Week 12 2023: CFB picks from ESPN Bet Live (formerly known as Daily Wager)!

Here are your week 12 picks from the ESPN Bet Live crew (formerly known as Daily Wager). Some of these picks are mixed in from non-ESPN Bet Live sources but its the same crew so I lumped it all together.

Washington State vs Colorado Over 62.5Anita.Marks.ATS
Tennessee TT under 23.5Erin.Kate.Dolan.ATS
Oregon State vs Washington Over 62.5Erin.Kate.Dolan.ATS
Georgia-9.5 vs TennesseeJoe.Fortenbaugh.ATS
Oregon State-1 vs WashingtonJoe.Fortenbaugh.ATS
Michigan State+3.5 vs IndianaJoe.Fortenbaugh.ATS
Old Dominion+5.5 vs Georgia SouthernJoe.Fortenbaugh.ATS
Ohio-11.5 vs Central MichiganJoe.Fortenbaugh.ATS
Western Michigan+4.5 vs Northern IllinoisJoe.Fortenbaugh.ATS
Tennessee vs Georgia Over 58.5Steve.Coughlin.ATS
Georgia-10 vs TennesseeSteve.Coughlin.ATS
Southern Cal-6.5 vs UCLASteve.Coughlin.ATS
San Jose State-14.5 vs San Diego StateSteve.Coughlin.ATS
Oregon State-1 vs WashingtonSteve.Coughlin.ATS
Southern Miss+14.5 vs Mississippi StateSteve.Coughlin.ATS
Miami (FL)+1 vs LouisvilleSteve.Coughlin.ATS
Memphis+9.5 vs SMUSteve.Coughlin.ATS
James Madison-9 vs Appalachian StateSteve.Coughlin.ATS
Iowa State+7.5 vs TexasSteve.Coughlin.ATS
North Carolina+8 vs ClemsonSteve.Coughlin.ATS
New Mexico State+26.5 vs AuburnSteve.Coughlin.ATS
Air Force-3 vs UNLVSteve.Coughlin.ATS
Georgia-9.5 vs TennesseeTyler.Fulghum.ATS
Oregon State-1 vs WashingtonTyler.Fulghum.ATS

Week 11 2023: CFB picks from ESPN Bet Live (formerly known as Daily Wager)!

Daily Wager has been buried in a shallow grave and replaced with ESPN Bet Live to promote the new ESPN Sportsbook. It seems like the exact same show with a new logo, but anyways, here are your week 11 picks.

Joe Fortenbaugh:

San Jose State-1 vs Fresno State
Penn State vs Michigan Over 44.5
Georgia vs Ole Miss Over 58.5
Tennessee-2 vs Missouri
Utah+9 vs Washington

Anita Marks:

Oklahoma State-2.5 vs UCF
Penn State+4 vs Michigan
Washington-8.5 vs Utah
UNLV-3 vs Wyoming

Erin Dolan:

Michigan-4.5 vs Penn State
Penn State vs Michigan Over 44.5
Ole Miss TT under 23.5

Tyler Fulghum:

Penn State vs Michigan Under 44.5
Georgia-11 vs Ole Miss
Missouri vs Tennessee Under 58.5

Stanford Steve’s ESPN Bet Live picks:
Georgia-10.5 vs Ole Miss
Arkansas-2 vs Auburn
Colorado State-3.5 vs San Diego State

Week 10 2023: CFB picks from Daily Wager!

Here are your week 10 picks from a Daily Wager crew on life support. They are going to rebrand Daily Wager and call it “ESPN Bet Live” to coincide with ESPN’s entrance into the sportsbook arena so hopefully we see some new life pumped into the show soon. Until then, here’s what we have for week 10.

Anita Marks:

Alabama-3 vs LSU
Southern Cal vs Washington Under 77.5
Michigan-32.5 vs Purdue
Georgia vs Missouri Over 55.5
Oklahoma State+6 vs Oklahoma
Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma Over 61.5

Joe Fortenbaugh:

Alabama-3 vs LSU
Southern Cal+3 vs Washington
Georgia vs Missouri Over 55.5
Oklahoma State+6 vs Oklahoma
South Carolina-15.5 vs Jacksonville State
Arkansas+4.5 vs Florida

Stanford Steve’s Daily Wager picks:
Southern Cal+3 vs Washington
Clemson+3 vs Notre Dame
Penn State-8.5 vs Maryland