Week 10 2020: VirtualLocks with Joey Galloway and Jesse Palmer!

Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The Week 10 Virtual Locks from Joey and Jesse are below. They are coming in at 8-4 (Joey) and 6-5-1 (Jesse) on the season going into week 10.

Joey Galloway:
Southern Cal-10.5 vs Arizona State
Coastal Carolina-18 vs South Alabama

Jesse Palmer:
Clemson-5.5 vs Notre Dame
Michigan State+6.5 vs Iowa

3 thoughts on “Week 10 2020: VirtualLocks with Joey Galloway and Jesse Palmer!

  • U have a lot of followers u are betraying right now giving shit picks, so my question is who are u folding too.NOT COOL

  • Jesse and Joey, your picks are shit, today I hit a 7 teamer including using Liberty over V Tech who no one had. You guys suck ass. quit making them, or at least change the name from virtual locks to virtual guesses.

  • OK, so I realize that this is not an exact science, but these are supposed to be the best bets out of dozens of college football games played — and you guys just went 0-4. Not only that, but with one exception, these bets didn’t even come close to cashing.

    On Joey’s picks:

    USC was down by 13 with less than 3 minutes to go. Ending up winning by 1 due to a miracle finish, but nowhere near covering 10 1/2.

    Coastal won by 17, so you’re -18 lock was a loser, but at least close.

    On Jesse’s picks:

    Clemson pretty much trailed all game, was fortunate to send it to OT, and ended up losing by 7. So you missed that one by 12 1/2 points.

    Michigan State got beat 49-7. So, +6.5 … that means you still were off by 35 points.

    Your picks are basically coin flips.

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