Phil Steele

Phil Steele is a recent addition to the blog, but he has been around the game doing this longer than most.  Famous for his yearly college football preview, he is a man who is involved in many aspects of covering the game.  He is a master of computer-based score projections (in case you may have an interest on the spread) as well a man who claims to put in an hour each week per FBS team.  Yes, as in 128+ hours per week breaking down the week’s games.  He does bowl projections.  He ranks mascots.  He picks bowl games.  He has a legendary mustache.  Some of us think he may be a college football robot sent from the future.

Since he sells his full slate of picks each week on ESPN Insider and, I will try my best to avoid getting sued.  All of the picks I track and post of his on this blog are picks which he releases to the public each week on ESPN Championship Drive podcasts, Twitter and CFB Daily’s The Edge.  If you are in desperate need of his full slate of picks each week then I suggest you pay the man his money.

We are also pleased to announce that Phil Steele is our 2015-16 season champion at 77.03% straight up and 53.53% against the spread!

Phil Steele: 2015-16 Champion

Phil Steele: 2015-16 Champion

Due to some issues with the formatting of Phil’s picks, I am only posting his season records here at this time.  This is his record in straight up picks.

2008-09 Season 66.67% 10-5
2009-10 Season 75.10% 549-182
2010-11 Season 74.87% 593-199
2011-12 Season 75.06% 590-196
2012-13 Season 77.09% 249-74
2013-14 Season 74.52% 117-40
2014-15 Season 68.85% 210-95
2015-16 Season 77.13% 597-174
2016-17 Season 73.22% 257-94
2017-18 Season 70.34% 166-70
Totals 74.73% 3338-1129

And his record against the spread:

2011-12 Season 50.00% 1-1-0
2013-14 Season 33.33% 1-2-0
2014-15 Season 53.64% 29-25-1
2015-16 Season 53.51% 121-105-2
2016-17 Season 51.24% 182-173-8
2017-18 Season 47.98% 115-125-7
Total 51.00% 449-431-18


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  1. 53 % against the spread with steele thats just average thought he was suppose to be a guru

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