2015-16 Season results and champion Phil Steele! #cfb

The 2015-16 season of college football brought excitement and many hours wasted in front of the television, and it is with great sadness that we now enter the offseason.  However, that also means that it is time to crown the 2015-16 GAMEDAYCOLE.COM SEASON CHAMPION!!!  Competition was fierce this year, with 4,271 picks tracked this year and an average correct pick rate of 70.03% on the season.  We had 33 competitors eligible for this year’s championship, and it is without further adieu that I present to you our 2015-16 season champion, Mr. Phil Steele!

Phil Steele: 2015-16 Champion
Phil Steele: 2015-16 Champion

Mr. Steele finished off this season with a record of 597-174 straight up and 121-105-2 against the spread, which comes out to 77.03% straight up and 53.54% against the spread.  I don’t know what his secret is to picking games.  Maybe it is his computer.  Maybe it is the mustache.  Maybe it is the fact that he hasn’t slept since June due to football.  Whatever it is, it works.  Congratulations Phil.  You can now add this to your long and impressive resume, and no doubt impress acquaintances at cocktail parties with this accolade.

There are plenty of other notes to get to for this season’s wrap up.  As you may notice, Greg McElroy topped the straight up percentages on the year at 84.54% with a record of 82-15 on the year.  While this is impressive and deserving of congratulations, he was hurt by the limited number of games he picked, and the fact that his picks are almost entirely SEC conference picks.  Phil Steele had a much larger body of work, and combined with his win rate against the spread that was enough to vault him over McElroy on the season.  Next year we will probably have a separate award for the experts focusing on a single conference, but it is too late to be starting that nonsense right now.

Lee Corso’s headgear picks on the year were his worst year on record.  He went 6-12 on the year in the headgear picks due to some tough breaks and close losses on underdogs.  Charley the Cat had a season on par with Coach Corso, and ended up squeezing out a 7-11 season to beat Corso on the year picking games.  Gameday Jen had her best season on record, going 153-59 (72.17%) on the year, so watch out Phil; she is coming for you!  Maybe next year we’ll have her pick against the spread and make us some money.  Our Gameday guest celebrities had an abysmal year at 56.39% picking games straight up this year.  Maybe you shouldn’t be trusting Rick Ross, the Philly Phanatic, or Eric Church for your betting advice after all.

You can see the full rankings below to see how everyone else did on the year.  We will be putting together a recap of preseason predictions this week to see how great everyone’s preseason picks surely went, so keep an eye out for that and much more to come.

Straight Up SU % ATS ATS %
Greg McElroy 82-15 84.54%
Phil Steele 597-174 77.03% 121-105-2 53.54%
Paul Finebaum 78-27 74.29%
Pat Forde 256-89 73.99%
Andrea Adelson 84-30 73.68%
Booger McFarland 80-32 72.73%
Tim Tebow 45-17 72.58%
Trevor Matich 68-26 72.34% 14-21-1 40.00%
Jennifer 153-59 72.17%
Jason Sehorn 82-33 71.30%
Kirk Herbstreit 120-49 71.01%
Marcus Spears 55-23 70.51%
Brad Edwards 89-38 70.08% 22-20-1 52.38%
Colin Cowherd 73-32 69.52%
David Pollack 71-32 68.93%
Joey Galloway 93-43 68.38%
Robert Smith 49-23 68.06% 10-17-0 37.04%
Mark May 23-11 67.65%
Kevin Carter 38-19 66.67%
Jon Berger 32-16 66.67%
Todd McShay 33-17 66.00%
Danny Kanell 88-47 65.19% 20-23-0 46.51%
Desmond Howard 111-60 64.91%
Chris Fallica 77-42 64.71% 71-67-3 51.45%
Lee Corso 101-56 64.33%
Ryen Russillo 46-27 63.01% 23-19-0 54.76%
Scott Van Pelt 5-3 62.50% 34-35 49.28%
Joel Klatt 105-64 62.13%
Celebrity Guests 75-58 56.39%
Dari Nowhkah 46-36 56.10% 10-8-0 55.56%
Lou Holtz 13-11 54.17%
Stanford Steve Coughlin 42-37 53.16% 40-44-3 48.19%
Season Average 2925-1250 70.06% 365-359-10 50.41%

2015-16 Bowl season results! #CFBPlayoff #BowlMania

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.  With the fantastic CFB Playoff championship game in the books last night, that means the bowl season has ended.  It is now time that we look back and review how all of our competitors did playing a little bit of Bowl Mania pick’em.

We had 12 of our expert predictors and prognosticators who picked enough of the bowl games to qualify for our championship competition this year.  As with most things around here, it is all subjective and up to my judgment as to what to make of all of this mess.  Not everyone picked the Celebration Bowl between NC A&T and Alcorn State.  Some of us picked it, and it ended up being quite profitable.  Not everyone had a qualifying CFB Playoff Championship pick, because some of them picked before the playoff and had Oklahoma playing in the championship game.  And for some reason, Pat Forde refused to pick any bowl games involving 5-7 teams, but since he still picked most of them I have granted him a waiver.  Without further adieu, I present to you this year’s Gamedaycole.com official bowl championship rankings.

Cole’s Picks: 32-10
Joey Galloway: 31-11
Chris Doering: 29-13
Phil Steele: 29-12 SU, 14-9 ATS
Jennifer’s Picks: 27-14
Todd McShay: 27-15
Pat Forde: 26-12
Ryen Russillo: 25-17
Danny Kanell: 24-18
Joel Klatt: 24-17
Mark Schlabach: 23-18
Dari Nowkhah: 22-20

As you can see, Cole’s picks came out on top this year coming in at 32-10.  Not to toot my own too much, but I’m pretty good at picking bowl games.  Pay no attention to last year’s results behind the curtain where I went 20-18 in Bowl Mania.  Anyways, since I can’t very well give myself an award for picking bowl games (I guess I could since it is my site), we are proud to announce that Joey Galloway has won the 2015-16 Gamedaycole.com Bowl Season Championship at 31-11!


We had a grand total of 59 experts who participated in bowl season this year, and for the full results you can check out the list below to see how your favorite (or most hated) personality did during bowl season.  Since my full list of bowl picks for all of these people is over 30 pages long, you’ll just have to take my word on it for now.  Congratulations to everyone who participated this year.

Andrea Adelson: 1-1
Charles Arbuckle: 1-2
Skip Bayless: 1-2 SU, 1-0 ATS
Mike Bellotti: 3-2
Jon Berger: 7-1
Kevin Blackstone: 1-0
Mack Brown: 2-2
Kevin Carter: 15-10
Lee Corso: 2-4 (1-2 headgear picks)
Stanford Steve Coughlin: 2-6 SU, 3-9 ATS
Colin Cowherd: 7-1 SU, 0-1 ATS
Tim Cowlishaw: 7-1 SU, 8-5 ATS
Ed Cunningham: 5-9
Butch Davis: 2-2
Rece Davis: 1-0
Heather Dinich: 14-6
Brad Edwards: 7-0 SU, 4-1 ATS
Chris “The Bear” Fallica: 7-7 SU, 10-9 ATS
Paul Finebaum: 10-3
Mike Golic: 3-0 SU, 2-0 ATS
Mike Greenberg: 3-0 SU, 1-0 ATS
Brian Griese: 2-0
Israel Gutierrez: 1-0
Kirk Herbstreit: 6-4
Lou Holtz: 1-2
Desmond Howard: 8-4
Mel Kiper Jr.: 2-0
Matt Leinart: 2-1
Tom Luginbill: 4-0
Trevor Matich: 4-0
Mark May: 3-1
Greg McElroy: 13-3
Booger McFarland: 9-5
Ryan McGee: 1-0
Urban Meyer: 1-0
Woody Paige: 0-1
Jesse Palmer: 1-0
Petros Papadakis: 2-1
Brady Quinn: 1-2
David Pollack: 6-5
Jason Sehorn: 7-2
Robert Smith: 2-2
Marcus Spears: 10-2
Clint Stoerner: 1-0
Tim Tebow: 2-1
Scott Van Pelt: 2-1 SU, 0-1 ATS
Andre Ware: 1-0

2015-16 #CFBPlayoff Championship picks! #BowlMania #Clemson #Alabama

Here we are with one game left in the season, so it is about that time to start paying attention to who is picking whom (and in some cases, BY HOW MUCH).  Undefeated Clemson is taking on Nick Saban’s Alabama, and our expert panel of predictors and prognosticators is sitting at 32 to 13 in favor of Alabama winning the game, with five experts laying the 7, two experts liking the under, one expert taking the points, and one Chris Fallica who is on the Clemson moneyline.

Check back often over the next few days because we will be updating anytime someone wants to give a pick on this game.  As always, I’ll be putting the place and date I got the pick from, so if you see someone picking the opposite way more recently, go with the more recent pick.

Lee Corso:
Clemson over Alabama (Headgear pick)

Andrea Adelson:
Clemson over Alabama (epsn.com 1/7)

Charles Arbuckle: Film Room 1/6
Clemson over Alabama

Skip Bayless: First Take 1/11
Clemson over Alabama 28-27
Clemson+7 vs Alabama

Mike Bellotti: Film Room 1/6
Alabama over Clemson (Close)

Jon Berger: Big 12 Weekly 1/6
Alabama over Clemson

Kevin Blackstone: ATH 1/11
Alabama over Clemson

Mack Brown:
Clemson over Alabama (Champ Drive 1/10)

FullSizeRender 8

Kevin Carter: Film Room 1/6
Alabama over Clemson

Cole’s Pick:
Alabama over Clemson

Stanford Steve Coughlin: Behind the Bets podcast 1/6
Alabama over Clemson
Alabama-7 vs Clemson
Alabama vs Clemson under 50.5 (if he had to bet it)

Colin Cowherd:
Alabama over Clemson (The Herd 1/8)
Alabama-7 vs Clemson (The Herd 1/8)

FullSizeRender 5

Tim Cowlishaw:
Alabama over Clemson (103.3 ESPNRadio 1/11)

Ed Cunningham:
Clemson over Alabama (Bowl Mania 12/13)

Butch Davis:
Alabama over Clemson (Champ Drive 1/10)

FullSizeRender 6

Heather Dinich:
Alabama over Clemson (Twitter 1/9)

Chris “The Bear” Fallica: Behind the Bets podcast 1/6
Clemson over Alabama 24-21
Clemson+220ish over Alabama
Clemson+7 vs Alabama
Alabama vs Clemson under 50.5 (lean only)

Paul Finebaum:
Alabama over Clemson (Champ Drive 1/10)

Pat Forde: Bowl Dash 12/17
Alabama over Clemson 28-21

Joey Galloway:
Clemson over Alabama (Champ Drive 1/10)

FullSizeRender 10

Mike Greenberg:
Alabama over Clemson

Israel Gutierrez: ATH 1/11
Alabama over Clemson

Desmond Howard:
Alabama over Clemson

Jennifer’s Pick:
Clemson over Alabama

Danny Kanell:
Clemson over Alabama (Halftime show ½, CFB Live 1/4)

Joel Klatt:
Alabama over Clemson (WJOX podcdast 1/5)

Matt Leinart:
Alabama over Clemson (FS1 12/31)

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 7.30.50 PM

Tom Luginbill: Film Room 1/6
Alabama over Clemson

Mark May:
Alabama over Clemson (Championship Drive 12/6)

FullSizeRender 9


Greg McElroy:
Alabama over Clemson (SEC Nation 1/11)

Booger McFarland:
Alabama over Clemson 34-17 (M&M 1/11)

Todd McShay:
Alabama over Clemson 28-20 (Champ Drive 1/10)

FullSizeRender 7


Urban Meyer:
Alabama over Clemson

Woody Paige: ATH 1/11
Clemson over Alabama

Jesse Palmer:
Alabama over Clemson (CFB Live 1/11)

FullSizeRender 11

Petros Papadakis:
Alabama over Clemson (FS1 12/31)

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 7.30.01 PM

Brady Quinn:
Clemson over Alabama (FS1 12/31)

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 7.30.34 PM

Ryen Russillo:
Alabama over Clemson (Champ Drive 1/10)

Robert Smith:
Clemson over Alabama (Championship Drive 12/6)

Stephen A. Smith: First Take 1/11
Alabama over Clemson 33-20
Alabama-7 vs Clemson

Marcus Spears:
Alabama over Clemson (SEC Nation 1/11)

Phil Steele:
Alabama over Clemson (by 10) (Champ Drive 1/7)
Alabama-7 vs Clemson

Clint Stoerner:
Alabama over Clemson (Twitter 1/11)

Tim Tebow:
Alabama over Clemson 24-17 (R&K 1/11)

Scott Van Pelt:
Alabama over Clemson
Alabama-7 vs Clemson (Winners 1/7)

SVP Winners pick
SVP Winners pick