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Week 11 2017: #WINNERS from your boy Scott Van Pelt!

Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  Scott Van Pelt’s WINNERS are winning steadily as always, so gobble up these points while you can.

Stanford+6 vs Washington
Auburn+2.5 vs Georgia
GT+3 vs VT
Miss St+14 vs Alabama
Miami+3.5 vs ND
Florida+5.5 vs S.Carolina
UNM+17.5 vs TAMU
Wisconsin-12.5 vs Iowa

Week 9 2017: #Winners from Scott Van Pelt!

Here they are folks.  Week 9 winners from your boy SVP.  No need to rub your eyes; he actually took two favorites this week.  Enjoy.

Wake Forest+3 vs Louisville
Iowa St+6.5 vs TCU
Maryland+4.5 vs Indiana
Arizona+3 vs Wash St
Illinois+26.5 vs Wisconsin
Miss St-1 vs TAMU
Ohio St-6.5 vs Penn St
NC St+7.5 vs ND

2016-17 Bowl Season: Bowl edition of #WINNERS from your boy SVP!

Bowl season edition of Winners from your boy SVP last night!  Enjoy the profit.

Scott Van Pelt’s Winners:
UTSA+7.5 vs UNM
SDSU+4 vs Houston
UL-Lafayette+6 vs S.Miss
Ark St+6 vs UCF