2023-24 College football championship gambling picks mega post! #Michigan #Washington

Here is the consolidated list of gambling picks for the 2023-24 college football championship game. Check back often as we head to kickoff because I will be adding more picks as they come in.

Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonCollin.Wilson.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Over 55Collin.Wilson.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonDan.Wetzel.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Under 55.5Brandon.Walker.ATS
Washington+4.5 vs MichiganPete.Thamel.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Under 56.5Stuckey.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Under 56.5Phil.Steele.ATS
Michigan TT over 30.5Geoff.Schwartz.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonBarrett.Sallee.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Under 56.5Wes.Reynolds.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Under 56.6Brady.Quinn.ATS
Washington+4.5 vs MichiganBrady.Quinn.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonChip.Patterson.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Over 56.5Josh.Pate.ATS
Washington+6 vs MichiganMegan.Makin.Money.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonBrett.McMurphy.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonJason.McIntyre.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonRichard.Johnson.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Under 56Adam.Kramer.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonAdam.Kramer.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Over 55.5Dan.Katz.ATS
Michigan-5 vs WashingtonDanny.Kanell.ATS
Washington+5 vs MichiganEmory.Hunt.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Over 56.5Joey.Galloway.ATS
Washington+4.5 vs MichiganJoey.Galloway.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Under 55.5Tyler.Fulghum.ATS
Washington+5 vs MichiganTyler.Fulghum.ATS
Michigan vs Washington Under 55.5Tom.Fornelli.ATS
Washington+4.5 vs MichiganPat.Forde.ATS
Michigan-4 vs WashingtonChris.Fallica.ATS
Michigan 2H-3.5 vs WashingtonChris.Fallica.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonDennis.Dodd.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonRoss.Dellenger.ATS
Washington+4.5 vs MichiganRece.Davis.ATS
Michigan-5.5 vs WashingtonSteve.Coughlin.ATS
Michigan-4.5 vs WashingtonLucy.Burdge.ATS

2023-24 Bowl Season: Early bowl picks from Chris “The Bear” Fallica and Geoff Schwartz!

Here are the early slate of bowl bets from Chris “The Bear” Fallica and Geoff Schwartz via their columns on foxsports.com.

Chris Fallica’s Picks

Geoff Schwartz’s Picks

Ole Miss+4.5 vs Penn StateChris.Fallica.ATS
Notre Dame-8.5 vs Oregon StateGeoff.Schwartz.ATS
Rutgers+2.5 vs Miami (FL)Chris.Fallica.ATS
NC State+3 vs Kansas StateChris.Fallica.ATS
West Virginia-3 vs North CarolinaChris.Fallica.ATS
Northwestern+7 vs UtahGeoff.Schwartz.ATS
Troy-6.5 vs DukeGeoff.Schwartz.ATS
Texas Tech vs California Over 58Geoff.Schwartz.ATS
California+3 vs Texas TechChris.Fallica.ATS
Georgia Southern+3.5 vs OhioGeoff.Schwartz.ATS
Boise State vs UCLA Under 50.5Geoff.Schwartz.ATS

Week 14 2023: CFB picks from the Bear Bets podcast with Chris Fallica and Geoff Schwartz!

Chris Fallica and Geoff Schwartz were back for week 14 of the Bear Bets podcast. I was delaying this post because the Bear only had two picks for this week and I hoped he would add some more. However games are about to kick off so let’s get this weekend started with their picks below.

Check out the full column if you want more news and notes on all the games he didn’t pick.

Chris Fallica:

Iowa vs Michigan Under 35.5
UNLV+2.5 vs Boise State

Geoff Schwartz:

Michigan-22 vs Iowa
Iowa vs Michigan Under 35
Texas-14.5 vs Oklahoma State
Oregon-9 vs Washington