2021-22 NFL Season: Super Bowl LVI gambling picks, prop bets and more!

Here are all the Super Bowl LVI gambling picks I jotted down this week. I’m sure lines have moved and the prop bets are all over the map so please consult your local bookie before the latest odds on any of these bets.

Colin Cowherd:
Rams over Bengals 28-23

Doug Kezirian:
Rams vs Bengals UNDER 9.5 1st Quarter (-120)
Matt Stafford over 5.5 rush yards (-110)
Matt Stafford over 4.5 rush yards (-135)
Joe Mixon first Bengals player to have reception (+350)
Cooper Kupp over 104.5 receiving yards (-120)
Passing/receiving yards leader exacta: Joe Burrow and Cooper Kupp (4-1)
Rams longest score of the game FG (-130)
Both teams to score 2+ TD YES (-250)
Burrow/Kupp/Akers to be Passing/Receicing/Rushing leaders (10-1)
Longest score of game FG (-145)

Joe Fortenbaugh:
Rams-4 vs Bengals
Rams vs Bengals over 48.5
Matt Stafford over 2.5 rush attempts (+100)
Rams more time of possession (-135)
Rams 1st TD Type: ANY OTHER TD (not a pass) (+160)
1st score of game: Rams TD (+150)
First touchdown scorer Kendall Blanton (16-1)
Matt Stafford longest completion over 39.5 yards (-115)
Tyler Boyd first Bengals player with reception (5-1)

Tyler Fulghum:
Rams-0.5 vs Bengals 1st quarter (+105)
Joe Burrow over 36.5 pass attempts (+105)
Joe Mixon under 16.5 rush attempts (+110)
Tyler Boyd over 40.5 receiving yards (+100)
Matt Gay first player to score (+375)
Passing/receiving yards leader exacta: Joe Burrow and Cooper Kupp (4-1)
Cam Akers over 16.5 rush attempts (-120)
Rams over 0.5 FG in first quarter (+185)
First Bengals TD scorer Tyler Boyd (7-1)
Van Jefferson longest reception over 18.5 yards (-115)

Anita Marks:
Bengals+4 vs Rams
Joe Burrow over 24.5 passing completions (+105)
Joe Mixon under 63.5 rush yards (-110)
Tee Higgins over 68.5 receiving yards (-115)
Defensive/Special teams TD YES (+230)
Passing/receiving yards leader exacta: Joe Burrow and Tee Higgins (10-1)
First TD scored to be TD Yes or NO: YES (-190)
Matt Stafford over 0.5 INT (-160)
Bengals more sacks than Rams (+310)
First touchdown scorer Cooper Kupp (+440)
Cam Akers under 63.5 rush yards (-135)
Perine over 10.5 receiving yards (-120)

Erin Kate Dolan:
Rams vs Bengals under 48.5
Joe Burrow under 11.5 rush yards (-120)
Will there be 3 unanswered scores? NO (+175)
Bengals 3Q ML (+140)
Evan McPherson over 1.5 FGM (-145)
Total sacks in game under 5.5 (-125)
OBJ to score touchdown (+117)
Octopus (12-1)
Parlay: Bengals+7.5, under 51.5 (+145)

Chris “The Bear” Fallica:
Tee Higgins any time TD (+120)
Leonard Floyd to record a sack YES (+130)

Stanford Steve Coughlin:
Cooper Kupp, Kendall Blanton, Samaje Perine to score TD (28-1)
Successful 2-point conversion: YES (+280)

Hammerin Hank Goldberg:
Bengals+4.5 vs Rams
Bengals over 22.5 TT
Beckham Jr. over 5.5 receptions
Beckham Jr. 1st TD (+7250)

Brady Quinn:
Joe Burrow MVP (+220)

Todd Fuhrman:
Rams ML-200
1st Half Under 23.5
Bengals 1st scoring play FG (+150

Week 3 2021: Sunday morning NFL Picks!

Here’s a random assortment of week 3 NFL picks I jotted down while doing college football work this week. I have no plans to track or grade these picks but they are presented for your amusement.

Colin Cowherd’s Blazing Five:
Football+7 vs Bills
Patriots-2.5 vs Saints
Bengals+3 vs Steelers
Dolphins+3.5 vs Raiders
Eagles+3.5 vs Cowboys

Doug Kezirian:
Patriots-3 vs Saints
Texans+8 vs Panthers
49ers-3 vs Packers
Cowboys-3.5 vs Eagles

Joe Fortenbaugh:
49ers-3 sv Packers
Cowboys/Eagles under 51.5

Tyler Fulghum:
Chargers+6.5 vs Chiefs
Packers+3.5 vs 49ers
Panthers-8 vs Texans

Anita Marks:
Eagles+3.5 vs Cowboys

Todd Fuhrman:
Bucs vs Rams over 55.5
Vikings+1.5 vs Seahawks
Chiefs-6.5 vs Chargers
Packers vs 49ers over 49.5
Colts vs Titans under 48
Packers+3.5 vs 49ers
Football+7 vs Bills (best bet on CBS Sports HQ)

Hammering Hank Golbderg:
Patriots-3 vs Saints
Raiders-3.5 vs Dolphins
Bucs-1 vs Rams

Phil Steele:

Week 2 2021: Sunday morning NFL picks!

Here’s a random assortment of week 2 NFL picks I jotted down while doing college football work this week. I have no plans to track or grade these picks but they are presented for your amusement.

Colin Cowherd’s Blazin’ Five:

Doug Kezirian:
Steelers-5.5 vs Raiders
Lions+10.5 vs Packers
Lions/Packers over 48
Chiefs-3.5 vs Ravens

Joe Fortenbaugh:
Chiefs vs Ravens under 54.5

Tyler Fulghum:
Steelers-5.5 vs Raiders
Broncos-6 vs Jaguars
Chiefs-3.5 vs Ravens

FPI/Seth Walder:
Cowboys+3 vs Chargers

Hammering Hank Goldberg:
Steelers-6.5 vs Raiders
Panthers+3.5 vs Saints
Chiefs-3.5 vs Ravens

Todd Fuhrman:
Patriots/Jets under 43
Broncos-6 vs Jaguars

Kelly Stewart:
Saints/Panthers under 45