Week 0 2023: CFB Picks from Daily Wager!

Daily Wager (minus Doug Kezirian) was back at it picking college games for week 0 this week. These are the collective picks from Daily Wager and a few extras from their Youtube channel “Bet”. Its a light slate this week but I still love that we’re back.

Joe Fortenbaugh:

Louisiana Tech-12 vs FIU
Southern Cal-31 vs San Jose State
Hawaii+17.5 vs Vanderbilt
Notre Dame vs Navy Over 50.5
Navy+20.5 vs Notre Dame

Anita Marks:

Southern Cal vs San Jose State Over 64.5
San Jose State+31 vs Southern Cal
Notre Dame-20.5 vs Navy

Greg McElroy:

Southern Cal vs San Jose State Over 66
Navy 1H+11.5 vs Notre Dame

2022-23 Season: Georgia vs TCU national championship picks!

Welcome back football fans for the last time this season. Tonight is the national championship and I’ll be posting all of the championship picks I have right here. Keep checking back because I’ll be updating all day right up until kickoff. We will hopefully have all your favorites including Lee Corso’s headgear, Pat McAfee’s, Desmond Howard, Stanford Steve and whoever the hell else we find along the way.

Check the bottom for some random additions of prop bets, specific score predictions and extra notes.

Corso’s Headgear: TCU over Georgia

Analyst picks:

Georgia  over  TCUDan.Wetzel
Georgia  over  TCUScott.Van.Pelt
TCU  over  GeorgiaClint.Stoerner
TCU  over  GeorgiaStephen.A.Smith
Georgia  over  TCUBrady.Quinn
Georgia  over  TCUChip.Patterson
Georgia  over  TCUGreg.McElroy
Georgia  over  TCUPat.McAfee
Georgia  over  TCUTrevor.Matich
Georgia  over  TCUStewart.Mandel
Georgia  over  TCUJoel.Klatt
Georgia  over  TCUDanny.Kanell
TCU  over  GeorgiaJoey.Galloway
Georgia  over  TCUTom.Fornelli
Georgia  over  TCUPat.Forde
Georgia  over  TCUPaul.Finebaum
Georgia  over  TCUChris.Fallica
Georgia  over  TCUBrad.Edwards
Georgia  over  TCUDennis.Dodd
Georgia  over  TCURoss.Dellenger
Georgia  over  TCUColin.Cowherd
Georgia  over  TCUSteve.Coughlin
Georgia  over  TCUSkip.Bayless
Georgia  over  TCUDavid.Pollack
TCU  over  GeorgiaDesmond.Howard
TCU  over  GeorgiaCorso.Headgear
TCU  over  GeorgiaLee.Corso

Gambling picks:

TCU + 12.5 vs GeorgiaMatt.Youmans.ATS
TCU + 13.5 vs GeorgiaCollin.Wilson.ATS
Georgia  -12.5 vs TCUDan.Wetzel.ATS
Georgia  -12 vs TCUBrandon.Walker.ATS
Georgia  -12.5 vs TCUScott.Van.Pelt.ATS
Georgia  -12.5 vs TCUClay.Travis.ATS
Georgia  -12 vs TCUScott.Spreitzer.ATS
Georgia  -13 vs TCUBarrett.Sallee.ATS
Georgia  -12.5 vs TCUWes.Reynolds.ATS
Georgia vs TCU Over 62.5Brady.Quinn.ATS
Georgia  -12.5 vs TCUBrady.Quinn.ATS
TCU + 12 vs GeorgiaDave.Portnoy.ATS
Georgia  -12.5 vs TCURufus.Peabody.ATS
Georgia vs TCU Under 62.5Chip.Patterson.ATS
TCU + 13 vs GeorgiaChip.Patterson.ATS
Georgia vs TCU Under 63.5Megan.Makin.Money.ATS
Georgia  -13 vs TCUMegan.Makin.Money.ATS
Georgia vs TCU Over 62.5Brett.McMurphy.ATS
TCU + 13 vs GeorgiaBrett.McMurphy.ATS
Georgia vs TCU Under 62.5Greg.McElroy.ATS
TCU + 12.5 vs GeorgiaGreg.McElroy.ATS
Georgia  -13.5 vs TCUTrevor.Matich.ATS
TCU + 13.5 vs GeorgiaAnita.Marks.ATS
TCU + 12.5 vs GeorgiaPamela.Maldonado.ATS
Georgia  -12.5 vs TCUJeff.Ma.ATS
TCU + 12.5 vs GeorgiaJoel.Klatt.ATS
Georgia  -13.5 vs TCUDoug.Kezirian.ATS
Georgia vs TCU Under 62.5Doug.Kezirian.ATS
Georgia vs TCU Over 63Dan.Katz.ATS
TCU + 12 vs GeorgiaDan.Katz.ATS
Georgia vs TCU Under 62.5Danny.Kanell.ATS
Georgia  -12.5 vs TCUDanny.Kanell.ATS
TCU + 13.5 vs GeorgiaTyler.Fulghum.ATS
Georgia vs TCU Over 62Tyler.Fulghum.ATS
Georgia  -12 vs TCUTodd.Fuhrman.ATS
Georgia vs TCU Under 62Joe.Fortenbaugh.ATS
Georgia  -13.5 vs TCUJoe.Fortenbaugh.ATS
Georgia vs TCU Over 62.5Tom.Fornelli.ATS
TCU + 13.5 vs GeorgiaTom.Fornelli.ATS
Georgia  -12.5 vs TCUPat.Forde.ATS
Georgia vs TCU Under 63.5Chris.Fallica.ATS
Georgia  -12 vs TCUChris.Fallica.ATS
Georgia  -12.5 vs TCUBud.Elliott.ATS
TCU + 13.5 vs GeorgiaDennis.Dodd.ATS
Georgia  -12.5 vs TCURoss.Dellenger.ATS
Georgia  -13.5 vs TCUSteve.Coughlin.ATS
Georgia  -12.5 vs TCUSam.Cooper.ATS
TCU + 12.5 vs GeorgiaNick.Bromberg.ATS

Note: they twisted Bud Elliott’s arm to take a side on this game last week on the Cover 3 Podcast, but as far as I know he isn’t playing a pregame side or total.

Doug Kezirian:
Max Duggan under 30.5 rush yards (+106)

Tyler Fulghum:
Quentin Johnston over 84.5 REC yards (+120)

Anita Marks:
Jared Wiley over 1.5 rec
Stetson Bennett INT (-105)

Joe Fortenbaugh:
Georgia vs TCU Under 31 1H (+100)
Brock Bowers over 67.5 rec yards (-119)

Bud Elliott:
Georgia-7 1H vs TCU

Colin Cowherd:
Georgia over TCU 44-24

Greg McElroy:
Georgia over TCU 38-24
Georgia vs TCU under 30.5 2H (-115)

Josh Pate:
Georgia-12.5 vs TCU

Shannon Sharpe:
Georgia over TCU 31-30

Skip Bayless:
TCU+13.5, Georgia outright 34-32

Brock Bowers Over 60.5 Receiving Yards

TCU over Georgia
Stetson Bennett pass TD over 2.5
Max Duggan over 233.5 pass yards
Brock Bowers over 64.5 REC yards
Quentin Johnston over 87.5 REC yards
Kenny McIntosh over 65.5 rush yards

Joey Galloway:
Stetson Bennett pass TD over 2.5
Max Duggan over 233.5 pass yards
Brock Bowers over 64.5 REC yards
Quentin Johnston over 87.5 REC yards
Kenny McIntosh under 65.5 rush yards

Stanford Steve:
Stetson Bennett under 2.5 pass TD
Max Duggan over 233.5 pass yards
Brock Bowers over 64.5 REC yards
Quentin Johnston under 87.5 REC yards
Kenny McIntosh under 65.5 rush yards
Mitchell over 42.5 rec yards (-151)

Brandon Walker:
Brock Bowers 2 TDs+400

Todd Fuhrman:
Kenny McIntosh first to score touchdown+550
Longest TD over 49.5 yards (-130)
Shortest TD over 1.5 yards

Bryant McFadden:
Max Duggan over 32.5 rush yards
Quentin Johnston under 86.5 rec yards
Longest TD over 49.5 yards (-130)
Shortest TD under 1.5 yards

Kenny White:
Max Duggan over 32.5 rush yards
Stetson Bennett first player to score touchdown+1200
Longest TD over 49.5 yards (-130)
Shortest TD under 1.5 yards

Chip Patterson:
Stetson Bennett over 10.5 rush yards (-115)

Week 13 2022: College football gambling picks from Daily Wager!

Here are your week 13 picks from Daily Wager!

Doug Kezirian:

LSU  -10 vs Texas A&M
Houston vs Tulsa Over 67
Vanderbilt + 14 vs Tennessee
Miami (OH)  -2.5 vs Ball State

Joe Fortenbaugh:

Air Force  -2 vs San Diego State
Clemson vs South Carolina Over 52
TCU  -10 vs Iowa State

Tyler Fulghum:

Utah  -29.5 vs Colorado
Penn State  -18 vs Michigan State
Missouri vs Arkansas Under 55.5

Greg McElroy:

Ohio State vs Michigan Under 56
Vanderbilt + 14 vs Tennessee
Texas  -8.5 vs Baylor

Chris Fallica:

Clemson  -14.5 vs South Carolina
Vanderbilt + 14 vs Tennessee
Missouri + 3 vs Arkansas

Stanford Steve’s Triple Option Picks:
BYU-6.5 vs Stanford
Southern Cal vs Notre Dame under 64.5
Ohio State vs Michigan under 56