2017-18 Bowl Season: #BOWLMANIA picks from Phil Steele!

Dari & Mel picks from 12/30:
Louisville-6.5 vs Miss St
Michigan-7.5 vs S.Carolina
Auburn-9.5 vs UCF

Strong as Steel picks 12/28:
Wake Forest vs TAMU over 65.5
Wake Forest-3 vs TAMU (lean only)
Ariz St+7 vs NC State
NW-7.5/8ish vs Kentucky (didn’t give a line)
Utah St-4 vs NM State
USC+7.5 vs Ohio State
Louisville-6.5 vs Miss St
Iowa St+4 vs Memphis
Penn St-2 vs Washington
Wisconsin vs Miami FL under 45
Michigan over S.Carolina (didn’t explicitly give a play but said after Jan 1 the favorites take over)
Auburn-9.5 vs UCF (Auburn wins by double digits)
LSU vs ND under 51.5
Georgia/OU no strong feeling on the game
Alabama-3 vs Clemson

Picks from Dari & Mel 12/23:
KState-2.5 vs UCLA (they gave him -2)
Okla St-4 vs VT
Texas+2.5 vs Missouri (Texas outright)

UPDATED PICKS 12/20/2017:

Houston vs Fresno St under 50
Utah-6.5 vs WVU
NIU+4.5 vs Duke
Duke over NIU (straight up)
KState over UCLA
FSU over S.Miss
S.Miss+16.5 vs FSU (closer than the experts think)
BC over Iowa
BC+2.5 vs Iowa
Purdue over Arizona
Purdue+3 vs Arizona
Texas over Missouri
Texas+3 vs Missouri
UVA vs Navy under 55
Okla St over VT
TCU over Stanford (slight lean)
Mich St+1 vs Wash St
Mich St over Wash St

Here are the bowl picks and plays from Phil Steele on his Strong as Steele podcast.  Listen to the whole thing for full analysis.  He gives some straight up picks and some against the spread, but a little nugget on each game either way.

NC A&T over Grambling State (lean NC A&T-9.5)
Troy over UNT (right on the number)
WKU over Georgia St
Oregon over Boise St
CSU+5.5 vs Marshall
Ark St over MTSU
Akron+22 vs FAU
FAU over Akron
SMU vs LT over 70
FIU+7 vs Temple (who wins is a tossup)
Ohio over UAB
C.Michigan over Wyoming
TTU+2.5 vs USF (he said he thinks they have a good chance to pull the upset)
SDSU over Army
App St+8 vs Toledo (decided by a FG either way)

Picks from Dari & Mel 12/16
Ark St vs MTSU over 60
Akron+23 vs FAU

Week 14 2017: Conference Championship picks from Phil Steele!

Welcome back everyone and thanks for joining us.  Today Phil Steele dropped his Strong as Steele podcast as he does every week, and we have the picks here.  I do say Phil had a little bit of a cough and seemed under the weather today.  His Louisiana/App State pick and Boise State/Fresno State pick were both all over the road so I’ve included my assessment of those at the bottom of the picks.  Do what you would like with those picks, and listen to the podcast if you really need to try and navigate his picks on those games.

USC over Stanford (by about 10)
Toledo over Akron (by 17)
OU over TCU (something like 38-27)
Auburn over Georgia (by a TD)
Ohio St over Wisconsin (by 7, no play)
FAU over UNT
Arkansas St over Troy
UCF over Memphis (Memphis keeps it closer than expected)
Georgia Southern over Coastal Carolina (by 3, on the number)
NM St over South Alabama
UMass over FIU
USC-3.5 vs Stanford
Akron+21.5 vs Toledo
Miami FL+9.5 vs Clemson (he said it’ll get to 10, so wait for 10)
OU-7 vs TCU
Auburn-2.5 vs Georgia
UCF vs Memphis over 83
Memphis+7.5 vs UCF
Idaho+6.5 vs Georgia St
Louisiana+15 vs App St
UMass+1.5 vs FIU
UL-Monroe+27 vs FSU

Picks I couldn’t figure out after multiple re-listens.  I will sort this out when his ESPN Chalk column drops tomorrow.
App St to beat Louisiana (he said something like 36-20, but he expects them to keep it “closer than the 14”)
Louisiana+15 vs App St (Phil said he likes UL-Monroe getting over 2 TDs, the line was 15 most places when the podcast dropped)
Boise St+8.5 vs Fresno St (Phil said Boise St wins by “only 3” but I think he meant Fresno St, either way he’s taking the points)

Week 13 2017: #CFB Picks from Phil Steele! #RivalryWeek

Here’s the Rivalry Week picks from Phil Steele!  Enjoy.

Alabama over Auburn (by 3)
Washington over Wash St (by over 10 pts)
Miami FL over Pitt
Notre Dame over Stanford
Oregon over Oregon St (lean minus the points)
Houston over Navy
Ohio St over Michigan (by more than the spread)
Wake Forest over Duke (by 7 to 10)
Penn St over Maryland (by more than 3 TD)
OU over WVU (lean minus the points)
Auburn+4.5 vs Alabama (take anything over a field goal)
Washington-10 vs Wash St
S.Carolina+14 vs Clemson (game will be closer than expected)
Notre Dame-2.5 vs Stanford
Tulane vs SMU over 67
Ohio St-11.5/12 vs Michigan
Duke+12 vs Wake Forest
Arkansas+10 vs Mizzou
Penn St-21.5 vs Maryland
UVA+7 vs VT