Week 14 2023: CFB picks from the Cover 3 podcast!

Here are your wee 14 LOCKS from the Cover 3 podcast! Picks against the spread are up top and money line sprinkles are at the bottom.

ATS picks:

Troy TT over 28.5Bud.Elliott.ATS
Iowa 1H TT under 2.5Bud.Elliott.ATS
Florida State-2.5 vs LouisvilleBud.Elliott.ATS
Georgia-5.5 vs AlabamaBud.Elliott.ATS
Oregon-9.5 vs WashingtonBud.Elliott.ATS
UNLV vs Boise State Over 59Chip.Patterson.ATS
Miami (OH)+8 vs ToledoChip.Patterson.ATS
Texas vs Oklahoma State Under 55.5Chip.Patterson.ATS
Iowa TT under 6.5Chip.Patterson.ATS
Florida State vs Louisville Over 47.5Chip.Patterson.ATS
Alabama vs Georgia Over 53.5Chip.Patterson.ATS
Oregon-9.5 vs WashingtonChip.Patterson.ATS
Liberty TT over 34.5Chip.Patterson.ATS
UNLV+2.5 vs Boise StateDanny.Kanell.ATS
Tulane vs SMU Under 47.5Danny.Kanell.ATS
Troy vs Appalachian State Under 53.5Danny.Kanell.ATS
Troy-5.5 vs Appalachian StateDanny.Kanell.ATS
Toledo-7.5 vs Miami (OH)Danny.Kanell.ATS
Iowa+23.5 vs MichiganDanny.Kanell.ATS
Florida State vs Louisville Over 47.5Danny.Kanell.ATS
Florida State-2.5 vs LouisvilleDanny.Kanell.ATS
Georgia-5.5 vs AlabamaDanny.Kanell.ATS
Washington vs Oregon Over 65.5Danny.Kanell.ATS
Oregon-9.5 vs WashingtonDanny.Kanell.ATS
Liberty-10.5 vs New Mexico StateDanny.Kanell.ATS
Tulane-3.5 vs SMUTom.Fornelli.ATS
Miami (OH)+8 vs ToledoTom.Fornelli.ATS
Iowa vs Michigan Under 35.5Tom.Fornelli.ATS
Alabama vs Georgia Over 53.5Tom.Fornelli.ATS
Washington vs Oregon Under 66Tom.Fornelli.ATS

Money line sprinkles:

Miami (OH)+270 vs ToledoBud.Elliott.ML
UNLV+125 vs Boise StateChip.Patterson.ML
Miami (OH)+270 vs ToledoChip.Patterson.ML
Oklahoma State+500 vs TexasChip.Patterson.ML
Iowa+1300 vs MichiganChip.Patterson.ML
Louisville+120 vs Florida StateChip.Patterson.ML
Alabama+195 vs GeorgiaChip.Patterson.ML
125+116 vs UNLVDanny.Kanell.ML
UNLV+125 vs Boise StateTom.Fornelli.ML
Miami (OH)+270 vs ToledoTom.Fornelli.ML
Louisville+120 vs Florida StateTom.Fornelli.ML
Alabama+195 vs GeorgiaTom.Fornelli.ML
Washington+320 vs OregonTom.Fornelli.ML

Week 13 2023: CFB picks from the Bear Bets podcast with Chris Fallica!

Here are the week 13 rivalry week picks from Chris Fallica’s Bear Bets podcast/post on foxsports.com. Be sure to check out the column because he often adds games later in the week.

ATS picks:

NC State+2.5 vs North Carolina
Utah-21.5 vs Colorado
UTSA+4 vs Tulane
Boston College+9 vs Miami (FL)
TCU+10 vs Oklahoma
Temple+11.5 vs Memphis

Money line picks:

Indiana+125 vs Purdue
NC State+135 vs North Carolina
Minnesota+110 vs Wisconsin
Florida+210 vs Florida State
UTSA+140 vs Tulane
Boston College+290 vs Miami (FL)

Week 13 2023: CFB picks from the Cover 3 Podcast!

Here are your week 13 LOCKS from the Cover 3 podcast. Picks against the spread are up top with money line sprinkles down below!

ATS picks:

Washington State+16.5 vs WashingtonBud.Elliott.ATS
UCF-13.5 vs HoustonBud.Elliott.ATS
Clemson-7 vs South CarolinaBud.Elliott.ATS
Florida State-6.5 vs FloridaBud.Elliott.ATS
Tulane-3 vs UTSABud.Elliott.ATS
Iowa TT under 12.5Bud.Elliott.ATS
Michigan State 1H TT under 5.5Bud.Elliott.ATS
Miami (FL)-8.5 vs Boston CollegeBud.Elliott.ATS
Oklahoma State vs BYU Under 56.5Chip.Patterson.ATS
Ohio State+3.5 vs MichiganChip.Patterson.ATS
LSU TT over 39.5Chip.Patterson.ATS
Georgia TT over 41.5Chip.Patterson.ATS
Florida vs Florida State Over 49.5Chip.Patterson.ATS
West Virginia-8.5 vs BaylorChip.Patterson.ATS
Alabama 1H-7.5 vs AuburnChip.Patterson.ATS
UTSA+3.5 vs TulaneChip.Patterson.ATS
Iowa+2.5 vs NebraskaChip.Patterson.ATS
Washington State+16.5 vs WashingtonDanny.Kanell.ATS
Colorado+21.5 vs UtahDanny.Kanell.ATS
UCLA-9 vs CaliforniaDanny.Kanell.ATS
Oklahoma State-16.5 vs BYUDanny.Kanell.ATS
Michigan vs Ohio State Over 45.5Danny.Kanell.ATS
Michigan-3.5 vs Ohio StateDanny.Kanell.ATS
Texas A&M+11.5 vs LSUDanny.Kanell.ATS
Florida State-6.5 vs FloridaDanny.Kanell.ATS
Tulane-3 vs UTSADanny.Kanell.ATS
Texas-12.5 vs Texas TechDanny.Kanell.ATS
Oregon State+14 vs OregonDanny.Kanell.ATS
Miami (FL)-8.5 vs Boston CollegeDanny.Kanell.ATS
Arkansas+7.5 vs MissouriDanny.Kanell.ATS
Virginia+3 vs Virginia TechTom.Fornelli.ATS
Minnesota vs Wisconsin Under 43Tom.Fornelli.ATS
Michigan vs Ohio State Over 45.5Tom.Fornelli.ATS
LSU TT under 39.5Tom.Fornelli.ATS
Louisville vs Kentucky Under 50.5Tom.Fornelli.ATS
Illinois vs Northwestern Under 47Tom.Fornelli.ATS
Kansas-6 vs CincinnatiTom.Fornelli.ATS
Oregon State+14 vs OregonTom.Fornelli.ATS
Iowa+2.5 vs NebraskaTom.Fornelli.ATS

Money line sprinkles:

Washington State+600 vs WashingtonBud.Elliott.ML
TCU+330 vs OklahomaBud.Elliott.ML
Vanderbilt+1780 vs TennesseeChip.Patterson.ML
UTSA+146 vs TulaneChip.Patterson.ML
Iowa+122 vs NebraskaChip.Patterson.ML
Boston College+290 vs Miami (FL)Chip.Patterson.ML
Arkansas+245 vs MissouriChip.Patterson.ML
Indiana+130 vs PurdueDanny.Kanell.ML
Pittsburgh+195 vs DukeDanny.Kanell.ML
Iowa+122 vs NebraskaDanny.Kanell.ML
Air Force+215 vs Boise StateDanny.Kanell.ML
Washington State+575 vs WashingtonTom.Fornelli.ML
Texas A&M+370 vs LSUTom.Fornelli.ML
Auburn+520 vs AlabamaTom.Fornelli.ML
UTSA+145 vs TulaneTom.Fornelli.ML
Mississippi State+320 vs Ole MissTom.Fornelli.ML