Week 15 2022: Assorted college football gambling picks!

Here is a collection of picks for Army/Navy and a few FCS games from Phil Steele. There weren’t a lot of picks this week so I’m throwing them all together here and I will update with more if I run across any.

Navy  -2.5 vs ArmyScott.Van.Pelt.ATS
Navy vs Army Under 32.5Phil.Steele.ATS
Navy vs Army Under 32.5Barrett.Sallee.ATS
Navy  -1 vs ArmyBarrett.Sallee.ATS
Army + 2.5 vs NavyDave.Portnoy.ATS
Navy vs Army Under 32.5Chip.Patterson.ATS
Army + 2.5 vs NavyChip.Patterson.ATS
Navy  -1 vs ArmyMark.May.ATS
Navy vs Army Over 32.5Anita.Marks.ATS
Navy vs Army Over 32.5Dan.Katz.ATS
Navy vs Army Over 32.5Joe.Fortenbaugh.ATS
Army + 2.5 vs NavyTom.Fornelli.ATS
Navy vs Army Under 32.5Tom.Fornelli.ATS
Navy vs Army Over 32Bud.Elliott.ATS
Army + 1 vs NavyDennis.Dodd.ATS
North Dakota State  -17.5 vs SamfordPhil.Steele.ATS
Montana State  -8.5 vs William & MaryPhil.Steele.ATS