Week 10 2015: College Gameday review! #cfb #BamavsLSU

Welcome back football fans to our way-too-late edition of the week 10 College Gameday review.  Today’s edition of College Gameday was comin’ to your citaaay live from Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the matchup between #2 LSU and #4 Alabama.  Given the fact that this was the third Alabama game of the year featuring Alabama, I feel that the show may be better titled Alabama Gameday presented by ESPN.  The crowd was pretty small this morning at Gameday, which can be attributed to the rain, or more likely the fact that Alabama fans don’t care to show up anymore when they get Gameday once a month.

Since we are already in the middle of bagging on this morning’s crowd in Tuscaloosa, let’s go ahead and get signs over with.  The signs this morning were probably the weakest of the season so far.  We had a lot of corn dog discussion, a “We want Memphis!” sign, and “Les Miles likes being the little spoon”.  Since the signs from this morning sucked, I am going to rule no winner this week and instead feature the following:

Go Akron?

Go Akron?

Speaking of Comin’ to your Citaaaay, I still get a lot of traffic from people wondering who the woman is in the latest edition of the College Gameday intro.  For those who need to know, she is Lzzy Hale from the band Halestorm.

Lzzy Hale, Comin to your Citaaay

Lzzy Hale, Comin to your Citaaay

An odd discussion broke out early in today’s show when Kirk Herbstreit informed us that Chris Fallica is a savant when it comes to 1980s professional wrestling talent.  Fallica admitted this is “one of many” problems he has.  Now, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that in 8th grade my plan for life wasn’t to become a professional wrestler, but there was probably a little more discussion of 1980s WWF talent than one would hope for on College Gameday.

Alright now that I’ve bagged on this morning’s show a little bit, let’s turn this review around.  The show got back on track this morning with the WEEK 10 SAMANTHA PONDER OUTFIT OF THE WEEK REVIEW BY @GAMEDAYJEN!!!!  Jennifer was a big fan of the look today, stating “I really liked the sweater and the rain boots, and I also liked her hair today!”  Follow @GamedayJen for all of your college football fashion-related news and opinions.

Sam Ponder: Week 10 2015

Sam Ponder: Week 10 2015

Sam Ponder had her usual Cheeze-It Real Fan of the Week segment mid-show today, and it was one of the more bizarre Cheeze-It related segments in recent memory.  Sam was interviewing some girl who won this week’s contest, and spent about two full minutes interviewing this girl as she proceeded to explain how she painted the letter A on her own face.  I haven’t ever painted an A on my face, but I can’t imagine there is THAT much to it.

Sam Ponder and Cheeze-It fan

Sam Ponder and Cheeze-It fan

George Whitfield joined Rece Davis for this week’s casual walking segment while they break down quarterback play in college football.  They put on rain boots because the ground was a big mess of mud and puddles, and the highlight of this segment was George Whitfield making a joke referencing Gameday producer Lee Fitting by saying the boots were “Air Fittings”.  He was pretty impressed with his joke, as I am sure you are too.

Rece and George in their Air Fittings

Rece and George in their Air Fittings

Now let’s stop down because it is time for VIDEOS!!!!

-The story of Clemson Co-Offensive Coordinator Tony Elliott can be found HERE.  It details the story of how he lost his mother in a tragic car accident at age 9, went on to become a standout football player, earned a scholarship to Clemson, and in 2002 reunited with Dabo Swinney to join the Clemson staff.  I give this segment an A.
-Sam Ponder and David Pollack were back for another zany week of #YouHadOneJob.  This has gone from a highlight reel of epic fails to a highlight video of the week’s funny happenings, but I still support it and so should you.  SUPPORT IT HERE!!!
-The story of the day was without a doubt Tom Rinaldi’s piece on Sid Ortis.  Sid was a youngster who grew up in Alabama as a die-hard LSU fan.  Rinaldi has been up and down this year with his emotionally targeted stories, but this one is an A+++.  Words can’t really do it justice, so just go WATCH IT HERE!!!  Les Miles is featured in it heavily and he is a true orator for the ages.  Once upon a time around 2007, a youthful, angry, and possibly inebriated Gameday Cole was the biggest detractor of Les Miles you could find.  I didn’t like how he handled all of the Michigan head coaching opening speculation among other things, but this man has grown on me in a big way over the last few years.

As we neared the end of the show, we found out the day’s guest celebrity picker was going to be none other than rap music mogul Rick Ross.  They had teased this yesterday as “going to be huge with the kids” and “like no other picker before”.  But before we get to the Corso and Ross’ antics, let’s stop down for some Nana Puddin’.

Nana Puddin'

Nana Puddin’

Ok that was yummy.  Back to Gameday.  When it came time for Rick Ross to disembark the Gameday bus, there is a slight chance that the cameraman was just told that Rick Ross was a big black guy, because the focus was stuck on Rick Ross’ bodyguard for an unusual amount of time before Ross debuted.

“Rick Ross joins us for picks” -Rece Davis

Rick Ross joining us for picks?

Rick Ross joining us for picks?

“That’s not Rick Ross” -Rece Davis

Rick Ross? Close enough I guess...

Rick Ross? Close enough I guess…

Upon joining the Gameday desk, Rick Ross was presented with a gift of pears by Lee Corso as a reference to the following:

If you told me Lee Corso, wearing a fake beard/sunglasses/gold jewelry, would be gifting pears to Rick Ross because of a popular Vine post this year on Gameday, I am not sure I would have believed you before today.

When it came time to get down to the business of picking games, Rick Ross had some fantastic input on the games of the day.  He was dropping QB names right and left, but also let us know that he picked TCU because “Boykin is bossin’ up” (whatever that means, since I’m white), and that he really liked Memphis in today’s game because he owns a few of Wingstops in Memphis (and I like wings).  As the final pick approached, we can review the Bama/LSU picks so far.  David Pollack and Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica both picked Alabama.  Desmond and Kirk both went with LSU in today’s game, and to nobody’s surprise Rick Ross took Alabama.  As we all know, Corso is in love with the Alabama headgear.  It is surely amongst his favorites, which include the Oregon Duck, Notre Dame Leprechaun, and the FSU headdress.  He got the crowd riled up with Sweet Home Alabama, before issuing a ROLL TIGERS and popping on the Bayeux Bengals headgear, which had been modified with a Leonard Fournette beard and Leonard Fournette mouthgear.  A really fun end to a show which got off to a rough start this morning.  Enjoy your day and have a happy football!


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