2023-24 Analyst Grades

Here are the grades for our analysts picking games straight.

Current Year Grades

20 thoughts on “2023-24 Analyst Grades

    • @Gameday Cole

      (1) great site – always wanted to know these statistics

      (2) Barstool has a college football ATS pickem podcast, as well as college and nfl ATS pickem shows. Could be very beneficial for the site to track the the barstool hosts’ picks. They have a very active and loyal fanbase. Also, the situation is perfect because the barstool guys will frequently discuss records, leading to debates on accuracy, etc. Would imagine it leading to significant site traffic.

    • I’m no expert, but here’s my top 3 in no order.

      I have 10 years of Scott Van Pelt’s “Winners” in my database and he has a winning record of 53.57% over 743 picks. That’s my biggest sample size.

      Stanford Steve is red hot this year, and is 57.2% since he started giving out picks in 2014.

      I definitely trust Rufus Peabody because he is a pure professional sports bettor, and his partnership with Cade Massey speaks volumes to me. However his lines are very hard to get before they move.

      Happy gambling.


    • The 2019 ATS record for Corso, Herbie, Desmond and Rece are their Super Dog picks for the year so you can check those out.


  • where are you getting joey galloways picks before the games? Am I missing them during the week? I have almost never seen his picks pre-game. Looks like he is doing pretty good.

    • Joey and Jesse Palmer were giving out picks at halftime of the Friday night game on their “Virtual Locks” segment this season. Unfortunately they said last week was the end of their picks against the spread for this year.

  • I was looking back through your tweets and had a question. In week 9 you had Steve Cougin at 1-1 but when you look at post of him and Fallica, he was actually 5-3. Just curious if it was oversight or if I’m missing something. Thanks for what you do!

    • As mentioned in the post from week 9, they discussed a lot of games on the podcast and “liked” a lot of sides but none of them were official picks. Stanford Steve has made it extremely clear over the years that his official picks for the week are ONLY what he publishes on the ESPN Chalk website on Thursday morning, so I only grade his official picks from ESPN Chalk. I can’t post his actual ESPN Chalk picks because it is part of their paid subscription. Most weeks the picks from their podcast align very closely with ESPN Chalk, so I post their podcast picks for everyone to see. Week 9 was a very unusual week for Stanford Steve to “like” 8 games on the podcast but only give out 2 official plays on ESPN Chalk. I can’t remember any other time where there was such a discrepancy between the podcast and ESPN Chalk. I hope this helps clarify what happened and why the results are so different.

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