Week 4 2016: College Gameday review!

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the portion of today where we take a minute to reflect on this morning’s edition of College Gameday!  Today’s edition of Gameday was broadcasting to your television set live from Knoxville, Tennessee for the big matchup between Tennessee and Florida.  Florida was riding an 11 game losing streak in this rivalry; one of the great rivalries in college football.

Let’s dive right into #GamedaySigns because there were a LOT of good ones today.  Lots of funny Tebow references, good old fashioned insults, and hilarious vague minutiae about players and coaches.

This was one of my favorites, although kids might not even know what this means these days.

I think they call this throwin’ shade.



And by request of @TheGamedayBaby…

We got a dose of the Sam Ponder outfit of the week, which means it is time for the @GamedayJen official Sam Ponder outfit of the week review brought to you by the Home Depot!  This week Jen liked the Sam Ponder outfit as usual.  “I really like the vest.  I’m excited to see the Sam Ponder fall outfit season.  She always has a good boot game”.


Gene W had a really nice segment on the influx of Aussie rules football players coming into college football as punters.  For those of you not from Down Under, they call it footie.  Anyways, there was a funny question segment at the end with an Aussie about American college gridiron football (or football as we call it for those of you Down Under).  Check it out below.

Onto my weekly complaint about the You Had One Job segment.  Still no online video of the funniest segment of the week.  Please tweet @jimmyg44 and let him know we need this.

This week’s Harambe watch was pretty impressive, and the Harambe memes were dank.  Let’s start off with this gem from last night apparently.  I’m confused by the “too” portion of this sign.



And of course…

The investigation into the death of Harambe by yours truly continued this week.  In week 1 all evidence from Gameday signs pointed towards Les Miles and/or Colin Kaepernick killing Harambe.  In week 2 things took a turn, and the prime suspect was Butch Jones.  After Butch Jones was cleared, week 3 saw accusations that Dalvin Cook killed Harambe.  However things have taken a shocking turn in week 4, as we have reliable evidence via #GamedaySigns that Jim McElwain killed Harambe.  You may have to look hard, but in the Tweet below the evidence is indisputable.

The best segment of the week was brought to you by new College Gameday castmember Jen Lada about how a family from Auburn and a family from LSU came together under extraordinary circumstances.  Just watch the video because I can’t do it any justice.

In reference to Jen Lada showing back up, @GamedayJen said “I’m still not sure about her”.  So we will be monitoring that situation closely.

Christiain McCaffrey had a segment which I believe is the OFFICIAL start of his Heisman campaign this year.  This piece was about the football camp he runs for kids with Down’s Syndrome.  Not only is McCaffrey lighting it up on the field, but he seems like a great guy off the field and a great story.  He’s going to need exposure like this to have any chance at a Heisman since he plays all of his games at 4AM or whenever most weeks.

When it came time to get down to the business of picking games, we were alerted to the news that we had TWO guest pickers this week.  Former Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer and former Florida coach Steve Spurrier were our special guests today.  I’m still convinced Spurrier is laying the groundwork for joining Gameday at some point in the future after he appeared last year, and I for one would welcome him.  Anyways, another unusual circumstance is that they picked ELEVEN games this morning as opposed to a usual batch of about 8.  Combine that with two celebrity pickers and it made for a long picking segment.  Of course, normally I would love a long picking segment, but some of us had a fresh omelette sitting on the breakfast table right as they started picking games.  The sacrifices I make for this website…

Back to picking games.  Both coaches were light hearted and had some good input on the upcoming slate of games.  To nobody’s surprise Fulmer took Tennessee while Spurrier took Florida.  Desmond and Kirk both took Tennessee while Pollack had taken Florida earlier in the show before his exit.  @TheGamedayBaby also went with Tennessee, boldly proclaiming that she was born to end Florida’s streak.  @GamedayJen took Tennessee too, leaving it lopsided from our panel of experts favoring Tennessee.  When it came time for Corso to make his pick, Smokey the dog was ready on set for Corso’s pick.  Corso loved on the dog before telling him that he was sorry, because this was purely business.  Corso threw on the Gator headgear as Smokey made a quick exit, and just like that it was time for kickoff.