Week 4 2019: #CFB Picks w/ Phil Steele & Doug Kezirian!

Phil Steel and Doug Kezirian were back at it this week (I love these two together on the podcast) on Behind the Bets, and they gave out some picks for your review.   Phil said he agreed with the Texas-5.5 play but it wasn’t one of his own plays.  Doug also liked ULM+18.5 and the Clemson/Charlotte over but those sounded like he hadn’t decided on making those official picks yet.

Phil Steele:

Date Pick
9/20/19 Utah  -4 vs Southern Cal
9/21/19 North Carolina  -3 vs Appalachian State
9/21/19 Michigan + 3.5 vs Wisconsin
9/21/19 Northwestern + 9.5 vs Michigan State
9/21/19 San Diego State + 4 vs Utah State

Phil Steele’s Picks from the Phil Steele Plus Preview on Youtube:

Date Pick
9/21/19 Ole Miss  -2.5 vs California
9/21/19 Miami (FL)  -29.5 vs Central Michigan
9/21/19 Nebraska  -13 vs Illinois
9/21/19 Old Dominion + 30 vs Virginia
9/21/19 Tennessee + 14.5 vs Florida
9/21/19 Florida Atlantic  -35 vs Wagner
9/21/19 Tulsa  -3.5 vs Wyoming

Doug Kezirian:

Date Pick
9/21/19 Texas  -5.5 vs Oklahoma State
9/21/19 Oregon  -10.5 vs Stanford
9/21/19 Utah State  -4 vs San Diego State

Week 1 2019: #CFB Picks w/ Phil Steele!

Phil Steele was on with Doug Kezirian on the Behind the Bets podcast today and gave out the following picks.  Be sure to listen to the full thing to get all that great gambling analysis and Phil’s reasoning behind these plays because it is always great.

Phil Steele:

Date Pick
8/31/19 Florida State  -4.5 vs Boise State
8/31/19 Louisiana + 20 vs Mississippi State
8/31/19 Michigan  -34 vs MTSU
8/31/19 New Mexico State + 31.5 vs Washington State
8/31/19 Toledo + 12 vs Kentucky

2018-19 Bowl Season: ATS Picks w/ Phil Steele (part 2)! #BowlMania

Update: The following two picks are added from Friday’s Campus Conversation podcast:

Date Pick
12/22/18 Troy + 1.5 vs Buffalo
12/22/18 Memphis vs Wake Forest Over 73

Phil Steele was back on Doug Kezirian’s podcast this week and gave out a handful of plays for the upcoming games.  Listen to the full thing for breakdown on the games and some other games which weren’t official picks.

Date Pick
12/27/18 Miami (FL)  -3.5 vs Wisconsin
12/26/18 Boston College + 2.5 vs Boise State
12/26/18 TCU  PK vs California
12/26/18 Georgia Tech  -5.5 vs Minnesota
12/22/18 Army  -4.5 vs Houston