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Post-bowl season updates

Bowl season has been over for a couple weeks and I am finally done inputting numbers and now I am updating pages. Here’s how everyone came out from my tracking:

Robert Smith: 9-3, 75% Correct
Desmond Howard: 4-2, 66.67% Correct
Todd McShay: 20-11, 64.52% Correct
Trevor Matich: 14-8, 63.64% Correct
Howie Schwab: 22-13, 62.86% Correct
Mike Golic: 22-13, 62.86% Correct
Colin Cowherd: 20-15, 57.14% Correct
Mike Greenberg: 20-15, 57.14% Correct
Mark May: 20-15, 57.14% Correct
Lou Holtz: 19-16, 54.29% Correct
Kirk Herbstreit: 17-15, 53.13% Correct
Rod Gilmore: 16-15, 51.61% Correct
Craig James: 18-17, 51.43% Correct
Skip Bayless: 8-10, 44.44% Correct
Pat Forde: 14-21, 40.00% Correct
Lee corso: 2-3, 40.00% Correct

Note I only counted the guys who have more than 10 games picked in addition to Lee Corso and Des Howard because they’re on the Gameday crew.

I guess Robert Smith takes the crown going 9-3 but I am giving it to Todd McShay for the highest correct pick percentage amongst those who picked over 30 games.

Other than that, check individual pages for updates.

Quick update

Hello my prettiessssss. I haven’t forgotten about this, there’s just too much action to keep updating during bowl season considering my work schedule. As soon as bowl season is over this week I’ll start updating everything with the results. Hang in there.