2019-20 Bowl Season: Bowl stuff from Stanford Steve & The Bear!

Stanford Steve and the Bear are EVERYWHERE this bowl season.  They said they’re doing at least three podcasts, they did a Bowl Special on TV today, they’ll be putting out picks on ESPN Chalk, they’ll be on Daily Wager, they are doing a Bowl Mania confidence pool, and of course the Bear will be on Gameday.  All of that being said, we will do our best to keep this post updated with the latest picks and predictions from Stanford Steve and the Bear throughout bowl season.

As always, the following items should ONLY be considered LEANS and UNOFFICIAL PICKS.  Their official picks are released ONLY on ESPN Chalk.  The information below is for entertainment purposes only.

The following are their picks from the Stanford Steve & The Bear podcast on 12/30/2019 as best as I understood them:

Stanford Steve:
Kentucky+ the points (didn’t give a line)
Alabama-7 vs Michigan
Alabama vs Michigan over (didn’t give a line)
Southern Miss/Tulane Over 56.5

The Bear:
Kansas State+ the points (didn’t give a line)
Oregon wins outright (Oregon+3)
Georgia-5 vs Baylor
BC+ the points (didn’t give a line)

The following are their picks from the Stanford Steve & The Bear podcast on 12/23/2019 as best as I understood them:

Stanford Steve:
North Carolina-4.5/5 vs Temple
Penn State-7 vs Memphis
Louisville+4 vs Miss State
Louisville/Miss St over 63.5
Cal-6.5 vs Illinois
He said he likes Kentucky and Kansas State but didn’t give a line

The Bear:
He said he likes Louisiana Tech but didn’t give a line
Mich St-3.5/4 vs Wake Forest
Texas A&M-6.5 vs Oklahoma St
Iowa St+3.5 vs Notre Dame
He said he likes Kansas State and Oregon but didn’t give lines
Boston College+7 vs Cincinnati

The following are their picks from the Stanford Steve & The Bear Bowl Special on 12/18/2019:

Stanford Steve:
Oklahoma+13.5 vs LSU
Charlotte+6.5 vs Buffalo
Washington-3.5 vs Boise State
SMU-3 vs FAU
North Carolina-5 vs Temple
Notre Dame-4 vs Iowa St
Penn St-6.5 vs Memphis
Baylor+7.5 vs Georgia
Utah-7.5 vs Texas
Wisconsin-3 vs Oregon
Baylor+7.5 vs Georgia
Louisville+4 vs Miss St
Cal-7 vs Illinois

Chris Fallica:
LSU-13.5 vs Oklahoma
Clemson-2 vs Ohio State
Charlotte+6.5 vs Buffalo
FIU+2.5 vs Arkansas St
TAMU-7 vs Okla St
Iowa St+4 vs Notre Dame
BC+7 vs Cinci
Utah-7.5 vs Texas
Oregon+3 vs Wisconsin
Baylor+7.5 vs Georgia
Hawaii+1.5 vs BYU

Brad Edwards:
Air Force/Wash St over 67.5
Wisconsin/Oregon under 51.5
Georgia-7.5 vs Baylor
Georgia/Baylor under 41.5

The following is what I was able to take away from their podcast on 12/18/2019:

Stanford Steve:
Charlotte+6.5 vs Buffalo
SMU-3 vs FAU
Washington-3.5 vs Boise State
He likes Louisville (didn’t give a spread)
He likes Kentucky (didn’t give a spread)

Chris Fallica:
Charlotte+6.5 vs Buffalo
FIU+2.5 vs Arkansas State
Hawaii+1.5/2 vs BYU
He likes La Tech (did’nt give a line)
He likes Iowa State (didn’t give a line)
Texas A&M-7 vs OK State
Maybe Boston College

Jim Donnan Condo Steamer:
Georgia Southern-4 vs Liberty

Stanford Steve Bowl Mania picks (straight up):
Kent State over Utah State
App State over UAB
Florida over Virginia
North Carolina over Temple
LSU over Oklahoma
SMU over FAU
Alabama over Michigan

Chris Fallica Bowl Mania picks (straight up):
Central Michigan over San Diego State
UCF over Marshall
App State over UAB
Florida over Virginia
LSU over Oklahoma

2019-20 Bowl Season: Bowl picks from Pat Forde!

As he has done for 10+ years, Pat Forde released his picks on every single bowl game in his Forde Yard Dash column.  Here’s the picks for your enjoyment.

Week Date Picks
B 1/13/20 Clemson  over  LSU
B 1/6/20 Louisiana  over  Miami (OH)
B 1/4/20 Tulane  over  Southern Miss
B 1/3/20 Ohio  over  Nevada
B 1/2/20 Cincinnati  over  Boston College
B 1/2/20 Tennessee  over  Indiana
B 1/1/20 Alabama  over  Michigan
B 1/1/20 Auburn  over  Minnesota
B 1/1/20 Georgia  over  Baylor
B 1/1/20 Oregon  over  Wisconsin
B 12/31/19 Arizona State  over  Florida State
B 12/31/19 Wyoming  over  Georgia State
B 12/31/19 Navy  over  Kansas State
B 12/31/19 Virginia Tech  over  Kentucky
B 12/31/19 Utah  over  Texas
B 12/30/19 California  over  Illinois
B 12/30/19 Florida  over  Virginia
B 12/30/19 Mississippi State  over  Louisville
B 12/30/19 Western Kentucky  over  Western Michigan
B 12/28/19 Clemson  over  Ohio State
B 12/28/19 Notre Dame  over  Iowa State
B 12/28/19 LSU  over  Oklahoma
B 12/28/19 Penn State  over  Memphis
B 12/27/19 Air Force  over  Washington State
B 12/27/19 Southern Cal  over  Iowa
B 12/27/19 Michigan State  over  Wake Forest
B 12/27/19 North Carolina  over  Temple
B 12/27/19 Oklahoma State  over  Texas A&M
B 12/26/19 Pittsburgh  over  Eastern Michigan
B 12/26/19 Louisiana Tech  over  Miami (FL)
B 12/24/19 Hawaii  over  BYU
B 12/23/19 UCF  over  Marshall
B 12/21/19 Appalachian State  over  UAB
B 12/21/19 FIU  over  Arkansas State
B 12/21/19 Boise State  over  Washington
B 12/21/19 San Diego State  over  Central Michigan
B 12/21/19 SMU  over  Florida Atlantic
B 12/21/19 Georgia Southern  over  Liberty
B 12/21/19 North Carolina A&T  over  Alcorn State
B 12/20/19 Buffalo  over  Charlotte
B 12/20/19 Utah State  over  Kent State