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Week 9 2018: #CFB Picks w/ Stanford Steve & Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica!

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  The podcast has dropped, and the picks are out from celebrity superstars Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica and Stanford Steve Coughlin via their weekly podcast.  It is the best podcast of the week so I always recommend listening for the full analysis and some extra nuggets and leans.  Enjoy.

UPDATE: The week 9 Jim Donnan Condo Steamer pick that you can bet your condo on is MTSU-4 vs Old Dominion!

Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica:

Date Pick
10/27/18 Arizona + 9.5 vs Oregon
10/27/18 Purdue + 2.5 vs Michigan State
10/27/18 Nevada + 2.5 vs San Diego State
10/27/18 Oklahoma State + 3.5 vs Texas
10/27/18 Iowa State  -3.5 vs Texas Tech
10/25/18 Georgia Southern + 9.5 vs Appalachian State

Stanford Steve Coughlin:

Date Pick
10/27/18 Missouri  -7 vs Kentucky
10/27/18 Houston  -7.5 vs South Florida
10/27/18 Iowa State  -3.5 vs Texas Tech
10/27/18 Washington State + 3 vs Stanford

Week 11 2017: #CFB Picks from Phil Steele!

Week 11 is getting kicked off this week as usual with Phil Steele’s picks from the Strong as Steele Podcast.  In this week’s podcast he made some vague picks and leans, then got disconnected from the show entirely, so there’s less picks than usual.  I might need to go back and relisten to analyze some of those leans a little more.  Listen for yourself to hear it if you are looking for particular games or plays.

OU over TCU 37-27
Toledo over Ohio (close)
Auburn over Georgia (outright)
Ohio St over Mich St (lean Ohio St minus the points)
BC over NC St (outright)
Duke over Army
Wisconsin over Iowa
OU-6.5 vs TCU
Auburn+3 vs Georgia
Wyoming vs AF under 53
SMU vs Navy over 68
SMU+4.5 vs Navy
UTSA-7.5 vs UAB
BC+3 vs NC St
Utah+1 vs Wash St

Week 10 2017: #CFB Plays from Rufus Peabody!

Here are this week’s college plays from noted sharp Rufus Peabody.  LAST WEEK’S PLAYS WERE 4-2 AGAINST THE SPREAD WITH EXTRA EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!  Anyways, here’s the picks, and listen to the full podcast for great insight into their models.

Ohio St-17.5 vs Iowa
Army+6.5 vs AF
S.Carolina+24.5 vs Georgia
OU+3 vs Okla St (OU should be favored)
Penn St-8 vs Mich St
USC-7 vs Arizona