014-15 Champion

Phil Steele: 2015-16 Champion

Phil Steele: 2015-16 Champion


Jesse Palmer: Gameday Champion
Tom Luginbill: Gameday Champion
Pat Forde: 2013 Champion, Cole’s Gameday Blog
2018-19 Season Champion: Stanford Steve Coughlin @57-29-1 ATS, 66.09%
2017-18 Season Champion: Kirk Herbstreit @117-49, 70.48%
2016-17 Season Champion: ?
2015-16 Season Champion: Phil Steele @597-174, 77.03%
2014-15 Season Champion: Brett McMurphy @ 56-20, 75.7%
2013-14 Season Champion: Pat Forde @ 301-95, 76.01%
2012-13 Sseason Champion: Tom Luginbill @ 58-17, 77.33%
2011-12 Season Champion: Jesse Palmer @ 36-7, 83.7%
2010-11 Season Champion: Robert Smith @ 31-14, 68.9%
2009-10 Season Champion: Colin Cowherd @ 28-15, 65.1%
2008-09 Season Champion: Colin Cowherd @ 53-13, 80.3%
2007-08 Season Champion: Colin Cowherd @ 25-7, 78.1%
2006-07  Season Champion: Howie Schwab @ 24-8, 75%

11 thoughts on “All Time Analyst Records

  • Those were for Thursday. Here is Saturday.

    Oklahoma ST over Iowa ST
    Wisconsin over Illinois
    GA Tech over Duke
    Clemson over NC State
    Michigan over Nebraska

  • Hey Cole, I love the site.
    I was just wondering it there was a place where you could focus on ats results. Because I am noticing a few discrepancies throughout the ats results.
    On this page you have Stanford Steve with an ats record of 200-177-10, but on the Stanford Steve individual page you have an ats record of 191-155-10. Not sure if the discrepancy is from the 2017 and he had a rough season or what….

    • Updates on the all time records are slow right now. I’m migrating to a new database and don’t have all the data moved where I can run the full reports. I’ll tell you I have Stanford Steve at 200-157-10, 57.22% all time going into week 3 of 2018. That 200-177-10 record was at the end of 2017-18, but it had duplicates in it which I cleaned up in the new system. If you need more clarification about anything let me know.


    • I’m migrating all of the old data from an old spreadsheet to a new format and don’t have all of the prior years complete yet. Is there anything in particular you want to see from 2016-17? I can try and get it for you.


      • Thanks, just wondered how the hall of champions turned out. We stick with Stanford Steve for the most part, but are curious if anyone else hits it as consistently. Bigger question – do you know of anyone who compiles stats for College basketball expert picks the way you do here for football? We love your work, thanks tons!

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