Week 9 2023: CFB picks from the College Gameday podcast with Rece Davis and Stanford Steve!

Here are your week 9 picks from the College Gameday podcast. Pete Thamel was off today so no picks from him this week, although they said he’d send them in before kickoff and they’d put them into the record.

Rece Davis:

Fresno State-7.5 vs UNLV
Ohio State-14.5 vs Wisconsin
Tennessee-3.5 vs Kentucky
Utah+7 vs Oregon
Georgia-14.5 vs Florida
BYU+17.5 vs Texas
Duke+4 vs Louisville
Kansas+10 vs Oklahoma

Stanford Steve:

UNLV+7.5 vs Fresno State
Ohio State-14.5 vs Wisconsin
Kentucky+3.5 vs Tennessee
Oregon-7 vs Utah
Florida+14.5 vs Georgia
BYU+17.5 vs Texas
Louisville-4 vs Duke
Kansas+10 vs Oklahoma