Post-bowl season updates

Bowl season has been over for a couple weeks and I am finally done inputting numbers and now I am updating pages. Here’s how everyone came out from my tracking:

Robert Smith: 9-3, 75% Correct
Desmond Howard: 4-2, 66.67% Correct
Todd McShay: 20-11, 64.52% Correct
Trevor Matich: 14-8, 63.64% Correct
Howie Schwab: 22-13, 62.86% Correct
Mike Golic: 22-13, 62.86% Correct
Colin Cowherd: 20-15, 57.14% Correct
Mike Greenberg: 20-15, 57.14% Correct
Mark May: 20-15, 57.14% Correct
Lou Holtz: 19-16, 54.29% Correct
Kirk Herbstreit: 17-15, 53.13% Correct
Rod Gilmore: 16-15, 51.61% Correct
Craig James: 18-17, 51.43% Correct
Skip Bayless: 8-10, 44.44% Correct
Pat Forde: 14-21, 40.00% Correct
Lee corso: 2-3, 40.00% Correct

Note I only counted the guys who have more than 10 games picked in addition to Lee Corso and Des Howard because they’re on the Gameday crew.

I guess Robert Smith takes the crown going 9-3 but I am giving it to Todd McShay for the highest correct pick percentage amongst those who picked over 30 games.

Other than that, check individual pages for updates.