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Week 7 2017: #CFB picks from Phil Steele!

Here it is folks.  Podcast Wednesday is off to a big start with Phil Steele’s weekly picks from his podcast.  Listen to the whole thing for full analysis and some extra games he breaks down but doesn’t pick.  Great stuff as always.

UCF over ECU (by 35-42 points)
Tulsa over FIU (by more than 14)
Miami Fl over GT (by a TD or more)
Army over E.Michigan
Temple over UConn
USF over Cinci
Colorado over Oregon St (by double digits)
Michigan over Indiana
Houston over Tulsa
Clemson over Syracuse
Marshall over Old Dom (comfortably)
NIU over Buffalo
Ohio St over Nebraska
Wisconsin over Purdue
UCF-35 vs ECU
Tulsa-13.5 vs FIU
Miami Fl-6 vs GT
Temple-10 vs UConn
Navy+3.5 vs Memphis (he said it is a tossup as to who wins, I take that as Navy+3.5)
Clemson-21 vs Syracuse
BC+21.5 vs Louisville
Texas+7.5 vs OU
NIU-4.5 vs Buffalo
Minnesota+4 vs Mich St
Kansas+21.5 vs Iowa St
Kansas+22 vs Iowa St
Wisconsin-16.5 vs Purdue
Ariz St+18 vs Washington
UNLV vs AF over 66


2016-17 Bowl Season: #BowlMania picks and more from Phil Steele!

Phil Steele put out some picks for your pick’em league as well as some bets for those of you who are into that type of thing.  I took note of how I understood some of those sides and totals, but you can check out the full podcast below to hear full analysis and some more leans.

Phil Steele:
Grambling St over NC Central (double-digit confidence)
Houston over SDSU (by a TD or more)
Toledo over App St
UCF over Ark St (by 4-6, on the number)
NC St over Vanderbilt
Tulsa over C.Mich
WKU over Memphis (by 3)
CSU over Idaho
Old Dom over E.Mich
Boise St over Baylor
MTSU over Hawaii
Miss St over Miami OH
Army over UNT
EWU over Youngstown St (by a couple TD)
BYU over Wyoming
LaTech over Navy
Pitt over NW
Utah over Indiana (by more than the TD)
USC over Penn St (by a TD or more)
Miami FL over WVU (by about a TD)
AF over S Alabama
Colorado over Ok St (by about a TD)
Stanford over UNC
UGA over TCU
Tennessee over Nebraska
LSU over Louisville
Kentucky over GT
Auburn over OU
Wisconsin over W.Michigan (by double digits)
Alabama over Washington (by 7 to 10)
Ohio St over Clemson (by 3)
NC Central+14.5 vs Grambling St
UTSA+7.5 vs UNM
Houston-4.5 vs SDSU
Toledo-1 vs App St
Wyoming+9 vs BYU
Vanderbilt vs NC St under 44 (lean)
NC St-4 vs Vanderbilt
UL-Lafayette vs S.Miss over 58 (lean)
UL-Lafayette+5 vs S.Miss
Tulsa-12.5 vs C.Mich
Memphis+5 vs WKU
Memphis vs WKU over 79.5
Idaho+13.5 vs CSU
Old Dom-4 vs E.Mich
Baylor+7.5 vs Boise St
Ohio+4 vs Troy
Navy vs LaTech over 66
Hawaii+7 vs MTSU
Miss St-13 vs Miami OH
BC+1 vs Maryland
UNT+10 vs Army
Wash St vs Minnesota over 61
EWU-2.5 vs Youngstown St
Houston-4 vs SDSU (Espn Chalk)
Toledo vs App St over 57.5 (Chalk)
NW+5.5 vs Pitt
Utah-7 vs Indiana
USC-6.5 vs Penn St
Miami Fl-2.5 vs WVU
S Alabama+14 vs AF
S.Carolina+10.5 vs USF
Arkansas+7 vs VT
Colorado-3 vs Ok St
Stanford-3 vs UNC
LSU-3 vs Louisville
Kentucky+3.5 vs GT
FSU+7 vs Michigan
Iowa+3 vs Florida
Auburn+3 vs OU
Wisconsin-7.5 vs W.Michigan
Washington+15 vs Alabama
Ohio St vs Clemson over 59

Week 12 2016: #CFB Picks from Phil Steele!

Week 12 is upon us so let’s get this week started with what has become a new custom around these parts; picks from Mr. Phil Steele!  Check out the picks below to go make that money, but make sure to listen to the full podcast to get full breakdown and some extra leans which weren’t outright picks.

W.Mich over Buffalo
NIU over E.Michigan (by 1 pt)
SDSU over Wyoming (by more than 10)
USC over UCLA (by 7 to 10 pts)
Toledo over Ball St (by more than 3 td)
LSU over Florida (by 2 TD or more, 23-6)
OU over WVU
Miami Fl over NC St
Michigan over Indiana
Old Dominion over FAU (by double digits)
UCF over Tulsa
UTEP over Rice
ND over VT
KState over Baylor
Colorado over Wash St
Wisconsin over Purdue (by 5 TD)
Nebraska over Maryland (by 3 TD or more)
Iowa over Illinois (by 2 TD or more)
FSU over Syracuse (by 24 to 31)
Stanford over Cal (by 2TD or more)
Washington over Ariz St (by more than 4 TD)
Navy over ECU (by more than 1 TD)
Ohio St over Mich St (by 17-21)
Penn St over Rutgers
Utah over Oregon (by more than 3 TD)
Clemson over Wake Forest (by 3 TD or more)
Oregon St over Arizona
SDSU-10 vs Wyoming
UCLA+12 vs USC
Toledo-20.5 vs Ball St
LSU-13.5 vs Florida
Miami FL-3 vs NC St
Iowa+23.5 vs Michigan
UNM+4.5 vs CSU
Old Dominion-8 vs FAU
UCF+2 vs Tulsa
UTEP+1.5 vs Rice
Colorado-4.5 vs Wash St
Wisconsin-28 vs Purdue
Nebraska-14 vs Maryland
Nebraska-13 vs Maryland
Iowa-10 vs Illinois
FSU-21 vs Syracuse
Stanford-10.5 vs Cal
Washington-27 vs Ariz St
Ark St+8 vs Troy
Navy-7 vs ECU
Houston+14 vs Louisville
Duke+7.5 vs Pitt
Mich St+22 vs Ohio St
Penn St-28 vs Rutgers
Utah-14.5 vs Oregon
Oregon St-4.5 vs Arizona
UTSA+27.5 vs TAMU