Week 9 2018: #CFB #WINNERS with Scott Van Pelt!

Here’s those week 9 WINNERS from your boy Scott Van Pelt.  I don’t know if he’s lost his mind or what, but he has included TWO favorites and an OVER.  If you know what happened to the real Scott Van Pelt please contact us.  Lines have probably moved already but here’s the picks for you to enjoy anyways.

Date Pick
10/27/18 Florida State + 17 vs Clemson
10/27/18 Pittsburgh + 2.5 vs Duke
10/27/18 Missouri  -7 vs Kentucky
10/27/18 Arizona + 9.5 vs Oregon
10/27/18 Oklahoma State + 3 vs Texas
10/27/18 Mississippi State  -2 vs Texas A&M
10/27/18 California + 12 vs Washington
10/27/18 Northwestern vs Wisconsin Over 52.5
10/26/18 UCLA + 10.5 vs Utah

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