Week 1 2021: ATS Picks from Emory Hunt & Brady Quinn!

Emory Hunt and Brady Quinn were on CBS Sports HQ going live yesterday picking all the top 25 games against the spread. Keep in mind these aren’t official “Win with Quinn” picks as featured on Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff, but I know you people love your Brady Quinn, and I love some Emory Hunt. Quinn went full-on degenerate and picked a side and total on every single game. Sounds like a solid winning strategy to me. Enjoy.

Emory Hunt:

Florida State + 7.5 vs Notre Dame
Kent State + 29.5 vs Texas A&M
UCLA + 3.5 vs LSU
Cincinnati  -23 vs Miami (OH)
Clemson  -3 vs Georgia
Florida Atlantic + 24.5 vs Florida
Indiana + 4.5 vs Iowa
Miami (FL) + 18.5 vs Alabama
Oregon  -20.5 vs Fresno State
Louisiana + 8 vs Texas
Oklahoma  -26.5 vs Tulane
Southern Cal  -14 vs San Jose State
Wisconsin  -4.5 vs Penn State
Ohio State  -13.5 vs Minnesota

Brady Quin:

Notre Dame  -7.5 vs Florida State
Florida State vs Notre Dame Under 56
Kent State + 29.5 vs Texas A&M
Texas A&M vs Kent State Over 65.5
LSU  -3.5 vs UCLA
UCLA vs LSU Under 67
Cincinnati  -23 vs Miami (OH)
Cincinnati vs Miami (OH) Under 51
Georgia + 3 vs Clemson
Clemson vs Georgia Under 51.5
Florida  -24.5 vs Florida Atlantic
Florida vs Florida Atlantic Under 52.5
Iowa  -4.5 vs Indiana
Iowa vs Indiana Under 46
Alabama  -18.5 vs Miami (FL)
Miami (FL) vs Alabama Under 62
Fresno State + 20.5 vs Oregon
Oregon vs Fresno State Under 62
Louisiana + 8 vs Texas
Texas vs Louisiana Over 58
Oklahoma  -26.5 vs Tulane
Tulane vs Oklahoma Over 69
San Jose State + 14 vs Southern Cal
Southern Cal vs San Jose State Over 59.5
Wisconsin  -4.5 vs Penn State
Wisconsin vs Penn State Under 50
Ohio State  -13.5 vs Minnesota
Minnesota vs Ohio State Under 65