2023-23 Bowl Season: #WINNERS from Scott Van Pelt (and NFL week 15)!

Here are your NFL week 15 and first 2023 bowl season WINNERS from Scott Van Pelt along with Stanford Steve’s pick.

Scott Van Pelt’s WINNERS:
California+3 vs Texas Tech

Stanford Steve’s Pick:
Saints-6 vs Giants

Week 15 2023: Saturday morning College Gameday picks! Corso’s headgear, Army-Navy picks, celebrity guests and more!

Corso’s Headgear: Navy over Army

Lee Corso:
Navy over Army

Celebrity guest picker Bill Belichick:
Navy over Army

Kirk Herbstreit:
Navy over Army

Desmond Howard:
Navy over Army

Pat McAfee:
Navy over Army

They only picked the Army Navy game this week. There were no Super Dog picks or selections from Stanford Steve this week.

Week 15 2023: Army-Navy #WINNERS from Scott Van Pelt (and week 14 NFL)!

Here are your week 15 college/week 14 NFL WINNERS from Scott Van Pelt along with Stanford Steve’s pick for the week!

Navy+3 vs Army
New York Jets+3.5 vs Houston Texans
Los Angeles Chargers-3 vs Denver Broncos
Buffalo Bills+1.5 vs Kansas City Chiefs
Chicago Bears+3.5 vs Detroit Lions

Stanford Steve’s pick: South Dakota+6.5 vs North Dakota State