2022-23 Bowl Season: #BowlMania picks including Tom Luginbill’s BIG BOARD!

The annual tradition continues at ESPN as they put together an expert crew for their Bowl Mania Special. Following in the steps of previous Big Board presenters Jesse Palmer, Todd McShay, Danny Kanell and Greg McElroy is none other than Tom Luginbill this year. Best of luck with your bowl pick’em this season!

Note: Tom Luginbill isn’t picking the Alabama vs Kansas State game because he’s broadcasting it, so host Kevin Connors filled in that pick for him.

Tom Luginbill:

Utah  over  Penn State
Southern Cal  over  Tulane
LSU  over  Purdue
Mississippi State  over  Illinois
Georgia  over  Ohio State
TCU  over  Michigan
Alabama  over  Kansas State
Kentucky  over  Iowa
Clemson  over  Tennessee
Ohio  over  Wyoming
South Carolina  over  Notre Dame
UCLA  over  Pittsburgh
NC State  over  Maryland
Washington  over  Texas
Florida State  over  Oklahoma
Minnesota  over  Syracuse
Ole Miss  over  Texas Tech
Oregon  over  North Carolina
Arkansas  over  Kansas
Duke  over  UCF
Oklahoma State  over  Wisconsin
East Carolina  over  Coastal Carolina
Memphis  over  Utah State
Georgia Southern  over  Buffalo
New Mexico State  over  Bowling Green
San Diego State  over  MTSU
Wake Forest  over  Missouri
Houston  over  Louisiana
Baylor  over  Air Force
South Alabama  over  Western Kentucky
Toledo  over  Liberty
San Jose State  over  Eastern Michigan
Marshall  over  Connecticut
Boise State  over  North Texas
Oregon State  over  Florida
Southern Miss  over  Rice
Fresno State  over  Washington State
SMU  over  BYU
Jackson State  over  North Carolina Central
Cincinnati  over  Louisville
UTSA  over  Troy
UAB  over  Miami (OH)

Sam Acho:

Utah  over  Penn State
Tulane  over  Southern Cal
Ohio State  over  Georgia
Michigan  over  TCU
Alabama  over  Kansas State
Clemson  over  Tennessee
South Carolina  over  Notre Dame
Texas  over  Washington
Oregon  over  North Carolina
Kansas  over  Arkansas
Oregon State  over  Florida
Cincinnati  over  Louisville

Dan Mullen:

Utah  over  Penn State
Southern Cal  over  Tulane
Georgia  over  Ohio State
Michigan  over  TCU
Kansas State  over  Alabama
Tennessee  over  Clemson
South Carolina  over  Notre Dame
Washington  over  Texas
Oregon  over  North Carolina
Arkansas  over  Kansas
Oregon State  over  Florida
Cincinnati  over  Louisville

2021-22 Bowl Season: #BowlMania picks! Greg McElroy’s BIG BOARD! Sam Acho! Mike Golic! And more!

Here is the official 2021-22 Bowl Mania BIG BOARD from Greg McElroy along with some picks from his associates Sam Acho and Mike Golic Jr.

Greg McElroy:
43. Mississippi State over Texas Tech
42. Wisconsin over Arizona State
41. Oregon State over Utah State
40. Jackson State over South Carolina State
39. North Carolina over South Carolina
38. Alabama over Cincinatti
37. Fresno State over UTEP
36. Boise State over Central Michigan
35. Army over Missouri
34. Pitt over Michigan State
33. Toledo over MTSU
32. Tennessee over Purdue
31. Clemson over Iowa State
30. Louisiana over Marshall
29. North Texas over Miami (OH)
28. Washington State over Miami (FL)
27. San Diego State over UTSA
26. Auburn over Houston
25. Wyoming over Kent State
24. Florida over UCF
23. Ole Miss over Baylor (Greg is calling this game, he didn’t pick it)
22. Coastal Carolina over Northern Illinois
21. Georgia State over Ball State
20. Air Force over Louisville
19. East Carolina over Boston College
18. UCLA over NC State
17. Appalachian State over Western Kentucky
16. Eastern Michigan over Liberty
15. Western Michigan over Nevada
14. West Virginia over Minnesota
13. Utah over Ohio State
12. Kentucky over Iowa
11. Oklahoma over Oregon
10. Texas A&M over Wake Forest
9. Old Dominion over Tulsa
8. Notre Dame over Oklahoma State
7. Arkansas over Penn State
6. Virginia over SMU
5. LSU over Kansas State
4. Georgia over Michigan
3. Memphis over Hawaii
2. Virginia Tech over Maryland
1. UAB over BYU

Note: Whoever was running the graphics and teleprompter screwed up. Golic Jr. picked two 37s and two 15s. Acho picked two 17s. Hopefully it doesn’t ruin your day like it did mine.

Mike Golic Jr.:
40. Oklahoma over Oregon
37. Pitt over Michigan State
37. Alabama over Cincinatti
35. Tennessee over Purdue
30. Notre Dame over Oklahoma State
28. Ole Miss over Baylor
27. BYU over UAB
24. Georgia over Michigan
18. Ohio State over Utah
15. Houston over Auburn
15. UCLA over NC State
10. Clemson over Iowa State

Sam Acho:
43. BYU over UAB
40. Clemson over Iowa State
39. Notre Dame over Oklahoma State
27. Utah over Ohio State
22. Pitt over Michigan State
20. Oklahoma over Oregon
19. NC State over UCLA
17. Auburn over Houston
17. Baylor over Ole Miss
9. Tennessee over Purdue
5. Michigan over Georgia
2. Cincinatti over Alabama

2020-21 Bowl Season: Greg McElroy’s BIG BOARD from the ESPN #BowlMania special!

Here is the official Bowl Mania BIG BOARD from Greg McElroy to start off your 2020-21 Bowl Season. Enjoy.

Greg McElroy’s picks:

Iowa State  over  Oregon
Texas A&M  over  North Carolina
NC State  over  Kentucky
Ole Miss  over  Indiana
Georgia  over  Cincinnati
Northwestern  over  Auburn
Alabama  over  Notre Dame
Clemson  over  Ohio State
San Jose State  over  Ball State
Mississippi State  over  Tulsa
West Virginia  over  Army
TCU  over  Arkansas
Wake Forest  over  Wisconsin
Oklahoma  over  Florida
Iowa  over  Missouri
Miami (FL)  over  Oklahoma State
Texas  over  Colorado
Coastal Carolina  over  Liberty
Louisiana  over  UTSA
Georgia State  over  Western Kentucky
UAB  over  South Carolina
Buffalo  over  Marshall
Houston  over  Hawaii
Georgia Southern  over  Louisiana Tech
Memphis  over  Florida Atlantic
Nevada  over  Tulane
UCF  over  BYU