Tons of Pat Forde Picks

Courtesy of the “Forde Yard Dash” or whatever he calls his column, I’ve got all of Pat Forde’s 2009-2010 Bowl season predictions and his picks from 2010 Week 2. Here they are!

LOSS Fresno over Wyoming, 2009 New Mexico Bowl
LOSS UCF over Rutgers, 2009 St. Petersburg Bowl
WIN MTSU over SoMiss, 2009 New Orleans Bowl
LOSS OregSt over BYU, 2009 MAACO Bowl
WIN Utah over Cal, 2009 Poinsettia Bowl
LOSS Nevada over SMU, 2009 Hawaii Bowl
LOSS Ohio over Marshall, 2009 Little Caesars Bowl
WIN Pitt over UNC, Meineke Bowl
WIN USC over BC, 2009 Emerald Bowl
WIN Clemson over Kentucky, 2009 Music City Bowl
WIN Georgia over TAMU, 2009 Independence Bowl
WIN UCLA over Temple, 2009 EagleBank Bowl
LOSS Miami over Wisc, 2009 Champs Sports Bowl
LOSS BGSU over Idaho, 2009 Humanitarian Bowl
LOSS Arizona over Nebraska, 2009 Holiday Bowl
LOSS Houston over AF, 2009 Armed Forces Bowl
LOSS Stanford over OU, 2009 Sun Bowl
LOSS Mizzou over Navy, 2009 Texas Bowl
LOSS Minnesota over Iowa State, 2009 Insight Bowl
WIN VaTech over Tenn, 2009 Chick-fil-a Bowl
WIN Auburn over NW, 2010 Outback Bowl
WIN FSU over WVU, 2010 Gator Bowl
LOSS LSU over PennSt, 2010 Capital One Bowl
LOSS Oregon over tOSU, 2010 Rose Bowl
WIN Florida over Cinci, 2010 Sugar Bowl
WIN USF over NIU, 2010 International Bowl
LOSS SoCar over UConn, 2010 Bowl
LOSS OkSt over Ole Miss, 2010 Cotton Bowl
WIN Ark over ECU, 2010 Liberty Bowl
WIN TTU over MichSt, 2010 Alamo Bowl
LOSS TCU over BoiseSt, 2010 Fiesta Bowl
LOSS GaTech over Iowa, 2010 Orange Bowl
LOSS Troy over CMU, 2010 GMAC Bowl
WIN Bama over Texas, 2010 BCS Championship

LOSS MissSt over Auburn, wk2
WIN Ohio St over Miami, wk2
WIN Bama over PennSt, wk2
LOSS ND over Michigan, wk2
WIN OU over FSU, wk2
WIN Oregon over Tenn, wk2
LOSS Georgia over SoCar, wk2
WIN Florida over USF, wk2
LOSS BYU over AF, wk2
WIN Cal over Colorado, wk2
WIN Stanford over UCLA, wk2
WIN Houston over UTEP, wk2