2012 Season Open!

With this post, I hereby declare that the 2012-2013 college football prediction season is open.  Today on my lunch break, I saw the following tweet which has made it official

David Pollack is taking Bama over Michigan in Week 1 of the 2012 Season, and he is taking Bama BIG!  Please make note of this and continue to check back.  As we ramp up to next Thursday when the football season officially kicks off, the picks will be rolling in and we will be here to track them.  We are all really excited here at Cole’s Gameday Blog for kickoff as you can imagine.  We’ve been watching a lot of College Football Live on ESPN to practice and get in game shape for the long grind we are about to engage in.  The following video pretty much sums up the last week of my life accurately.  I like to think of myself as Rocky Balboa, and my girlfriend Jennifer as Apollo Creed…. or something.  Hell I don’t know, just watch it.



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