Week 9 2010 Picks

Week 9 Picks and results are going to be delayed til tomorrow. We have a TON of new picks in this week from both new games and archival picks so its taking a bit to process the numbers on everything. Don’t touch that dial because I will have it for you.

Week 9 ESPN College Football Picks

Here’s a few midweek picks and predictions from ESPN personalities I picked up this week. I’ll have the full slate out as usual tomorrow along with results. Alot of really bold upset picks this week (especially Pat Forde).

Robert Smith:
Oregon over USC
Iowa over MichSt
Mizzou over Nebraska
Utah over AF
Baylor over Texas
Auburn over Miss

Pat Forde:
Ole Miss over Auburn
USC over Oregon
Nebraska over Mizzou
Iowa over MichSt

Kirk Herbstreit:
MichSt over Iowa

Lou Holtz:
Iowa over MichSt
Stanford over UCLA

Mark May:
Iowa over MichSt
Stanford over UCLA

Update: Added two picks for Lou Holtz/Mark May each.  I only caught their last two picks while I was at the bar so I had to add what I saw.

Updated Archive Picks: Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit and Jake Olsen

I updated the archival picks page.  A handful of Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit picks were added, along with Jake Olsen who was a kid who did ESPN College Gameday picks for the 2010 Bowl season.  In addition I added the 2009 guest picks into the records (Lance Armstrong, Nick Swisher, etc.) but I do NOT have their actual picks yet.  I’m looking so stay tuned for those picks along with 2010 Week 9 picks from College Football Live!