2018-19 Bowl Season: ATS Picks w/ Phil Steele! #BowlMania

Phil Steele joined the Campus Conversation podcast for a segment today and gave out the following picks for the upcoming bowl games.  As always, I will update if he gives out any picks I find from his other appearances.  Enjoy.

Date Pick
1/1/19 LSU  -7 vs Central Florida
1/1/19 Texas + 13 vs Georgia
1/1/19 Ohio State  -6.5 vs Washington
12/29/18 Alabama  -14 vs Oklahoma
12/29/18 Notre Dame + 13 vs Clemson
12/29/18 Florida vs Michigan Under 51

2018-19 Bowl Season: #BowlMania picks ATS w/ Phil Steele!

Here are the ATS picks on the bowl games which I’ve collected from his appearances on Behind the Bets with Doug Kezirian as well as the Campus Conversation podcast today.

Date Pick
12/20/18 Marshall  -2.5 vs South Florida
12/18/18 Alabama-Birmingham  -2.5 vs Northern Illinois
12/15/18 MTSU + 7 vs Appalachian State
12/15/18 Arizona State + 4.5 vs Fresno State
12/15/18 Eastern Michigan + 3 vs Georgia Southern
12/15/18 North Texas + 8 vs Utah State

Week 5 2018: #CFB Picks with Phil Steele!

Welcome back once again.  Phil Steele has put out a few picks on the ESPN Campus Conversation podcast this week, and here they are.

He also had a lean on Texas-8.5 but it didn’t sound official to me.  Take it for what it’s worth and enjoy the picks below.

Date Pick
9/29/18 Florida+7.5 vs Mississippi
9/29/18 Ohio State-3.5 vs Penn State
9/29/18 Oregon-2.5 vs California
9/29/18 Notre Dame-5.5 vs Stanford
9/29/18 Syracuse+25.5 vs Clemson