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2017-18 #MarchMadness Picks! #NCAATournament #Bracketology

Welcome back everyone to the FIRST EVER GAMEDAYCOLE.COM NCAA MARCH MADNESS PICK EXTRAVAGANZA!  At the request of @WesReynolds1 I decided to see what I could put together in one single hour for NCAA hoops tournament picks.  I don’t generally watch much NCAA basketball, so I don’t know who half of these people are but I assume they are experts.  Take a look at all of the picks and make sure you credit me when you win your pool!

Charles Barkley:
New Mexico State over Clemson
Villanova over LIU Brooklyn/Radford
VT over Alabama
WVU over Murray St
Wichita St over Marshall
Florida over St. Bon/UCLA
TTU over SFA
Arkansas over Butler
Purdue over Cal St. Fullerton
Kansas over Penn
Seton Hall over NC St
Auburn over Charleston
Mich St over Bucknell
Final Four: Arizona, Villanova, UNC, ?

Jay Bilas:
Elite Eight: Virginia, Cinci, Villanova, Purdue, Gonzaga, Michigan, Kansas, Michigan State
Final four: Virginia, Michigan, Villanova, Michigan State
Virginia to make the Finals
Michigan State ot make the Finals
Michigan State over Virginia in Finals

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 7.54.28 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-12 at 7.54.19 PM

Kyle Boone:
Final Four: Cinci, UNC, Villanova, Mich St
Mich St over UNC in Finals

Colin Cowherd:
Nine teams who can win it: Villanova, Duke, Virginia, Michigan St, Michigan, Arizona, Gonzaga, Kansas, UNC
Dark Horse team: Florida

Rece Davis:
Final Four: Villanova, Arizona, Michigan, Mich St
Villanova over Arizona in Finals

Dennis Dodd:
Final Four: Arizona, UNC, Villanova, Mich St
UNC over Villanova in Finals

Pat Forde:
Final Four: Arizona, Michigan, Villanova, Michigan State
Michigan vs Villanova in Finals
Villanova over Michigan in Finals

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 7.57.01 PM

Reid Forgrave:
Final Four: Virginia, UNC, Villanova, Duke
Villanova over Virginia in Finals

Mike Greenberg:
Final Four: Mich St, Villanova, Michigan, Winner of Arizona/Kentucky

Seth Greenberg:
Final Four: Michigan St, Virginia, Michigan, Villanova
Michigan State over Virginia in Finals

Andy Katz:
Final Four: Villanova, Michigan, Virginia, Michigan St
Villanova over Michigan in Finals

Josh Nagel:
Final Four: Arizona, Michigan, Villanova, Duke
Duke over Michigan in Finals

Matt Norlander:
Final Four: Virginia, Gonzaga, Purdue, Mich St
Virginia over Mich St in Finals

Jerry Palm:
Final Four: Arizona, UNC, Purdue, Duke
Duke over Arizona in Finals

Gary Parrish:
Final Four: Duke, Virginia, Gonzaga, Villanova
Duke over Virginia in Finals

Chip Patterson:
Final Four: Arizona, UNC, Villanova, Duke
Villanova over Arizona in Finals

Dick Vitale:
Final Four: Michigan St, Virginia, Villanova, Gonzaga
Michigan State over Virginia in Finals

Jay Williams:
Final Four: Arizona, Michigan St, Gonzaga, Villanova
Arizona over Michigan State in Finals

2017-18 Season final standings & champion!

Welcome back everyone.  We have been hard at work grading picks and running numbers to come up with the 2017-18 college football season final standings here at GamedayCole.com.  As always, things are subjective when our selection committee makes its final decisions.  We take into account strength of schedule, body of work, the eye test, computer rankings, and various generic metrics when deciding which of our reporters, analysts, pundits and talking heads takes the championship.  Below you will find the full ranking of everyone from this season for your review.

Amongst all of the competitors below, I generally only include those who picked at least 100 games in the running for our championship.  Sorry to those of you who picked less games, but next year maybe try a little harder to get your hot sports takes out there on every game.  I also take into account that some of the competitors below aren’t picking a broad selection of games each week.  I’d like to congratulate Andrea Adelson, who is consistently one of our top competitors, on an outstanding season at 90-30 on the year (75% right).  She is on top of all competitors with at least 100 picks.  However, her weekly picks only involve the ACC conference, so I cannot in good conscience crown her this year’s champion.  I have heard rumblings she may be claiming this championship, and may be planning a parade through her neighborhood, and if so then I will not oppose it.

However, it is with great pleasure (or maybe great pain for a lot of you reading this) that I am proud to announce Kirk Herbstreit as our 2017-18 college football picking champion at 117-49 (70.48% right).  I’m sure this will drive all of you haters crazy, because Kirk probably hates your school the most, but the man put up a great record picking the biggest games of the week each week.  I would also like to recognize Stanford Steve Coughlin for winning our top gambler of the year for picking 54.82% against the spread this year.  He consistently ranks amongst the best when it comes to gambling, so next year make sure to pay attention if you need to pad your wallet.

With all of this now complete, we are going into hibernation for now.  We may be back with some opinion pieces in the offseason, or we may not.  Just make sure you are back next August because we vow to be here rain, sleet or snow to track the best, the worst, the most loved, and most hated personalities when it comes to picking college football games.  Thanks for reading this year.

Straight up Straight up % ATS ATS %
Brett McMurphy 2-0 100.00% 1-2-2 40.00%
Matt Stinchcomb 12-1 92.31%
Dave Wannstedt 12-2 85.71%
Trevor Matich 6-1 85.71%
Dusty Dvoracek 34-6 85.00% 30-26-1 53.51%
Rece Davis 34-6 85.00%
Gene Chizik 40-13 80.00%
Mel Kiper Jr. 4-1 80.00%
Ryen Russillo 8-2 80.00% 21-19-2 52.38%
Robert Smith 10-3 76.92%
Matt Leinart 16-5 76.19%
Andrea Adelson 90-30 75.00%
Jordan Rodgers 12-4 75.00%
Chris Doering 67-23 74.44%
Les Miles 35-13 72.92%
Tim Tebow 59-23 71.95%
Marcus Spears 62-25 71.26%
Kirk Herbstreit 117-49 70.48% 4-13-0 23.53%
Phil Steele 166-70 70.34% 136-160-7 46.04%
David Pollack 47-20 70.15%
Celebrity Guests 99-46 68.28%
Jennifer’s Picks 148-71 67.58%
Paul Finebaum 55-28 66.27%
Jesse Palmer 60-31 65.93%
Lee Corso 118-63 65.19% 11-7-0 61.11%
Stanford Steve Coughlin 58-31 65.17% 61-50-3 54.82%
Chris Fallica 93-52 64.14% 83-83-6 50.00%
Bruce Feldman 128-72 64.00%
Desmond Howard 121-70 63.35% 9-8-0 52.94%
Pat Forde 62-37 62.63%
Colin Cowherd 20-12 62.50% 4-3-1 56.25%
Greg McElroy 35-22 61.40%
Mack Brown 6-4 60.00%
Joey Galloway 53-36 59.55%
Booger McFarland 16-11 59.26%
Mark Schlabach 34-24 58.62%
Dari Nowkhah 17-14 54.84%  13-12  52.00%
Joel Klatt 35-36 49.30%
Danny Kanell 28-34 45.16% 12-10-0 54.55%
Scott Van Pelt 56-47-2 54.29%
Rufus Peabody 29-27-1 51.75%
Season totals 2019-991 67.08% 457-455-25 50.11%

2017-18 #CFBPlayoff National Championship picks!

Good morning football fans and welcome back.  The time has come for the official GamedayCole.com National Championship megapost of picks and predictions for your review.  I will be updating all day all the way through kickoff with the Gameday crew, SEC Nation, Corso’s headgear, celebrity guests, talking heads, blowhards, trolls and anyone else we can find along the way.  Check back often for the latest picks, predictions and bets!








Lee Corso:
Alabama over Georgia (headgear pick)

Desmond Howard:
Alabama over Georgia

David Pollack:
Georgia over Alabama

Alabama over Georgia

Tim Tebow:
Alabama over Georgia

Marcus Spears:
Georgia over Alabama

Paul Finebaum:
Alabama over Georgia

Andrea Adelson: espn.com 1/8/2018
Alabama over Georgia

Charles Arbuckle :Mac Attack 1/4/2018
Alabama over Georgia

Skip Bayless: Undisputed 1/8/2018
Alabama over Georgia 20-10

Mack Brown: ESPNU radio on SiriusXM 1/7/2018
Alabama over Georgia

Gene Chizik:
Alabama to win championship

Stanford Steve Coughlin: Chad & Scooch podcast 1/4/2018
Alabama-4.5 vs Georgia
“Lay the 4.5, throw a ton on the moneyline”, said he got the moneyline at -200
Alabama-3.5 vs Georgia
Alabama-175 vs Georgia
Alabama-4 vs Georgia (BTB 1/5/2017)

Colin Cowherd: Twitter 1/6/2017
Alabama-3 vs Georgia (by a touchdown)

Tim Cowlishaw: dallasnews.com 1/8/2018
Georgia over Alabama 28-24

Heather Dinich: Twitter 1/2/2018
Alabama over Georgia

Chris Doering: espn.com 1/8/2018
Georgia over Alabama

Dusty Dvoracek: espn.com 1/8/2018
Alabama over Georgia

Chris Fallica: Chad & Schooch podcast 1/4/2018
Georgia+4.5 vs Alabama (early lean only, no official pick)
Georgia+3.5 vs Alabama (Georgia outright)
Georgia+4 vs Alabama (Bear’s Bank)

Bruce Feldman: si.com
Alabama over Georgia 27-23

Jimbo Fisher:
Georgia over Alabama

Pat Forde: Yahoo.com 1/7/201
Alabama over Georgia 21-20

Joey Galloway: CFB Live 1/8/2018
Georgia over Alabama

Rod Gilmore: espn.com 1/8/2018
Alabama over Georgia

Mike Golic: Golic & Wingo 1/8/2018
Alabama over Georgia

Brock Huard: espn.com 1/8/2018
Alabama over Georgia

Danny Kanell: Off the bench 1/8/2018
Alabama over Georgia
Alabama-4 vs Georgia

Mel Kiper Jr.: Twitter 1/8/2018
Georgia+4 vs Alabama

Joel Klatt: Bad Radio 1/4/2018
Alabama over Georgia

Jen Lada: espn.com 1/8/2018
Georgia over Alabama

Tom Luginbill: espn.com 1/8/2018
Alabama over Georgia

Ivan Maisel: espn.com 1/8/2018
Alabama over Georgia

Gus Malzahn:
Alabama over Georgia

Trevor Matich: CFB Live 1/4
Alabama over Georgia 24-17

Greg McElroy: espn.com 1/8/2018
Alabama over Georgia

Booger McFarland: CFB Live 1/8/2018
Alabama over Georgia 21-17

Todd McShay: Championship Drive 1/7/2018
Alabama over Georgia

Brent Musburger: Podcast 1/8/2018
Alabama over Georgia 30-17

Dari Nowkhah: espn.com 1/8/2018
Alabama over Georgia

Jesse Palmer: Championship Drive 1/7/2018
Alabama over Georgia 28-17

Jordan Rodgers: WWLS 1/8/2018
Georgia over Alabama

Mark Schlabach: espn.com 1/8/2018
Georgia over Alabama

Howie Schwab: the Schwab Speak’s podcast
Alabama over Georgia

Stephen A. Smith: Sportscenter 1/8/2018
Alabama over Georgia

Andy Staples: si.com
Alabama over Georgia 17-13

Phil Steele:
Alabama-3.5 vs Georgia

Clint Stoerner: Twitter 1/4
Alabama over Georgia

Jonathan Vilma: espn.com 1/8/2018
Alabama over Georgia 20-10

Trey Wingo: Golic & Wingo 1/8/2018
Alabama over Georgia