2023-24 Season: CFB Year end results and awards!

Monday night we finished off our 2023-24 college football season. The time has come to tally up all the numbers, provide some commentary and hand out the awards for our best competitors of the year.

First and foremost I want to thank all of you who follow along with our journey through each college football season. I love doing this and appreciate so many people checking in for whatever reasons you may have.

I always like to highlight some items from College Gameday. Lee Corso went 11-5 on his headgear picks this year, which brings his lifetime record to 275-139 by my unofficial counts. He managed a 101-50 (66.89%) record on the season as a whole. Kirk Herbstreit went 93-60 (60.78%), Desmond Howard went 114-55 (67.46) and Pat McAfee went 104-63 (62.28%). Our celebrity guest pickers combined for a record of 95-57 (62.5%) on the year. The top celebrity picker was a tie between Joel McHale and Nolan Smith who both went 9-2 (despite Gameday crediting Joel McHale with an 11-2 record for reasons unknown). Congratulations to all the Gameday crew on another fun year.

Our award for top analyst of the year is going to be given to Bruce Feldman of the Athletic for going 106-26 (80.3%) while picking games straight up. He barely edged out Tom Fornelli (268-70, 79.29%) for this year’s championship. Congratulations to both on a great year picking games. You can check out the grades page for the full yearly results including all of the analysts we track.

2023-24 Analyst Grades – Cole’s Gameday Blog (gamedaycole.com)

Our top gambler of the year is without a doubt the best dressed man in college football, Emory Hunt. He went 153-122-7 (55.64%) picking games against the spread this year across different platforms and networks. He apparently killed it picking FCS games this year as part of his secret to success. He also had a profitable year on money line picks (8 picks, up 3.68 units), which makes him our undisputed gambling champion this year. The full gambling results are found at the links below.

2023-24 ATS Grades – Cole’s Gameday Blog (gamedaycole.com)

2023-24 Money Line Grades – Cole’s Gameday Blog (gamedaycole.com)

With college football done for the year we will still be posting some NFL picks here and there along with making some exciting new upgrades to the site (hopefully). Keep checking back for NFL picks and more.

2023-24 College football championship: College Gameday picks! Corso’s headgear, Desmond Howard, Pat McAfee and more!

Corso’s Headgear: Michigan over Washington

Stanford Steve:
Michigan-5.5 vs Washington

Desmond Howard:
Michigan over Washington

Pat McAfee:
Washington over Michigan

Joey Galloway:
Michigan over Washington

2023-24 College football championship gambling picks mega post! #Michigan #Washington

Here is the consolidated list of gambling picks for the 2023-24 college football championship game. Check back often as we head to kickoff because I will be adding more picks as they come in.

Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonCollin.Wilson.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Over 55Collin.Wilson.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonDan.Wetzel.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Under 55.5Brandon.Walker.ATS
Washington+4.5 vs MichiganPete.Thamel.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Under 56.5Stuckey.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Under 56.5Phil.Steele.ATS
Michigan TT over 30.5Geoff.Schwartz.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonBarrett.Sallee.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Under 56.5Wes.Reynolds.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Under 56.6Brady.Quinn.ATS
Washington+4.5 vs MichiganBrady.Quinn.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonChip.Patterson.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Over 56.5Josh.Pate.ATS
Washington+6 vs MichiganMegan.Makin.Money.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonBrett.McMurphy.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonJason.McIntyre.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonRichard.Johnson.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Under 56Adam.Kramer.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonAdam.Kramer.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Over 55.5Dan.Katz.ATS
Michigan-5 vs WashingtonDanny.Kanell.ATS
Washington+5 vs MichiganEmory.Hunt.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Over 56.5Joey.Galloway.ATS
Washington+4.5 vs MichiganJoey.Galloway.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Under 55.5Tyler.Fulghum.ATS
Washington+5 vs MichiganTyler.Fulghum.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Under 55.5Tom.Fornelli.ATS
Washington+4.5 vs MichiganPat.Forde.ATS
Michigan-4 vs WashingtonChris.Fallica.ATS
Michigan 2H-3.5 vs WashingtonChris.Fallica.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonDennis.Dodd.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonRoss.Dellenger.ATS
Washington+4.5 vs MichiganRece.Davis.ATS
Michigan-5.5 vs WashingtonSteve.Coughlin.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonLucy.Burdge.ATS