2022-23 NFL Season: Super Bowl picks from Daily Wager!

Here is a random assortment of picks from Daily Wager. These have been collected over the last two weeks on various episodes and I’m sure I missed some because there were TONS of picks. You can check out this full slate at the link below for picks from all the random analysts I jotted down as well.

Doug Kezirian:

Mahomes 1st rush over 3.5 yds (-140)
Kenneth Gainwell to win MVP 100-1
Patrick Mahomes under 10.5 yds first completion (-140)
Non-QB to throw pass TD YES (15-1)

Tyler Fulghum:

Mahomes over 25.5 comp (-109)
Miles Sanders to win MVP 25-1
MVS under 36.5 rec yds (-115)
Eagles-1.5 vs Chiefs
Exact Chiefs pts 29 (40-1)
Dallas Goedert 1st TD (9-1)
Chiefs vs Eagles over 51
Patrick Mahomes over 38.5 pass attempts (-117)

Anita Marks:

Chiefs vs Eagles under 51
Mahomes over 0.5 INT (-131)
Miles Sanders over 60.5 rush yds (-115)
Kelce over 78.5 rec yds (-115)
Haason Reddick save-170
Eagles-6.5 vs Chiefs (-184)
Jalen Hurts over 10.5 rush attempts (-125)
Jalen Hurts over 50.5 rush yds (-113)
Eagles-1.5 vs Chiefs

Joe Fortenbaugh:

Jody Fortson 1st TD (26-1)
Longest TD over 40.5 yds (-120)
Chiefs+105 vs Eagles
Jalen Hurts to score rush/rec TD YES (+109)
Kenneth Gainwell over 11.5 rec yards (-111)

Erin Dolan:

Travis Kelce anytime TD (-114)
1st Quarter INT YES (+220)
Dallas Goedert 2+ TD (11-1)
DeVonta Smith anytime TD (+145)
Eagles-125 vs Chiefs
Jalen Hurts over 30.5 pass attempts (-133)
Patrick Mahomes INT YES (+100)

Stanford Steve:

Eagles-1.5 vs Chiefs
Chiefs vs Eagles over 50
Jalen Hurts under 31.5 pass attempts (-125)
Travis Kelce over 9.5 targets (-125)
Kenneth Gainwell over 34.5 rush/rec yds combined (-115)
Kenneth Gainwell over 11.5 rec yards (-121)
Brandon Graham records a sack: YES (+180)

2022-23 NFL SEASON: Sunday morning Divisional Round playoff picks!

Here is an assortment of NFL picks I jotted down while working on college football this week. I have no plans to track or grade these picks so they are presented purely for your entertainment.

1/22/23Brady.QuinnBengals+5 vs Bills
1/22/23Brady.QuinnBengals vs Bills over 48
1/22/23Brady.Quinn49ers-3.5 vs Cowboys
1/22/23Brady.Quinn49ers vs Cowboys over 46.5
1/22/23Colin.CowherdBills-5.5 vs Bengals
1/22/23Colin.CowherdCowboys+3.5 vs 49ers
1/22/23Doug.KezirianBengals TT under 21.5
1/22/23Doug.Kezirian49ers-4 vs Cowboys
1/22/23Doug.KezirianBrock Purdy over 7.5 rush yds (-123)
1/22/23Emory.HuntBengals vs Bills over 48
1/22/23Emory.Hunt49ers vs Cowboys over 46
1/22/23Erin.DolanBengals+6 vs Bills
1/22/23Erin.Dolan49ers-4 vs Cowboys
1/22/23Erin.DolanDak Prescott over 34.5 pass attempts
1/22/23Jeff.MaBills-5 vs Bengals
1/22/23Joe.FortenbaughBengals vs Bills under 49
1/22/23Joe.Fortenbaugh49ers-4 vs Cowboys
1/22/23Joe.FortenbaughJosh Allen over 46.5 rush yds (-127)
1/22/23Kenny.WhiteJoe Mixon under 77.5 rush and rec yds
1/22/23Kenny.White49ers vs Cowboys over 46.5
1/22/23Kenny.WhiteZeke Elliott under 34.5 rush yds
1/22/23Larry.HartsteinBengals+5.5 vs Bills
1/22/23Larry.Hartstein49ers-4 vs Cowboys
1/22/23Pete.PriscoBengals+5 vs Bills
1/22/23Pete.PriscoBengals vs Bills over 48
1/22/23Pete.PriscoCowboys+3.5 vs 49ers
1/22/23Rufus.PeabodyCowboys+3.5 vs 49ers
1/22/23Scott.Van.PeltBills-5.5 vs Bengals
1/22/23Scott.Van.PeltCowboys+4 vs 49ers
1/22/23Todd.FuhrmanBills-5.5 vs Bengals
1/22/23Todd.FuhrmanJosh Allen over 46.5 rush yds
1/22/23Todd.Fuhrman49ers vs Cowboys over 46.5
1/22/23Todd.FuhrmanMichael Gallup anytime TD+1200
1/22/23Tyler.FulghumBengals vs Bills under 49
1/22/23Tyler.Fulghum49ers vs Cowboys over 46.5

2022-23 NFL Season: Sunday morning wild card NFL picks from Daily Wager!

Here are the Sunday wild card NFL picks from Daily Wager I jotted down while working on college football this week. I have no plans to track or grade these picks so they are presented purely for your entertainment.

Doug Kezirian:
Bills-13.5 vs Dolphins
Giants+3 vs Vikings

Joe Fortenbaugh:
Dolphins TT under 14.5 (-120)
Giants+3 vs Vikings
Daniel Jones over 242.5 pass yards (-117)

Erin Dolan:
Bengals-6 1H vs Ravens
Giants+3 vs Vikings
Josh Allen over 33.5 pass attempts (-131)

Tyler Fulghum:
Bengals vs Ravens under 40.5
Giants+3 vs Vikings
Bills-13.5 vs Dolphins

Anita Marks:
Joe Mixon under 55.5 rush yards (-127)
Giants+135 vs Vikings