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2019-20 Preseason: Season win totals with Stanford Steve & The Bear!

After an offseason which was far too long, we have come out of hibernation and we are ready to go.  We are starting off the 2019-10 season with the first set of preseason win totals from Stanford Steve Coughlin and Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica.  They said they will have more next week so check back if you need more.  Be sure to listen to the full podcast below if you want the full details and some extra leans.

Chris Fallica:
UAB under 8.5 -160
Wake Forest over 6 (or 5.5 -175 if you can)
Buffalo under 7 (still play it at 6.5)
Ohio State over 9.5 -160
ECU over 4.5
CSU under 4
Florida under 9
Cal under 6
Notre Dame under 9.5

Stanford Steve:
FSU over 7
Pitt under 6
Maryland over 3.5
Purdue under 7.5
Texas State over 4 -145
ECU over 5 +125
Kentucky over 6.5
Nebraska under 8.5


2018-19 #CollegeFootball Preseason totals from Chris Fallica & Stanford Steve!

Sorry for not posting this sooner, but here are the official picks from the Bear and Stanford Steve on their August 2nd edition of the Behind the Bets podcast.  Lines have moved but this is still useful information if you are looking to invest long term this season.

Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica:
Auburn under 9.5 (-140)
Buffalo over 6.5
Central Michigan under 4.5
Georgia Southern over 5.5 (-140)
Missouri under 7.5
Old Dominion over 5.5
Rutgers under 4 (+110)
UL Monroe over 5.5
Wyoming over 6.5 (-130)
Vanderbilt under 4.5

Stanford Steve Coughlin:
Boston College over 6.5 (-120)
Cal over 6 (-135)
Duke over 6 (-105)
Georgia Southern over 5.5 (-140)
Maryland over 5 or 5.5 (he didn’t specify but said they get to 6 wins)
Louisville over 7 (+120)

2018-19 Season: #CollegeFootball Futures and season totals with Rufus Peabody!

Welcome back everyone.  Here are a few quick futures and totals for your informational purposes from Rufus Peabody via the Bet the Process podcast.  These numbers have changed a little since the podcast dropped Thursday night so consult your local bookie for the latest odds.  Listen to the podcast yourself if you want the full details.

Rufus Peabody futures:
He likes Oklahoma at 24:1 (his numbers say 17:1)
He likes Georgia+765 (his numbers say 5.5:1)
He likes Auburn at 30:1 (his numbers say 22:1)

He doesn’t like USC at 45:1 (his numbers say 62:1)
He doesn’t like FSU at 53:1 (his numbers say 122:1)
He doesn’t like Washington at 15:1 (his numbers say 19:1)

Rufus Peabody season totals:
He is loaded up against Alabama going undefeated
He likes Alabama under 11 (-111), he thinks it should be under 11 (-152)
His numbers say Alabama at 10.6 wins this season
He loves Akron under 4.5 wins (his numbers say 2.3 wins)