Week 11 2021: Sunday morning NFL picks!

Here is a collection of NFL picks I gathered this week while working on college football. I have no plans to track or grade these picks so they are provided purely for your entertainment.

Colin Cowherd’s Blazin’ Five:
Colts+7 vs Bills
Vikings+1 vs Packers
Saints+2 vs Eagles
Seahawks+1.5 vs Cardinals
Steelers+6 vs Chargers

Clay Travis:
Lions +10 at Browns
Colts +7.5 at Bills
Saints at Eagles, the under 43.5
Packers at Vikings, the over 49
Bengals -1 at Raiders
Cowboys at Chiefs -2.5

Doug Kezirian:
Packers-2 vs Vikings
Packers vs VIkings under 47.5
Cowboys+2.5 vs Chiefs
Bears+5 vs Ravens
Browns-12.5 vs Lions
Football+145 vs Panthers

Joe Fortenbaugh:
Packers vs Vikings under 47.5
Cowboys+2.5 vs Chiefs
Saints vs Eagles under 43
Eagles-2.5 vs Saints
Cowboys+120 vs Chiefs
Seahawks-2.5 vs Cardinals
Texans+10 vs Titans
Jaguars+6.5 vs 49ers

Tyler Fulghum:
Saints vs Eagles under 42.5
Packers-1 vs Vikings
Cowboys vs Chiefs under 55.5
Bears vs Ravens over 44
Colts+7 vs Bills

Anita Marks:
Packers-1 vs Vikings
Eagles-2.5 vs Saints
Cowboys+2.5 vs Chiefs
Chargers-5.5 vs Steelers
Bengals-1.5 vs Raiders

Kenny White (on CBS Sports HQ):
Colts+7 vs Bills
Bears+4.5 vs Ravens
Chiefs-2.5 vs Cowboys
Bengals vs Raiders over 50.5
Steelers+5.5 vs Chargers

Kelly Stewart:
Vikings +1
Steelers +6
Seahawks +1.5