2011-12 Bowl Season Results

Alright ladies and gents, with all precincts reporting and all picks tallied, the results are in.  It is official.  Your 2011-12 Bowl Pick’em champion is one Tony Reali of Around the Horn fame.  His 25-10 record was the tops of anyone who picked more than two games.  Congratulations to Tony Reali for all of his hard work.  I know that hair doesn’t grease itself up every day.

Tony Reali: Champion
Tony Reali: Bowl pick'em Champion

The final results are listed below.  For championship contention I require our experts to more than just a few games, so coming up behind Tony Reali is Bill Plaschke, with Robert Smith taking the bronze medal.  Todd McShay was last year’s winner going 20-11, so this is a much stronger year with several experts, including my girlfriend, putting up 20+ correct picks.  And of course, we have to shame some of this year’s losers.  Tim Cowlishaw brought up the rear this year, and Mike Greenberg is our only other expert who did the full bowl pick’em slate to have a losing record.  Also of note, the entire Gameday crew posted losing records (oops).  I’ll be updating pages over the next few days if you need to see everyone’s full results.  I’ll also be back to post my post-season awards once they are completed.

P.S. Yours truly went 23-12 on picks.  Just incase you were wondering.

Trevor Matich: 2-0, 100%
Chris Fowler: 1-0, 100%
Tony Reali: 25-10, 71.43%
Tom Luginbill: 5-2, 71.43%
Bill Plaschke: 24-11, 68.57%
Jesse Palmer: 2-1, 66.67%
Robert Smith: 23-13, 65.71%
Mike Bellotti: 20-11, 64.52%
Jennifer: 22-13, 62.86%
Colin Cowherd: 22-13, 62.86%
Pat Forde: 22-13, 62.86%
Ed Cunningham: 19-14, 57.58%
Ryen Russillo: 20-15, 57.14%
Todd McShay: 20-15, 57.14%
Mike Golic: 20-15, 57.14%
Skip Bayless: 19-15, 55.88%
David Pollack: 18-15, 54.55%
Kevin Blackistone: 19-16, 54.29%
Scott Van Pelt: 19-16, 54.29%
Michael Smith: 18-17, 51.43%
Danny Kanell: 3-3, 50%
Jason Sehorn: 1-1, 50%
Charlie Arbuckle: 1-1, 50%
Turner Gil: 1-1, 50%
Mike Greenberg: 17-18, 48.57%
Lee Corso: 4-5, 44.44%
Tim Cowlishaw: 15-20, 42.86%
Desmond Howard: 3-5, 37.5%
Kirk Herbstreit: 2-5, 28.57%
Mark Schlabach: 0-1, 0%
Rod Gilmore: 0-1, 0%
JA Adande: 0-1, 0%
Woody Paige: 0-1, 0%
Matt Stinchcomb: 0-2, 0%