Yeah so I guess I forgot to make this announcement when it happened, but I guess since we made Deadspin today, it is probably OK for me to officially announce it here.  Cole’s Gameday Blog was extended an invitation from Pundit Tracker to contribute to their overhauling of NCAAF pundit tracking.  I have been a big fan of their work for a long time now, so it is quite the dream come true to be asked to contribute to their work.  Our partnership basically boils down to this:  I will sit around watching lots of television, and they will do all of the hard work.  I have volunteered my extensive database of expert picks, then they will use their top secret formula to weight picks relative to the Vegas moneylines.  Then they can take those weighted picks to give more accurate grades to our analysts.  The cream will rise to the crop.  The professionals will be separated from the taxpayers.  We will find out who is the best of the rest.  Insert other butchered cliches here.

The point is, you need to check out their blog HERE, follow them on Twitter at @ptraxsports and then keep reading both our blogs to make sure you continue to get the world class coverage of guys talking on television which you so deserve.