Week 13 2017: #CFB Picks from Phil Steele! #RivalryWeek

Here’s the Rivalry Week picks from Phil Steele!  Enjoy.

Alabama over Auburn (by 3)
Washington over Wash St (by over 10 pts)
Miami FL over Pitt
Notre Dame over Stanford
Oregon over Oregon St (lean minus the points)
Houston over Navy
Ohio St over Michigan (by more than the spread)
Wake Forest over Duke (by 7 to 10)
Penn St over Maryland (by more than 3 TD)
OU over WVU (lean minus the points)
Auburn+4.5 vs Alabama (take anything over a field goal)
Washington-10 vs Wash St
S.Carolina+14 vs Clemson (game will be closer than expected)
Notre Dame-2.5 vs Stanford
Tulane vs SMU over 67
Ohio St-11.5/12 vs Michigan
Duke+12 vs Wake Forest
Arkansas+10 vs Mizzou
Penn St-21.5 vs Maryland
UVA+7 vs VT

2 responses

  1. Did I miss the Bear and Stanford Steve ?

    1. I’m halfway through the podcast. I’ll have them posted shortly.


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