2018-19 Season: #CollegeFootball Futures and season totals with Rufus Peabody!

Welcome back everyone.  Here are a few quick futures and totals for your informational purposes from Rufus Peabody via the Bet the Process podcast.  These numbers have changed a little since the podcast dropped Thursday night so consult your local bookie for the latest odds.  Listen to the podcast yourself if you want the full details.

Rufus Peabody futures:
He likes Oklahoma at 24:1 (his numbers say 17:1)
He likes Georgia+765 (his numbers say 5.5:1)
He likes Auburn at 30:1 (his numbers say 22:1)

He doesn’t like USC at 45:1 (his numbers say 62:1)
He doesn’t like FSU at 53:1 (his numbers say 122:1)
He doesn’t like Washington at 15:1 (his numbers say 19:1)

Rufus Peabody season totals:
He is loaded up against Alabama going undefeated
He likes Alabama under 11 (-111), he thinks it should be under 11 (-152)
His numbers say Alabama at 10.6 wins this season
He loves Akron under 4.5 wins (his numbers say 2.3 wins)