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Week 8 2017: #CFB Picks from Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica!

Long time, no see.  Right?  Here’s the picks from America’s hottest celebrity, and the star of College Gameday, Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica.  Enjoy these picks responsibly and listen to the whole thing before investing your hard earned money.

Chris Fallica: Bear’s Bank picks from Saturday
Ole Miss+7 vs LSU
Indiana+6.5 vs Mich St
Baylor+9.5 vs WVU

Michigan+9.5 vs Penn St
USC+3.5 vs Notre Dame
Ole Miss+6.5 vs LSU (Ole Miss outright)
Texas+7 vs Okla St
Baylor+9.5 vs WVU
Wake Forest+6.5 vs GT
Indiana+6.5 vs Mich St
Nevada+6 vs AF
Charlotte ML vs UAB


Week 8 2017: #CFB Picks from Stanford Steve!

Here are the picks from the co-star of Sportscenter with SVP, Stanford Steve Coughlin.  Get these while they’re hot and listen to the whole podcast before investing please.

Penn St-9.5 vs Michigan
Notre Dame-3.5 vs USC
Cal+3 vs Arizona (Cal to win outright)
Rutgers vs Purdue over 46.5
FAU-3.5 vs UNT
Ariz St ML vs Utah

Week 7 2017: #CFB picks from Stanford Steve & The Bear!

Week 7 picks from Chris “The Bear” Fallica & Stanford Steve Coughlin.  Listen to the actual podcast before putting down money, and gamble responsibly.

Stanford Steve Coughlin:
KState vs TCU under 54/55 (whatever the total is when he writes his Chalk column)
FSU-7 vs Duke
UConn+10 vs Temple
WVU-3.5 vs TTU
Cal+14.5 vs Wash St (lean)
Ariz St+17 vs Washington
LSU vs Auburn under 44.5 (lean)
Minnesota+4 vs Mich St (lean)
Texas ML vs OU

Chris Fallica:
KState+6 vs TCU
Indiana+7 vs Michigan
Akron+14 vs W.Michigan
FIU+14 vs Tulane
UNM+2.5 vs Fresno St
LSU+7 vs Auburn (lean)
Boise St ML vs SDSU