Bowl Season: Todd McShay’s official picks

Here’s Todd McShay’s official bowl picks from the ESPN Bowl Mania special. I also included his confidence (35 being the most confidence). Use this wisely.

Bowl Picks

Todd McShay's Official Picks

1. NIU over Arkansas St
2. Ohio St over Florida
3. UCLA over Illinois
4. Penn St over Houston
5. Auburn over UVA
6. Mizzou over UNC
7. OU over Iowa
8. Notre Dame over FSU
9. Lville over NC St
10. Georgia Tech over Utah
11. Temple over Wyoming
12. FIU over Marshall
13. Purdue over W.Michigan
15. LSU over Bama
14. Georgia over Mich St
16. BYU over Tulsa
17. Baylor over Washington
18. Ohio over Utah St
19. Stanford over Okla St
20. Michigan over VaTech
21. S.Carolina over Nebraska
22. MissSt over Wake Forest
23. Rutgers over Iowa St
24. Vanderbilt over Cinci
25. Texas over Cal
26. S.Miss over Nevada
27. Oregon over Wisconsin
28. Pitt over SMU
29. AF over Toledo
30. NW over A&M
31. SDSU over Lafayette
32. Clemson over WVU
33. Arkansas over KState
34. TCU over LaTech
35. Boise St over Ariz St

6 responses

  1. Thanks for putting that up. His #27 is Oregon over Wisconsin (not Stanford).

    1. Fixed. Appreciate the heads up. I’ll be posting updates from other experts as I can but if you have requests let me know. Thanks for reading.

  2. Wow, Georgia is in two bowl games? What luck!

    1. Haha. Thanks for the correction.


  3. Mississippi St. over Wake Forest?!? Okay. Look at Tanner Price’s and Chris Given’s numbers then come back and correct this.

    1. Smh…. Denard Robinson’s numbers were pretty pitiful last year when they played Mississippi State. Ignorant statement.

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