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2017-18 Bowl Season: #BOWLMANIA picks from Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived.  Television superstar, Hollywood A-Lister and the brains behind College Gameday Chris Fallica has given out a slate of picks for bowl season this week.  He’ll be back with more picks next week in the podcast but here is where we stand today.

UPDATED 12/28 with picks from Behind the Bets:

Michigan-8 vs S.Carolina
ND+3.5 vs LSU
Georgia-2 vs OU
Clemson+3 vs Alabama (Clemson outright)

Picks from Sportscenter 12/27:

FSU over S.Miss
BC over Iowa
Purdue over Arizona
Texas over Mizzou

UPDATED 12/21 with picks from Behind the Bets:

UCLA+2.5 vs KState
BC+3 vs Iowa
Texas+3 vs Missouri (lean)
Purdue+3.5ish vs Arizona (didn’t give a line)
Mich St+1 vs Wash St (Mich St wins outright)
Stanford+3 vs TCU
Wake Forest-3.5 vs TAMU
Washington+2 vs Penn St
He liked Miami FL+5.5 vs Wisconsin but I don’t know if it was an official pick

Bear’s Bank (Gameday 12/9)
Oregon-7.5 vs Boise St
Mich St+3 vs Wash St (Mich St outright)
Stanford+2.5 vs TCU

Behind the Bets 12/14
Oregon-7.5 vs Boise St
UNT+6.5 vs Troy
Temple-7.5 vs FIU
C.Michigan PK vs Wyoming (assuming Josh Allen isn’t playing)
NIU+4.5 vs Duke (he kinda likes NIU+ the points, not sure if this is official)
Marshall+5.5 vs CSU (he kinda like this one too, said he’d like it at +6, not sure if official)
Michigan-8 vs S.Carolina (early pick)


2017-18 Bowl Season: #BOWLMANIA picks and ATS plays from Stanford Steve!

UPDATED 12/28 with picks from Behind the Bets:

ND+3.5 vs LSU
Georgia-2 vs OU
Alabama-3 vs Clemson


Texas+3 vs Missouri (Texas wins outright)
UVA+2 vs Navy (UVA wins outright)
Mich St+1 vs Wash St
NW-7.5 vs Kentucky
Ohio St-7.5 vs USC (buy it down to 7 if you can)
Iowa St+4ish vs Memphis (didn’t give a line, but Iowa St wins outright)
Miami FL+5.5 vs Wisconsin

You’ve been waiting patiently just like I have, and here are the picks we’ve finally gotten from Stanford Steve Coughlin via the Behind the Bets podcast.  Check out the full podcast for full details and some leans but here are the picks as best as I could track.

USF over TTU (like 41-40)
MTSU+4 vs Ark St (MTSU outright)
TTU+2.5 vs USF
SDSU-7 vs Army
Utah-6.5 vs WVU
KState-2.5 vs UCLA
Miami FL+6.5 vs Wisconsin (early pick)

Week 14 2017: #CFB Picks for Championship Week from Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica!

Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  The picks from television superstar and the top dog at College Gameday, Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica.  He put out picks on their weekly podcast and some of it was pretty vague.  I don’t know if the Ohio State pick was official because he prefaced it with “if I had to pick it”.  I don’t know if the TCU pick is official, but he was in strong agreement with Stanford Steve.  Listen to the podcast if you really need an answer on it.  I will update Saturday morning with Bear’s Bank as always.  Enjoy.

Auburn-2.5 vs Georgia
Clemson vs Miami FL under 46.5
UL-Monroe+27 vs FSU
TCU+7 vs OU (he seemed to agree with Stanford Steve’s pick)
Ohio St-6.5 vs Wisconsin (if he had to pick it)