Lou Holtz flip-flopping around

So if you haven’t noticed, Lou Holtz and Mark May do four or five “take your pick” segments throughout Friday evenings and Saturdays most weeks.  They’ll be on Friday night Sportscenter with a segment, then soon after they might have a segment on the Friday night pregame show.  Some Fridays they’ll do a segment at halftime of the game.  Saturday morning they’ll do a quick segment during College Gameday, and sometimes they’ll have a random segment on College Football Scoreboard with a prediction or two.  If you’re like me (and watch too much college football), then you might seem to remember Lou Holtz picking a different team to win a game than he previously said.  He did this several times leading up to Oregon/Auburn in the championship last year, and I thought I’d post about his Texas/Oklahoma pick where he did the same thing.

This is Lou Holtz on Saturday morning boldly picking the upset of Texas over Oklahoma.  What a pick right?

Lou Holtz picking Texas

Wait, the next picture was his Friday night pick from the Boise St/Fresno St pregame show.

Lou Holtz Picking Oklahoma

Those are the only two pictures I took because I had both of those left on my DVR, but I’m fairly certain Lou picked Oklahoma over Texas on Friday evening Sportscenter and the Boise/Fresno pregame.  At HALFTIME of the game I believe his pick had changed to Texas over Oklahoma, and carried that over to Gameday on Saturday morning (This was likely recorded Friday night since they are wearing the same suits).  What does this mean?  Hell I don’t know.  Lou Holtz either forgot who he previously picked, changed his mind after careful consideration, is playing both sides of the debate, or is flat out senile.  Mark May very briefly called him out for flip-flopping, but it didn’t last long before he had to get the spotlight on himself.

All I can say is that this really causes stress for everyone out there who runs a blog about college football predictions.  However I have decided that I will always use the most recent prediction for my official record because there could have been some late breaking news that affects an analysts’ opinion on the outcome.

But I just wanted to put Lou Holtz on alert (since I assume he reads this blog):  I’m on to you.