Week 9 2018: #CFB Picks/ w Rufus Peabody & Jeff Ma!

Here’s the week 9 picks from Rufus Peabody and Jeff Ma.  Their podcast came out late yesterday, which threw off the entire GamedayCole operation so this post is a day late.  The numbers have changed, but here are the picks anyways for your entertainment purposes only.

Rufus Peabody:

Date Pick
10/27/18 Fresno State  -24.5 vs Hawaii
10/27/18 Penn State  -6.5 vs Iowa
10/27/18 Notre Dame  -23.5 vs Navy
10/27/18 Northern Illinois + 7 vs BYU
10/27/18 South Carolina  -7.5 vs Tennessee

Jeff Ma:

Date Full.Pick
10/27/18 San Jose State + 2.5 vs UNLV
10/27/18 Vanderbilt  -1.5 vs Arkansas
10/27/18 Northwestern + 6.5 vs Wisconsin
10/26/18 Minnesota + 2.5 vs Indiana
10/25/18 Western Michigan  -6.5 vs Toledo


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