Retraction: Lebron James

I had posted some picks from Lebron James as part of last week’s research and I will be posting a retraction of those results. Chris Fowler had an old article on saying Lebron went 7-3 on picks. After watching the video on Youtube I have graded his picks as the following:

Lebron James 10/25/08
LOSS Michigan over MichSt
WIN FSU over VaTech
LOSS GaTech over Virginia
WIN ND over Washington
LOSS Arizona over USC
LOSS LSU over Georgia
WIN Bama over Tennessee
WIN TTU over Kansas
WIN Texas over OkSt
LOSS Ohio State over PennSt

That brings him in at 5-5 so I’m not sure what Chris Fowler was smoking unless there was another appearance I was not aware of. The video is found here: