Additional 2010 picks

Its been a huge research week due to my unstoppable drive to find out how the experts stack up against each other, as well as the fact that I hardly worked any hours this week. Here’s some previous 2010 picks that will be added to the database. Also with this note, we welcome Skip Bayless to the pack!

Trevor Matich:
WIN Oregon over USC, Wk9

Skip Bayless:
LOSS FSU over OU, wk2
LOSS ND over Michigan, wk2
LOSS AF over OU, wk3
LOSS Stanford over Oregon, wk5
LOSS Texas over OU, wk5
LOSS Michigan over MichSt, wk6
WIN Miami over FSU, wk6
WIN LSU over Florida, wk6
LOSS tOSU over Wisc, wk7
LOSS Nebraska over Texas, wk7
WIN Auburn over Ark, wk7
LOSS LSU over Auburn, wk8
WIN Mizzou over OU, wk8
WIN Oregon over USC, wk9
WIN Nebraska over IowaSt, wk10
WIN OkSt over Baylor, wk10
WIN TCU over Utah, wk10
LOSS Illinois over Michigan, wk10
WIN LSU over Bama, wk10
LOSS SoCar over Arkansas, wk10

Lou Holtz:
WIN Bama over PennSt, wk2